Rep. Neguse Says He Sees A ‘Disturbing Trend’ In Republicans Forgetting What Happened On Jan. 6 1

Rep. Neguse Says He Sees A ‘Disturbing Trend’ In Republicans Forgetting What Happened On Jan. 6


Former impeachment manager Congressman Joe Neguse (D-CO) reacts to his Republican colleagues downplaying the events of January 6th and discusses how they are undermining the creation of an independent commission to investigate what took place that day.
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  1. Find and charge all insurrectionists … including those in Government positions! Charge them, them up and throw away the

    1. @Peter T no it shows you don’t understand what actually happened that day you only know the narrative the media has propagated to you

    1. I wish to disagree, conservatism is different. The idiots who have taken over the Republican Party are into Naked Power which they try to hold with violence, misinformation and disinformation. I’d also add not caring about The Constitution.


    1. Every single republican must be thrown out of office nationwide and thrown into prison. Republican voters must also be punished! Pull the voter rolls and fine them!

    2. Wayne Marcelin Sr. exactly. 74 millions voters should be ashamed of themselves to support wannabe dictator and tiny ball ReTrumplicans party. RIH GQP.

    3. @Il Was They all need to be held accountable for supporting the wanna be dictator and the terrorists calling themselves elected republicans. PULL THE VOTER ROLLS AND MAKE THE REPUBLICAN VOTERS PAY RESTITUTION!!!

    4. @M. F. Hopkins Thats why republicans, all of them must be held accountable for their vile and disgusting ideology, that have no place in society

  3. “Candidly, it’s not like there’s much Native American history today. I mean what happened there?” – Rick Santorum (Rep.)

    _Whitewashing of history has entered the chat_

    1. @No Show Joe Gleeful about the genocide of Native Americans…then compares Dems to Nazi Germany.
      Stop embarrassing yourself!

    2. Yep. He’s ignorant & knows his base is, too. Most US states exist, because of broken treaties. The US did everything possible to wipe out Native American nations & their cultures. Their descendants & culture survive! Our original REPUBLIC of 13 colonies, was based partly on the Iroquois Nation & some of its democratic principles. 26 states retain their Indigenous names. Early settlers couldn’t survive without Native knowledge of American plant life, animals & weather. 1/2 of Mayflower passengers died their 1st winter, due to lack of nutrition, shelter & sanitation. Spanish Missions in CA & TX, (founded before English was spoken in any part of the current US), still stand, and were originally built, farmed & ranched by enslaved Native Americans. They’re definitely a significant part of what made America.

    3. @No Show Joe Democrats supporting voter supression laws?

      Democrats denying Systemic Racism?

      Soon to be Proven… Trump Admin collusion with Russia?

      Repubulican false claims of voter fraud, eroding confidence in our democratic political process, a shared goal of the Russian government according to our own intelligence apparatus?

      You are intellectually dishonest and I will no longer respond to you’re obviously deceptive comments.

    4. @No Show Joe no..that is not what happened. The history of the interactions is much more complex than that, with promises made and deals signed.
      This does not even address the history going back thousands of years.

    5. @No Show Joe you have some points here but your pushing it to extremes does not allow the conversation to begin. Focus and modulate friend. There are some issues you mention that need examining.

  4. 9/11 never stood a chance of destroying America. 6/01 came close, and still has that within its power. There was once a POTUS who said: ‘If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.’ The Republicans seem determined to write those words out of history.

  5. The farther away we get from it, the more they think they got away with it. NEVER FORGET! Every single traitor in the Congress should be identified and expelled!

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith tell me, do I have to be brainwashed to think like you. Dummies are on sale today…3 for a quarter. Your type is a dime a dozen.

    1. @L F only all democrats get out an vote. It will take overwhelming numbers to defeat Republican suppression of the vote.

    2. @Shirley Rice they have to learn how to vote like republicans and help each other… Take fold up chairs and lots of food/drink. If they have to line up for a long time I wonder about washrooms

    3. @L F
      I hope so. I’m tired of republican obstruction and refusing to negotiate in good faith with president Biden for the good of the nation. I’m tired of the culture wars that keep us divided, and all the lying, cheating, gerrymandering and suppression of voters. The people must put the fear of God in any Senator who obstructs Biden’s agenda.

  6. The repugnant party’s symbol is the elephant but they don’t want to remember how’s that going to work?

  7. Rep. Joe Neguse is brilliant imo, very talented man who presented evidence at the impeachment trial flawlessly. I think he likely has a long and successful future in politics.

  8. Prepare the media and advertising blitz to hold all these people responsible when they next run for re-election

    1. The problem is that most of the Congresspersons who supported the insurrection are in turn supported by the voters in their gerrymandered districts

    1. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords so you think it’s worse than hunger, poverty, homeless people, heart disease, drug addiction, cancer, covid, pollution,murder etc. I can’t say I agree with you because it has never affected me personally but how many people do you know that has been harmed by domestic terrorists? I would pick a cancer cure any day over over all terrorism put together.

  9. Disturbing that the head of the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild routinely shows up on Fox news to claim that the Insurrection was performed by Antifa in neckbeard disguise. Particularly since six members of Seattle PD attended the Insurrection that day.

    1. This should NOT be tolerated. Fox News loves to censor any facts I share about right wing violence. They delete ALL my comments, especially if I send a link to the article I’m referring to.

    1. BLM and ANTIFA and anarchists and the radical left looted and burned areas in over 160 cities

  10. It like everything else they always forget what they do but run things into the ground on the other side even when it isn’t true

  11. GOP have become the masters of sticking their head in the sand and hoping it all goes away without any consequences. Guess what, actions are made, and consequences occur, regardless…for all of us!!!!!!! The Butterfly Effect is a real thing!

    1. I don’t think they’re sticking their heads in the sand right now. What I do see is them still actively working toward proving the lie, that Arizona audit is a disgrace and has the potential to be very incendiary.

  12. This young man is so impressive – he impressed me at the impeachment and I think will go far to help us restore sanity in government. He needs to be in the Senate!

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