Rep. Jeffries: ‘Most Bipartisan Impeachment In U.S. History’ Lays The Foundation For Senate Trial 1

Rep. Jeffries: ‘Most Bipartisan Impeachment In U.S. History’ Lays The Foundation For Senate Trial


Congressman Hakeem Jeffries calls the second impeachment of President Trump the ‘most bipartisan impeachment in U.S. history’ and that it lays the foundation for a bipartisan conviction in the Senate. Aired on 01/13/2021.
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Rep. Jeffries: ‘Most Bipartisan Impeachment In U.S. History’ Lays The Foundation For Senate Trial


    1. Could the onus be with Mitch McConnell who blocked everything that came his way, because he can! Just saying…

  1. Republicans : It’s healing time.
    Democrats : First we need to take care of deep wound(Trump) by surgery(Arrest) then Bandages(Prison) and then healing time.

    1. What we need is get rid of the china spies and Pelois, then the country will heal, but don’t expect it because the hate for biden is bigger than you think.

    2. @WasatchMan lol no they are calling the people who committed a terrorist attack on the capitol building terrorists.

    3. All the modern Dems know is destruction. Look at their legacy. 1,000,000 babies killed each year in the name of free choice. Unwilling to investigate voter fraud. Prosecuting freedom of speech. The list goes on.

    1. The house rewrote the rules to include gender neutral language. The words mother father son daughter are now removed from the bill. How does this help anyone?

  2. Too bad our glorious leaders can’t work that hard when it comes to helping the people the “represent”

    1. It took one day to impeach a president. It took 8 months to send Americans $600.00. You still think think Congress is working for you?

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