1. a great day for his district in Baltimore though. Maybe they can make some headway without this guys hand skimming the pot.

    2. @anonADAM *It’s impossible to trigger the libs when the libs know they’re winning. Try harder, punk.*

    3. It is a sad day that comes with an endeavor for We the People: It is up to us to carry on his fine work. It is the best way to honor this fine American Statesman and fine human being, and in doing so, convey our gratitude.

    1. @John Balnis Dad look at this pathetic man baby needing attention on all these different comments. Sad. What is so messed up in you that you can’t let this fine man have a moment? Obamacare covers mental health treatments. Have a wonderful day.

    2. @Leonie Romanes and an awful chapter in our history books. They are going to ask how we allowed a second Hitler to blossom for decades!

  1. beaten but not defeated. The true character of a man is revealed by who they are willing to forgive, not who they hate.

    1. A man of principle and honour. Courage and strength. So loved. You fought so others may live. There is no greater gift than to lay down your life for your fellow man. God bless you John Lewis.RIP

    2. @SOL LUNA and yet, when that gets filmed you have won a battle. If black don’t resort to violence and the other side uses violence against black – that is how you win hearts.

  2. The thumbnail should have read “Rep. John Lewis’ Casket Travels Across The John Lewis Bridge.”

    1. @To The Point until they change the name we should just call it the Selma Bridge and never utter his name.

    2. @David Adams All these Democrat Statues being torn down and now you want to take another Democrats name off a bridge. It must be tough being in the party of slavery and jim crow . How have you not cancelled yourselves?

    3. anonADAM how can you be so against democrats and be completely for having statues of racist democratic leaders? You just a pure ignorant racist yourself

    1. @Rave Theatre: So, you’re blaming me for your negative energy?¿

      Gosh, I…I…I don’t know why or how I allowed myself to so foolishly overlook this & allow this to happen… Please, don’t blame yourself; it’s obviously all my fault…

      Yea, okay!

    2. @Rave Theatre: Let me guess: You are getting something for driving up the # of viewers/clicks of/for that video. So, you believe that there is nothing wrong with spewing spam, at least for you – regardless of how/what you might feel about that regarding other people/users, eh?!

      You’re a `spam-trollop` and you don’t see anything wrong with it.

  3. America lost a lion in the battle for justice and civil rights. John Lewis fought to preserve the American dream, for every man woman and child in this country. Rest in peace good Sir, and thank you for your years of service to this country.

    1. @Mary Rainwater
      Very good, hey perhaps we can make a BLM fashion statement and make lip plates a woke fad. Made from real Chinese-African wood? 🤩

    2. @J S *It’s impossible to trigger the libs when the libs know they’re winning. Try harder, punk.*

    3. You mean the American nightmare! Americans are DYING by the THOUSANDS, haven’t you noticed?

  4. A Good Brave Man his Dedication to his People standing against the Injustice of America R.i.H

  5. We should all aspire to be John Lewis, if even for a day. Be bold Americans! The times demand it

    1. Just focus. Push the trolls to the outside. BLM until they can’t ignore us anymore. Vote vote vote

  6. A great soldier.he went to war for his people and never stopped fighting even when beaten and discouraged! A REAL American HERO!!!!! Sip john

  7. What a wonderful tribute! So fitting to honor him on THAT bridge. Really hope they rename it after him!❤️


  9. R.I.P John Lewis. You’ll be missed but your legacy will carry on for generations. Thank you for your unflinching courage to stand up against racism and social injustices with nonviolence.

  10. This brought tears to my eyes … knowing he sacrificed his body, his life, not knowing if he would survive the day…so I can sit here today

    1. Great sentiment but it would have been better if it had happened while he was still alive to see it.

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