Rep. Swalwell: Trump ‘Has All The Elements In Place To Try And Overturn An Election Again’ 1

Rep. Swalwell: Trump ‘Has All The Elements In Place To Try And Overturn An Election Again’


Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and MSNBC legal contributor Joyce Vance join Jonathan Capehart to discuss the release of handwritten notes showing that former President Trump pressured the Justice Department to declare the 2020 election results “corrupt.” Joyce Vance says that the DOJ made a “bold move” by releasing the notes and an “investigation is merited.”
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    1. @Body language Expert There is very credible evidence that Trump committed tax fraud, bank fraud, and FEC fraud. His charity was shut down for fraud. His “university” was shut down for fraud. He’s under investigation in Georgia for election tampering. His company’s CFO has been indicted. His longtime ally has been indicted for violating FARA laws that resulted in UAE interests winding up in Trump’s speeches. He was impeached twice. He dangled pardons, and when caught, said he was “joking.” He altered an official weather assessment, which is a crime. He broke the emoluments clause. He meddled with local election board members. He incited a riot at the Capitol. The Mueller Report details ten instances of Obstruction of Justice. He colluded with Russia to win an election, then declared what he did WAS OKAY and tried AGAIN with pro-Russian members of the Ukrainian Parliament and the Chinese. He lied about the pandemic. He broke local COVID regulations to hold rallies where he removed social distancing stickers from seats.

      He’s a compulsive liar who made OVER 25,000 false and/or misleading statements in 4 years. Compare that to Obama, who made 143 in 8 years.

      Trump wanted to send Joe Biden, a prominent American, former Senator and VP, to Ukraine – a country he acknowledged has a crooked legal system – to face manufactured charges. He ran a campaign based on locking up another political rival, a prominent former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. Trump wanted to send an Ambassador to Russia from the Obama Administration to Russia so Putin could jail, and most likely torture him. I hope Trump gets the book thrown at him.

    2. @Ryan Johnson
      You just keep drinking the kool aid and you can stay in your alternative reality forever

    3. @Jim Moravec They infected the whole world, so they could steal the election for Trump. I’m only guessing your shoe size is higher then your IQ.

    1. Until there are actual indictments or charges brought, it Hass to be talked about as potential

    1. @Abimbola Aku You are not sane. Bill Clinton lied about a girl and your traitor party tried to destroy him. NOW they protect this felon and extortionist and tax fraud. The list is endless but you don’t care. You truly are NOT an American.

    2. @Carol Stein Abimbola is a Russian or Chinese Troll that is trying to destroy our country. Pure evil.

    3. Its BIMBO !! LOL Sadly none of it is made up. Wish it were. Crimes are real, and the presidency is over so Trump will not be protected anymore. The DOJ is also no longer influenced by him. So Trump is now a sitting duck.

  1. The policy that you can’t indict a sitting president has to go. That policy is an open door for wanna-be dictators like T.

    1. @Tonito Rodriguez Biden is not a dictator. He’s a Democrat. You must not understand government or even what Trump was doing before your eyes. If you read it, it would be obvious his actions come right out of the friendly fascism handbook. Removing guardrails to hold people accountable, gutting institutions. Policies, and removing key personnel and regulations that protect people to promote corruption. It was all a ploy to set up the stage to keep them in power. Including gutting the post office which was illegal and voter suppression. If you’re ok with having a dictatorship like 3rd world countries and places like Russia and China keep backing a guy who aspires to be president forever. That, my Friend is taking away your freedom. Without even you realizing it.

  2. what is more to say? we heard phone calls, we read notes, seen insurrections on tv. we know he is guilty.

  3. What else can we expect from a guy whose big sister did his homework for him? Nobody taught him to respect rules.

  4. So, we’re searching for evidence of what we all watched him do on national television. Nice. When this is all over maybe we could send someone to say “BAD MAN, BAD MAN!” while he continues to play golf and stir up hate from his luxury estate(s).

  5. Even from the outside this is kinda terrifying. It’s like watching a Nazi dictatorship forming in the most powerful country in the world.

    1. Trump ain’t got nothing to do with what criminal Biden Administration is doing. Talk about Criminal

    2. @Will Haul Let’s hear it Willy , what do you have on Biden , state some facts and produce some evidence that doesn’t come from tucker the pucker or newsmax .

    1. @Unavailable Now sure and Biden didn’t eat his boogers yesterday after telling everyone he used to drive a 18 wheeler .LOL

    2. @Mossy horn Hunter you have no clue what you are talking about but that is typical of trumpers. Trump and ALL trumpers are traitors to America

  6. I understand why Merrick Garland and the DOJ are ‘dragging’ their feet on these indictments. They want to make sure that none of those involved will be able to wiggle their way out of being prosecuted and sentenced, especially trump. Have patience, it’s coming.

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