Vaccines, Masks, And More: What Can Stop Covid Delta Variant

Officials nationwide are warning about hospitalizations surging and new risks to kids as the Covid surge worsens largely among the unvaccinated thanks to the Delta variant. Dr. Kavita Patel and Lisa Lerer join to discuss.

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    1. The Democrats are allowing millions of unvaccinated to come across the border. WAKE UP!

  1. I will donate monthly to a GoFundMe account to support those district superintendents who defy the noisome schmuck.

    1. Time for all workers, soldiers, farmers, small & medium-sized businesses, and entrepreneurs, to join hands and form a new ‘Peoples’ Army, to defeat the global capitalist, media and political parasite classes.

  2. Satanism and the Neoliberal strangelove spell, of they that come to save you from yourself and Miss information, Libertas.

  3. Time for all workers, soldiers, farmers, small & medium-sized businesses, and entrepreneurs, to join hands and form a new ‘Peoples’ Army, to defeat the global capitalist, media and political parasite classes.

    1. Change must be brought democratically not through violence and authoritarianism. Democratic socialism is the best way to achieve this.

  4. Is there some reason we don’t see I.C.U. footage of this “dire emergency” like we did every day last year?

  5. It’s ok for the ‘honorable’ gop senators to prevent vaccination of the military just because they themselves have already been vaccinated? wow. and they claim to be pro-life and pro-military?

  6. “Oh yes, it seems the news has gotten worse.”
    Exactly why it helps ease concers when you don’t watch the “news”. There is never anything pleasant to speak about anymore

  7. A piece of cloth can’t protect you against (according to your narrative) the deadliest virus on earth, just because of the microscopic size of the virus, that’s impossible

    1. Such a simple and obvious fact that you need very little in the way of formal education to grasp…and yet it alludes so many. Too many. Exactly what is wrong with people’s basic thinking processes these days?

    2. People are delusional if they think that the government, institutions, corporations, billionaires and BIG mafia, I mean pharma have our health as their top priority when it’s the opposite. Depopulation

    1. @Ballsy White Guy Could you imagine these people having to ration food or being told to turn their lights off during the blitz. They would lose their minds.

  8. Maybe we need a new vaccine yeah that’s it. Then when it’s introduced to Delta. We can get the Omega Variant 🙂 oooh an then when Omega is out a new vaccine. An when it’s introduced to the…….

  9. I wish they had this much passion for the mental deprecations and suicides that are also rising among the children.

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