Rep. Jackson Lee On The Juneteenth Bill Passage 1

Rep. Jackson Lee On The Juneteenth Bill Passage


After the passage of a bill establishing Juneteenth as a federal holiday, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), the sponsor of that bill who gaveled it's passage, joins Kasie Hunt to discuss the significance of marking the end of slavery in the United States.
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  1. What greater mark of good character is there than active defense against injustice. Yeah, happy, somber Juneteenth!

    1. @OneAmongBillions when has this democracy worked for the people from the cotton fields of the south?

    2. @oil_kingg Ok, @Oil_Kingg. Thanks for providing very clear evidence that you are not a dirty Russian operative. Now I better understand that your expressed disappointment with both Republicans and Democrats for not doing more to address race-based injustice is genuine. I do, however, hold to the view I earlier expressed that your statement that Republicans and Democrats are equivalent, especially at a time of mass Republican insurrection against our country, is terribly reckless because that false notion adds to the confusion clouding the minds of Americans who need to be defending their democratic institutions. Take care.

    3. @OneAmongBillions if we want anything the Dems have to be pushed, I won’t stop! My children and grandchildren are counting on me!

    4. @oil_kingg I admire both your enthusiasm for progress and your source of enthusiasm. And I agree: Always push democrats to do the right thing. But please acknowledge that the Democrats are far more easily pushed to do the right thing than Republicans who seem to place themselves in front of any kind of progress at every turn. It is weird.

    5. @OneAmongBillions the Republicans are a lost Cause for black people! To be honest though the Dems are too hard to push because they cater to white and Latino voters!

  2. Good for everyone. About time that everyone in this country gets to celebrate their independence!!

  3. Rep. Jackson Lee, they accepted this too easily. They’re up to something. Be on your guard.

  4. Thank goodness for Democratic Leadership.
    Diversity is Humanity’s Greatest Strength.

  5. Why the hypocrites don’t go to Chicago and protest about the 200 black people that have been slaughtered this year and it’s only June?

  6. So let me get this straight Manchin’s demands that on this FTPA requires Voter ID ban partisan gerrymandering make Election Day a public holiday and allow maintenance of voter rolls?

  7. This woman is the queen of getting zero tangibles for Black people. The CBC is a joke and a complete obstruction to Foundational Black American progress.

  8. Juneteenth??? Yet a SECOND national holiday for appeasement to those who represent only 12% of the population. When are we going to stop coddling these contemptible people!

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