Rep. Tim Ryan: We Must Get Rid Of The Senate Filibuster 1

Rep. Tim Ryan: We Must Get Rid Of The Senate Filibuster


Rep. Tim Ryan tells Lawrence O’Donnell that he now supports eliminating the filibuster rule in the Senate after Republicans showed “they don’t want to work with us” to pass voting rights, infrastructure or any priorities of Biden’s agenda: “We’ve got to get rid of this archaic rule that’s stopping us from making the progress we need to make… America can’t wait any longer.”
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  1. Forget politics, as you’ve come to see it, as a contest between Democrats and Republicans. Today the struggle is democracy versus oligarchy.

    1. @Bryan B wow fox not news and the lying Traitor trumpf really has you brain washed. Hint they are also making you a traitor to America. Americans don’t like Traitors!

  2. Hey big news networks did you know there is a missing 5yr little girl in Tennessee! Yeah, she has been missing for 8 days now. EIGHT DAYS!!!!!! A HUGE search is in place multiple state search teams are looking for her but ya know it would be great if you got her picture out there too. I know it doesn’t fit your agenda (little girls missing doesn’t pay the bills). It would be great if you could spare a few moments for this family and little girl. Her name is Summer Wells.

    1. Big question for you, tell us how you found out about it. I’ll just leave this and move along, I’m out west and I know about this missing girl…how you won’t ask or answer how you found out…because I read and you probably found out from watching color tv.

    2. There’s been heavy news and social media coverage in TN throughout.. I’ve retweeted requests for information notifications, several times myself and I’m in Texas.
      I hope wish and pray they find her soon.

  3. Tim my mom always loved you from when you lived in downtown Warren and come down and grab your Tribune. She’s shining down on ya.

  4. “We couldn’t even get a compromise with Joe Manchin. The Senate’s broken!”

    Translation: “We don’t have the votes.”

  5. I love watching all the Democrats SUPPORTING the filibuster just a few years ago.

    Who used the filibuster a record amount of times Tim?

    1. @spud2go “CHANGE THE RULES CAUSE WERE SORE LOSERS! MOAN US WAHHHH” You mocking how Republican complain, on a video ALL about Democrats complaining! Hahaha man youre dumb!

  6. Less than 60 votes to help your party but when the shoe is on the other foot meaning if the GOP can stop democrats bill than you’re going to want 60 votes to stop them. Stop crying. If you come up with good ideas in a bill maybe they will get the votes to pass.

  7. Joe said that our guns will not be enough to protect ourselves from his nuclear weapons I am not making it up he said on TV today

  8. Like to read the bottom of the screen saying people arrested for in Ohio for voter fraud. Thought these criminals said their wasn’t fraud. Get all their cells ready from the white house to the big house atleast they can vote from jail now lol

  9. If the situation were reversed and the Republicans held the majority this guy would be the first to defend the filibuster! How do I know? Democrats used it over 200 times in the last year of Trump’s presidency! 200 times in one year alone!

  10. Forty years too late to know infrastructure was neglected because of the stupidity of a 2 parties system. Wake up America, stop living in the PAST.

  11. Someone needs to tell Ryan the proper way to hang the flag, the blue field is to the left when hung! Americans didn’t vote for minority rule!

  12. Just because things have changed in the last 100 years doesn’t mean our governmental foundation should. And as soon as the tide changes, they will want the filibuster back. This whole argument has been done for years now and is stupid.

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