Rep. Jackson Lee On Juneteenth: ‘America, Show The World Your Experiment Is Working’

“Juneteenth—with tears in my eyes when I made that gavel—shows America and shows the world that we can accept our differences and we can establish what freedom is all about,” says Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee on Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday. 
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    1. She was on El Chapos payroll and now she’s back in the cash flow from the human traffickers and the Mexican drug cartels

    2. @Sarah F. 4.2 fact denier what kick backs do democrats get from the drug and human smugglers they help with open boarders ? How you vote for human trafficking . You should be ashamed of the misery you cause

  1. Congratulations! 🗽Thanks, Congress for getting this done. It’s surely a start for America to acknowledge her past, so she can move forward towards forming that more perfect Union and Justice for all.

  2. Never though that would be a national holiday ten years ago. I didn’t think we would be trying to get black history taught in public schools either. We are making progress.

    1. @Mick Swagger
      No – the Democratic Party acknowledges the past and the role their party played in it. You can’t even acknowledge the shameful present of the GOP.

    2. @Mick Swagger “Most Slaves, didn’t want to be free” Dude step away from the Crack pipe . This is why critical race theory is needed. Too many idiots running around thinking slavery was a minor inconvenience for the greater good.

    3. @Brandi McGee I watched a documentary about it, some slaves was treated nicely
      And were respected just like in Rome
      Just do some research and put the crack pipe down 🪁

    4. @Pat Doyle maybe you should recognise the racism from the left on how they treat black Republicans or do you want to ignore that?

    5. @Mick Swagger
      And how do they treat them any differently than white Republicans other than to be even MORE amazed at how these people will vote and work against their own interests.

  3. I don’t believe everyone understands, a federal holiday only applies to federal workers, most Americans will not get this day off, it is not a national holiday… correct me if I’m wrong

  4. The first time I heard about Juneteenth I was already in my 40’s. In hindsight, my history education jumped directly from the Emancipation Proclamation to Dr. King. This is the kind of awareness we need. And I also expect a grand holiday with some great food 😉

    1. Have you thought about moving to North Korea? Pretty sure you’ll find what your looking for there!

  5. How awful it must be, to have so much hatred and racism inside you. What a wonderful woman Opal is.

  6. I’m OK with ths. But Democrats fought for years to get the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. declared a national holiday – now – they have strayed so far left they trash his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech by focusing on color of skin…instead of ‘content of character.’

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