Rep. Val Demings announces challenge to Marco Rubio | MSNBC 1

Rep. Val Demings announces challenge to Marco Rubio | MSNBC


Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., made her Senate bid official Wednesday, announcing that she plans to challenge GOP Sen. Marco Rubio for his seat next year.

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Rep. Val Demings announces challenge to Marco Rubio | MSNBC


    1. @Ace1King1 – excuse me as the ‘birthing’ person of five adults (4 sons, one daughter)who may or may not ultimately choose to parent, I repeat “Val Demmings is the WOMAN!”
      She should challenge him to hand to hand combat. Sparring with ideas would only humiliate him!

    2. @N 827 YE Sure!
      Even my 18 month old grandson knows how to put on his trousers!
      Trump is so dumb he can’t even change hi own Dirty Diapers!

    1. @Luis Enrique No because Rubio is nothing but a Trump following hack that has done NOTHING for Florida but cause hate.

  1. She’s a mother of 4, an ex-chief of police, and she rides a Harley.
    It’s time to diaper-up Rubio.

    1. It is funny to me how your opinion would basically be reversed if “she” was a white male

      Don’t worry though. You aren’t as evil as the people you claim to be fighting against! Since you are you….

      Also. The big bad Orangeman is the worst thing to ever exist even though he was the only Democrat to kick out Epstein instead of taking his money to look the other way. I’m sure the Clinton family did the same…

      2nd also: You’ll whine about the Trump family… AKA a dad who joked about grabbing a HYPOTHETICAL woman by her P, and a “main son” who had a drug problem… while propping up the Biden family… AKA a dad who ACTUALY GRABBED A NON CONSENTING WOMAN BY HER P, and a “main son” who has a lot more than a drug problem…

      You think you’re a hero and scientist b/c the people on TV told you so…. that way you’d actually watch them…. but in reality you couldn’t even complete a titration experiment

    2. She has done very little while she has been in Congress. Only one piece of legislation that she introduced was passed and that was to rename a post office. She has an empty suit.

    3. @T R- And Rubio has been a failure so what’s your point? At least she’s not a traitor to this country.

    1. Rubio is nothing but a Trump follower and is only there for the money he gets from the Russian NRA.

    2. @Bazooka Joe and Florida loves him for that…also because he stands up to the imaginary communists who hide under their beds.

  2. Vote Val Demings for Senate. Help the American people get rid of 45s Corrupt Republican party.

    1. @Bill Rodriguez Really??
      All of them?
      Every single one?
      Even J Lo?
      You do know how ridiculous that reads.

  3. She got my vote. You go girl! lets go out and vote those voter suppression laws into the ground.

  4. I wish her luck. I doubt she will win but I hope she does. If I lived in the state, she’d definitely get my vote.

  5. Her hands are bigger than Marco’s so he can’t use that against her like he did with Donald.

  6. it’ll be a hard upward struggle in Florida, but I wish her all the best. She’s well qualified.

  7. I wish I could vote for Miss Val!!! Even though I live in Tampa I can still volunteer with your campaign!

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