Rep. Neguse: ‘Climate Change Is Here’ 1

Rep. Neguse: ‘Climate Change Is Here’

Senate Democrats unveiled a $3.5 trillion budget plan which includes investments in climate provisions the same day a U.N. report warned of the "irreversible" impacts of climate change. Rep. Joe Neguse (D-CO) joins Ali Velshi to discuss the Democrats-only reconciliation bill and tackling the climate crisis.  

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    1. Well they are wrong about so many things and keep changing their story. It’s a wonder that anyone still have the patience to listen to anything they say.

    2. You need to go back and take a remedial junior high science class because everything that you posted is incorrect. I don’t know how anybody can go on the Internet and prove to the world that they are incredibly obtuse.

  1. And just as with gun control, covid, and every other damned crisis, you’ll do nothing about. Just go on consuming and eating twice your body weight in food every day.

  2. Oh wait. This is the guy that does sit ups at the podium during the impeachment process….threw the whole impeachment down the drain…

  3. I’ve watched it change dramatically since the 80’s when I was a kid, in the same midwest area I’ve stayed in.

    Ponds and creeks that I used to skate on as a kid haven’t frozen over (at least more than a couple of days; it used to be weeks at least) since the early 2000’s for instance. And Oct/Nov we’d always gets frost/snow and by Thanksgiving we’d be in solid Winter weather; now people are BBQ’ing over the Dec Holidays and cutting their grass into Nov. And we turn on our AC in March sometimes! March! Certainly by April. We used to only in May; March/April was still cold, wet, and usually snowy with balmy days being in the 60’s, not the 80’s. And on and on…

    1. What you were saying is a natural event. I have been around for 70 years and I have watched the climate change also because this is what happens on the earth. You have to remember that at one time Kansas was a swamp, the Sahara was a sea and the Arctic was a tropical forest. All of that changed very naturally. Before you make such a ridiculous post you should at least have science on your side and enroll in a meteorological certificate class.

    2. @T. R. Campbell you know those changes took drastically longer to happen since they occurred naturally right? You’re talking pieces of information and trying to make it fit like a puzzle when it doesn’t. Man’s use of fossil fuels had altered the world this is objective truth

  4. I was there for the first Earth Day. I have been waiting a half century for the idiots to wake up and smell the fires. Hopefully now we can save some segment of human society.

  5. What scared me the most is how Biden was mocked by trump when he suggested we need to find alternatives to fossil fuels

    1. Sadder and scarier still, Reagan also mocked Carter for putting solar panels on the White House forty years ago… and we’re still electing Republicans.

  6. It’s not a matter of belief by politicians. It’s the greed of politicians. Time immemorial it has been the way of politicians.

  7. Assuming that the position being held against climate change will become untenable would lead to acceptance and action to address the problem feels very naïve. There was an insurrection stirred up an unleashed on live television and still half the government denies what happened and are actively working to make it easier and legal to repeat

  8. Not hearing a resounding, “No, this must stop, now!”, anywhere. Guess humans are, in actuality, devolving–right out of existence.

    1. As the basis for your argument is your ignorance of the reality he has been since first seeking office, your genetic lineage may be doing just that.

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