Rep. Moulton: Taliban Advances Are 'Exactly The Worst-Case Scenario’ 1

Rep. Moulton: Taliban Advances Are ‘Exactly The Worst-Case Scenario’


Andrea Mitchell is joined by Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA), a marine veteran who serves on the Armed Services Committee, to discuss Taliban advances in Afghanistan as the US withdraws from the country, which Moulton says is “exactly the worst-case scenario that we've been telling the administration we need to prepare for.” He also sheds light on the need to evacuate Afghan allies and their families, proposing a plan to bring them to Guam while their visas are processed. 
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  1. I don’t understand why, when these terrorists are partying around captured military vehicles, we don’t just drop a cluster bomb in the middle of them.

    1. @John Brown Don’t care. Bomb em. They’ve been hiding in Pakistan, and like roaches, now that they’re out in the open,bring on the Raid. We payed for those paperweights. If our enemy has em, I want my moneys worth.

  2. So if and when the Taliban retakes Afghanistan and reopens Camp Jihad, what are the people ranting about involvement in foreign wars going to come up with as an excuse?

  3. This sounds like the worst outcome I have ever thought we’d see from the end of this war. What was the Trump admin doing? No surprise they didn’t plan to take care of the families that worked for the US. Knowing what peril they’d be in. We can’t leave the Taliban our assets either. Blow ’em up, make them unusable against innocent Afghans.

  4. The US has tragically FAILED in its twenty year campaign in Afghanistan, the very idea that US withdrawal from Afghanistan will result in the quick fall of the that government and its military is proof positive of that failure.

    1. And it’s the second time we’ve done it to Afghanistan. The first time the US failed to help Afghanistan rebuild after the Soviets pulled out which led to the Taliban’s rise to power. Now we are leaving the people of Afghanistan high and dry again.

    2. @AuntButton He’s playing the Washington blame game, shift responsibility to the previous administration. He’s saying 6 months, 6 days or 6 hours is probably closer for a final collapse of the Kabul government. They have to plan now for a mass evacuation of large numbers of people. The parallels with Vietnam in 1975 are striking, They are trying to prevent panic from starting and causing a rout among the remaining security forces.

  5. Masar Al-Sharif about to fall to fall to Taliban. That city is the HQ of the Northern Alliance. This is indeed total defeat.
    The US and Afghan gov’ts should have conceded partition of the country years ago. The all or nothing policy has come to nothing. So much for fighting for all girls to go to school.

  6. That’s critical. To get the Afghanistan interpreters… outa there …when we leave this place. (We owe them safety. ) Thanks for this tonight. Well done.

  7. The average Afghans life under Taliban and under US puppet rule is the same.
    We needs to send journalists that ask questions, like Tucker Carson, to Afghanistan to break the apathy; because the US military has no attack against apathy.

  8. Yes, Taliban will take over whether the US/UN stays or leaves. Then they become Russia’s problem again (Taliban shipped weapons to Chechnya terrorists). Russians might need to pull out of Syria to protect their own borders.

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