Rep. Liz Cheney Speaks After Jan. 6 Committee

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) speak to reporters after the Jan. 6th Select Committee concludes first day of hearings.

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Rep. Liz Cheney Speaks After Jan. 6 Committee


  1. His name is MIKE FLYNN. Trump fired 4 top Pentagon suits AFTER Nov 4th. Replaced them with his lackeys, who the D.C. police ran into. This is pure Flynn.

    1. @taranvainas I mean if you want to talk about it I am all ears. But people who sling insults and throw temper tantrums and name calling, that’s not debating. That’s how you know you are winning the debate. When they can’t attack the facts, they attack the person saying the facts.

    2. @Steve S Thanks for the invitation, but I am not going to debate with someone who pretends to deny the reality of what we have ALL seen a thousand times on television (yes, also here in Europe). If for you the only crimes committed are just a broken window, a stolen podium and a laptop, you and I live on a different plane of reality.

    3. @taranvainas I find shutting down dialogue is the most productive way to share information. Stick to your echo chambers. I am sure these people will give you lots of “likes”.

    4. @Steve S I am not interested in “likes”. I am only interested that the truth of this sad and serious event is reached and that the culprits end up in prison. The world needs to see that the US is capable of defending its democracy.

    1. Well the US is dropping tens of thousands of bombs on the planet every year with a military budget as large as the entire world combined.

    2. @Corn Pop 🙄yet another person who doesn’t even understand what the words coming out of their mouth even mean.

  2. Thank you to all of you, and thank you to every woman and man that risked their lives to hold our country together.

    1. We’re moving towards Communism more every day. When you have a one-sided committee to come to a pre-determined outcome run by Dictator Nancy it speaks volumes as to the mindset of the country.

    2. Yeah a few hundred people with pepper spray were such a huge threat to the most powerful country on earth 😏🙄

    3. Horray for that. Because trump took a lot of Mony himand the Republican party. To see the country to. Putin

    4. @Lena Strope Strope your just as are worst than trump you saw it with your own eyes and still deny it. Your soul. Is lost not even god can change you because you beleave in man more than god I hope trump save you. Judgement day

  3. I want to know who it was that gave a tour of the capitol on Jan 5th to some of the insurrectionist.

    1. YES, because they are as guilty if not more guilty of the crimes committed on Jan 6th than anyone who stormed the Capital!!

  4. I, for one, am glad the committee is taking their time on this. “Prava revelare si vis, non properare.” (If you want to expose corruption, don’t be in a hurry)

    1. @Chris Cole what I don’t understand is how both sides are hiding the truth. They blocked Raw entertainment from the UK out and have said not one word about the Lost Dutchman Goldmine. They are hiding it and no one is asking questions. While they are distracting the people with this bs

    2. @Rhonda W. Well now that the criminal Bill Barr is being investigated.. our new AG will get to the truth

    3. @Liz Pedano when these audits reveal biden never won the light will completely blind you people.

  5. So pleased to see Jamie Raskin on this Committee. He’s a very brave man, after the loss of his son a few months back, but still ready to be of public service.

    1. Didn’t he head the last impeachment which was immediately after he lost his son. He just continues to amaze. He is an American gem.

    2. @Charlie Foxtrot That’s ironic considering your party is doing everything in its power to allow anyone to vote regardless of whether or not they’re a citizen.

  6. The majority of the American people would like to know everything about this Jan 6th nightmare. We deserve to know!

    1. @Charlie Foxtrot You didn’t ask me a question, you just spouted BS to make your little ego feel better. 🙂 At this point, you have lost your entertainment value. Спасибо за игру

    2. @Nicole Roy There is a lot of footage that has never been seen. So what’s your point? As I see it your only worried about if police officer was called the n word. You’re not worried about the insurrection itself, you’re just worried about name calling. Boy your priorities are a little screwed up. And yes being called racial names is bad

    3. @Belly Dancer Em That’s a strange remark… I absolutely want to know and I want the instigators to face justice.

  7. Get those subpoenas rolling, start with Trump and McCarthy at the top and work your way down, there is no need to wait.

    1. Start at the top? do you know who is in charge of the capital police? see if you can answer that difficult question.

  8. I feel like I’m in grade school reading a history book. Instead I’m at the kitchen table with coffee and news.

    1. May we be doomed to live in interesting times.
      Good to see that at least SOMEONE in the government and by extension the GQP actually still care about democracy. I think we all already know where this is going. I just hope they have to backbone to do what needs to (what must be) done to save our democracy or it will surely fall into autocracy. Putin wants nothing less than to turn the US into a Russian vassal state. We’re on the brink unless we act now, he’ll get his wish.

    1. @Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger I thought you and Joy were victims of Dunning-Kruger effect! If both of you would go straight and get off the drugs you might recover…but that’s a big might!

    2. @Steve F The police were out numbered. Would you stand in the way of a tank or get out of the way? Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today?

    3. @Howie that is what they are paid to do and considering they were warned about possible problems that ENTIRE WEEK it could only be that they wanted them to break in an be pawns for democrats to avoid any election issues…worked perfectly. must be so much easier just to believe what you are told, right howie?

    1. OR… this is a way to divert attention away from the train wreck that is in office today.

      But go on… continue to follow the media and politicians, sheep.

    2. @J Groovy Funny how people can’t find a single thing good about the current President and because of that, continues with their infatuation of the former President and “the MAGA crowd”.

    3. That’s what the US basically does around the world on a daily basis. It’s just regime change with all the consequences. Get over it!

    4. @Shawn Silliman mean while trump and all his cronies were there, live on tv, in sighting the riot. But you’re still looking for antics.

    5. @Shawn Silliman those people were yelling to hang mike pence, and Trump did nothing. If Trump believed any of these people storming the capitol were antifa he would have reacted and had the military use their might against antifa. Trump knew it wasn’t antifa, and so do you people!

  9. The Republicans thought that their blocking if a congressional inquiry would have been the end of their complicitness.

    1. Will the blm riots of 2020 be investigated? Will the 46 billion in damages caused by blm be investigated or the 18 police deaths caused by blm?

  10. They need to go through the text records, phone records and emails of every republican that has a problem with this investigation. And everyone else that has a problem with this investigation.

    1. Close. Find out who was in contact with the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys on that day regardless of party (we already know they’ll all be GQP but…) Words matter. Your way sounds like an actual witch hunt. Follow the evidence wherever it leads is the only approach to do this professionally. Punish the guilty, and declare them ineligible to serve in any capacity in the United States via the 14th Amendment.

    2. @Dale Jolliffe As they should be. This is why so many in the GQP want this committee stopped in its tracks. They know where the evidence leads.

    3. @Alan Heyes Anything that gets transmitted over the internet can be decrypted and read. Anything. Why do you think bin Laden tossed his cell phone.

  11. Start sounding up those parler accounts, show the world what conservatives really feel about this country

  12. “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” – Albert Einstein

  13. “Come to the capital on january 6th, Will be Wild “ the former criminal fascist president and current orange menace.

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