Rep. Ted Lieu: ‘It Can Only Get Worse’ For Trump With A 1/6 Commission 1

Rep. Ted Lieu: ‘It Can Only Get Worse’ For Trump With A 1/6 Commission


Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss what happens next if Senate Republicans block the bill for a January 6th commission when Democrats have “put in all the changes that Republicans have asked for.”
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  1. Personal Favour – what does that mean? A personal favour to a self styled and proudly self styled Grim Reaper?

    1. I’m not sure if “personal favor” means I’ll owe you a favor, or if it means I’ll come after if you don’t do it.

    1. Theywereprotestersdi DC nttheyknow it streamed live myonly regret iisthattheyserent armed in house andthatthey didnt make thehe uh sedead

    2. Yes cause thecops that werebrutaliszed isawcnnreporterslivestream and let them go if iwasanywherenear Washington dc idfohndaway

  2. Their strategy is to call a house investigation partisan. But, they negotiated a bipartisan agreement while intending to reject it in bad faithAFTER IT WAS AGREED TO.

    1. @Ready Now&Forever yeah I’m not interested in another Democrat witchhunt when the country is collapsing economically. Save being upset that some conservatives decided to hold a mostly peaceful protest of their own when rioting and murder are supposed to only be things democrat voters get away with and worry about forcing people off enhanced unemployment and back into the workforce before you see real economic hardship.

    2. The amount of straight up lying by House Democrats in Shampeachment #2, revealed to the whole world these are far from honest brokers in search of “the truth.” By falsifying evidence, & corruptly editing Trump’s own words about going up to the Capital ” . . . to peacefully, & patriotically protest . . .” out of every version of the President’s speech to the 100,000’s of rally goers, who patiently listened to his every word, while 3/4 of a mile away, the unrelated attack on the capital had already begun. The entire debunked theory of Democrat’s shampeachment, was that President Trump had spontaneously incited the ONLY unarmed insurrection in the history of the world, amongst the otherwise peaceful Q-Shaman, & his selfie army, who were somehow convinced by unspecified language in “the speech” to overpower the armed Capital Hill police force, & occupy some large empty rooms for 45 minutes, or so . . . meaning they would somehow become the legitimate
      government of the United States . . . as if anyone thinks that’s how things really work. This is how stupid MS-NBC, & legendary mid-wit Ted Lieu think the American public are. They had to lie about officer Sitnic’s actual cause of death for months, just to make it seem like something of consequence happened on Jsnuary 6th. The only person to die violently that regrettable day was a Trump supporting military vet, who was shot in the neck, at point blank range, by an un-identified Capital Hill police officer, who’s life was never at risk, or ever threatened by the unarmed, middle-aged woman he needlessly killed.

      There was an self-evident security failure on January 6th, but Nancy Pelosi’s role in denying suggested National Guard support, no less than 5 different times, as did the epicly inept DC Mayor Bowser, in the days leading up to the January 6th rally, where crowds were expected to be in unknown multiples of 100,000, if not more than 1,000,000, that critical day . . . failures by the elected officials with the exllicit responsibility for ensuring the safety, & security of the Capital Hill complex, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, & DC Mayor Muriel Bowser would never be questioned in this obvious charade designed to demonize their political opponents, & the resulting show trials that would clearly flow from such a partisan farse.


    3. @Cannabis Dreams Benghazi was a witch hunt. Trump’s blackmailing of Ukraine to announce a sham investigation into Biden was a witch hunt. The deputized delegation of idiots auditing the 2020 election is looking for witches and warlocks between the pages of the ballots. You don’t object to witch hunts as long as it’s your team that’s burning them at the stake.

    4. @Kelly Owens Friday morning, is a great time for you to start your therapy; you’ll go into the weekend with a lifetime of absent emotional vitality.

    5. @Cannabis Dreams The American economy is not going to disintegrate just because the rabbit has the gun for a few months; and ALL of that stimulus floats right back to the top (10%) like marshmallows.

      It (relief payments) doesn’t sit in the saving accounts of less privileged Americans like stagnant relics. It (the cash stimulus) acts more like temporary vouchers to allow the proverbial tides to settle.

      So don’t worry, this won’t be a paradigm shift in the low and middle class changing lots. And Donald Trump still won’t be an authentic “billionaire”.

      Wealth disparity is (FULLY) alive and well—so calm down.

      Your ragging dysphoria is progressing into clinically psychotic dystopia.

  3. We don’t need to “find out” the truth; we all KNOW the truth, it’s just that some of us would like it published and some of us would like it suppressed.

    It’s the same dynamic that causes a portion of the class to be uninterested in taking a replacement test to determine who cheated on the first one; that makes a police department not want to to release the bodycam footage on the shooting; that makes the meatpackers unavailable to speak to the FDA.

    1. There are ugly deeds that would be uncovered;
    2. They were in on them.

    1. @mrbubetube they’ve been saying that for how many years now ? And still not one thing but some butthurt opinions . Sounds like you fit quite well into that category !

    2. @BlackJacx1 He was impeached for inciting an attempted insurrection, well the 2nd time at least. This is now to bring him up on criminal charges. The District of New York is also investigating charges involving the Trump campaign and business.

    3. @Stephanie Drake your states are losing population. Your media outlets are losing viewership. Your lobbyist activist woke groups are losing support. Do you want to know why? Because majority of people are understanding who the clowns actually are.

    4. @Jack Gamboa imagine feeling good about yourself after you typed that LOL basically sums up liberal arguments in the political world… petty, lacking relevance & a clear cowardly dodge from the subject. Making yourself feel right by saying nonsense doesn’t mean anything relevant to the facts buddy. Guarantee if you said that crap in person to the op they would’ve pooped on it easily.

    1. @Spkr4The Dead lol they are not even American, just a fake person probably in Iran or Germany pretending to be an American navy person in hopes people will believe that this is how American military thinks. Google knows the truth about them and has been supporting them doing this, as is our CIA, not sure why but it should be pretty obvious to everyone that Stephanie is fake. Even their profile was just created recently to do this.

    2. @Bonnie Morris Fairy Tales are not real, you should have learned this when you were young. I blame Disney for your lack of reality!

    3. @Stephanie Drake Fairy Tales are not real, you should have learned this when you were young. I blame Disney for your lack of reality!

    4. @Stephanie Drake there was no invasion under Trump. Dont recall seeing “please let us in Trump” shirts on illegals.

  4. The words from Lieu, the guy that played a portion of an explanation from Candace Owens. Where the
    sense that she was endorsing a concept that he and democrats feel > % of people feel is terrible. That
    utter dishonesty ofLieu, where here HIS opinion in commission? The 90k seized from leftist John Sullivan,
    facts…Ted Lieu and democrats, you got a lot of explaining to do.
    The UNDER OATH testimony of Pelosi, facts know to her, Facts known at present. And to ‘circle back’ ..
    ask aoc why she is afraid of republicans, notably on 1/6? Another chance to create false narrative .

    1. @IIGALAXYII martin luther king propagated peaceful protests ……so did medgar evers ……end result ……they were both assassinated. If you’ve noticed antifa usually shows up wherever white supremacists show up. But nobody notices or seems to care what they do ……including trump.

    2. @IIGALAXYII actually black lives matters aren’t interested in defunding the police but delegating some of the funding given to them for other community needs like schooling ……the homeless and mental health facilities. Many police precincts all over the country bankrupts city budgets by giving large settlements to citizens in civil courts for police wrongdoings ……instead of holding them accountable.

    3. @Charles L Jones You’re comment had many problems, all of which can be debunked.
      “You don’t realize most the riots weren’t even done by BLM”
      Yes you’re correct and I was by no means saying they were, we’re speaking about riots that BLM is responsible for.
      Such as the recent BLM on George Floyd anniversary, of which were participated by BLM members.
      “According to most white people who marched with them it was others not associated with them who participated in the most of the riots under the cover of darkness that was blamed on others”
      This is a claim and cannot be proven, I don’t think you should trust anyone’s word, especially rioters.
      This would and has become a blaming game between the left and right.
      Nobody goes outside at night to riot unless they’ve had a deviant reason too, which is why looting and burnings are started at night.
      “Go to any gun or homeland security website….. it will confirm that over 90 percent of protests were peaceful”
      Again, I was by no means saying all protesters were hostile, but most of these protesters had had “civil disorder” cases and the amount of riots has continually to increase each year.
      The media has called “mostly peaceful protests”

    4. @Charles L Jones “and I’m sure you didn’t know trump ordered the fbi and homeland security not to monitor or investigate the behavior of white supremacists and other racists groups who are always present at the protests”
      1. The president doesn’t have the ability to stop domestic investigations by the fbi and homeland.
      2. Of which groups are white suprematists?
      3. A claim of which Antifa has always used to excuse their own behavior.
      This has become a blaming game where you can’t prove who’s in which crowd.
      “Despite them being called the biggest threat of domestic terrorize in the country by the fbi doj and homeland security.”
      The right wing groups can be at times deviant, but for most of their time In the last four years respected law enforcement and follows protesting laws.
      I’ve been to both antifa and proud boy protests and proud boys were respectful for the most part.
      Still doesn’t change their behavior and politics.

    5. @Charles L Jones MKL and medgers Evers were from a different time and political state.

      both groups have used each other to further their own agenda.
      Tell me who doesn’t notice or cares?
      Of course, but don’t deny that Democrats are doing the exact same thing.
      Both sides are doing the exact same tactics but you only seem to worry about white supremacy and trump.

  5. ‘ This could be the Key to Pandora’s Box ‘ ! ‘ The Truth is in the Details of the Facts ‘ ! ” Responsibility Matters for All Lives ” !

  6. Portland just had a riot the other night, and shots were fired while ABC reporters were in the no go zone in Minneapolis. I don’t think what happened on Jan 6th was ok, but there are ongoing issues to address.

    1. If people do not understand the difference between Portland & the halls of Congress, they need more education.

    2. @Hugh G Rection you mean when liberals stormed the capitol on june 2018 in order to shut it down? Let me guess, “that was different because reasons”, right.

      Tell me, what were the “effects” of jan 6th, other than the same people cheering on riots for years, suddenly start clutching their pearls when it happens ONE time from Trump supporters? I thought you people hated the govt and police because they were racist.

  7. Why does Rep Lieu hace first year law school book on his shelf? Seriously, kudos to Ted Lieu. We need this commission.

    1. To do what? Waste tax payer money on more bread and circuses for dsmocrat voters?

      Forgive me while I worry about something other than another mostly peaceful protest when you see worse nightly in Portland.

  8. Everybody in this country needs to hear the truth .regardless of what it is .the secrets they try to keep hidden is totally ridiculous .both parties are full of crap .

  9. A Salem Witch trial in the 21st Century. Unfortunately, hysteria is a factor of the human condition.

  10. Tell us more about this rock solid concrete evidence you speak of say it show it the world is waiting for you Mr Tyrannicalpandemic Government Man

  11. The facts on the ground is that we the people have always had the right to abolish our tyrannical governments so what’s the charge government employees have the right to get out of our way period

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