1. @Christopher Hughes they didnt break any laws. Stop acting like cops have to risk their lives. Its just a job

    1. @LR 84P wtf are you talking about I’ve served time and the majority of people in jail are there for selling or using drugs

    2. @LR 84P Probably the same type situation, hard to pin down, they’re really cautious about their movements and use mules, not mention murder/threats of murder that is well known in their circle. Do you have any experience in that world?

  1. Waiting for tactical gear is not the issue. It doesn’t matter if they had it or not. The protocol for school shooters demands that “the good guys with a gun” (and even without a gun) immediately act.

    1. You are absolutely right! Any action police could have taken to get shooters attention off shooting children would have made a difference! I can’t think of a more compelling reason to act/ run into a dangerous situation, than saving those innocent children. First responders are supposed to be running in when others are running away. They train for it, are equipped for it.

    2. Remember 9/11 when the plane was hijacked and men with no weapons charged the cockpit ,and then reflect on Leo’s standing by for more gear

    3. I kinda think they made a proper judgement call. I had heard that they never tried to stop the shooter, but now it seems they did try and almost died. If they attacked and were gunned down by a better armed assailant then the assailant could have moved on to other classrooms. Sure, it would have been cool if Jason Bourne went in with his Glock and ended things quick, but I don’t agree that these officers necessarily had to enter a room where a shooter likely had a rifle pointed at the doorway waiting for them. He was contained, and could have just taken the kids hostage, should we always assume the worst and go into a classroom full of kids guns blazing bullets everywhere?

  2. The worst part, is the woman he had to escape from police custody and jump the fence to go in and say children with a cop trying to stop her. And now those cops are harassing her in her community

    1. Why did the police just stand around.? Why are they more worried about their reputations instead of hanging their heads in shame for their inaction. Why don’t they feel any shame and remorse? they should have apologized from the beginning. Now forty-eight days later they are looking callous, uncaring, and incapable of sympathy and continue to try to cover up, lie and deflect. I truly cannot understand the way they are reacting. If they cannot cry and feel remorse over the killing of these babies there is something seriously wrong with their psyche.

  3. I am glad that the reporter at the end mentioned that the families are not looking for videos of the violence to be released. For sure, someone who doesn’t want any video released will try to use that as an excuse.

  4. Nothing ever going to happen to these cops in terms of accountability. That only cared about themselves not the defenceless people in the school . It is obvious they did not do the job they took an oath to do.

    1. That is required of the job. It’s not just the benefits that it comes with, which is the majority of what they sign up for.

    2. Each time the killer fired his weapon, it was NOT at the cops, but at those children and teachers- in the meantime, the police were outside having a huddle discussing WHAT to do and those in the hallway were “geared up” but waiting.

  5. It takes alot of nerve to wake up every morning look yourself in the mirror and know you stood by and watched children be slaughtered when you should have done your job and stopped it.

    1. Eh the pay is decent and I really dont care about other peoples lives. Repeat after me. Cops. Dont. Have. To. Risk. Their. Lives.

    2. You took an oath. To protect and serve…..stand by your oath. If not step off. Let someone else do the job.

  6. Every damned one of these cowardly cops should be fired, and have to find jobs doing some safe job.

    1. Good luck on the
      Hey I love you
      Job is going back to the 🙃😃😁🥰❤️😂

  7. The chief police officer should be charged with derelict of duty and contributing to the death of 2 teachers and 19 children. He should not be employed.

  8. It’s amazing we still know so little at this point, beyond the obvious. Transparency threatens a lot of officials in that state.

    1. If you would read the 26-page report from ALERRT that is easily found on the internet you would be more informed than 99% of the people commenting about things they know nothing about.

  9. Disgusting!!!! actually little kids could have been saved. Imagine those children hiding counting on these cowardly men

    1. I’m remembering far back to when I was a 4th grader. They used to teach us “Don’t worry, the police will protect you. You can trust them.” And we all smiled and felt safe…

    2. @Tessmage Tessera I remember thinking fire drills were fun and a break from class for 20-30 minutes, now I have children and they have active shooter drills and are terrified. Somehow that is what normal is now. It’s so very sad.

  10. What were they waiting for? I mean a few minutes would have been totally understandable. Getting themselves together, some planning, supporting each other, etc. But 77 minutes? This is cowardice and incompetence, hand in hand.

    1. It is like my job as a software engineer. We have dozen managers, and someone comes to me and says this needs to be done. I can do it and have it in production in 1 hour or less or I can go through proper approvals and maybe get it in production in 3 months.

      The problem is when noone is in charge noone is going to do anything and they all sit around until someone figures out who is in charge so a safe entry can be made.

  11. Can’t help but think about other stories of civilians, and off duty military personnel put themselves in danger for a lot less than what was at stake at this school. The fact that they are harassing the mother who went viral for going into the school and evacuating a classroom, absolute cowards.

  12. The officers from that hallway should not have the opportunity to “step down”; they should be terminated with the discharge reflected on their employment record.

  13. Unbelievable that none of those cops just went for it on their own. How could they justify standing there and hearing the gunshots without acting!!

    1. @SeanPat1001 , yup and his wife was a teacher at the school and was killed that day. She called him and told him she was shot and the cowards on his force, forcibly took him to the ground and put him in cuffs. He was just trying to save his wife for Christ sake. I hope he gets his vengeance on those cowards one day soon.

    2. @Lord Chaa I hope he doesn’t. His life is terrible enough right now without him ending up in prison.

  14. How long have we been hearing from cops “all we want is to make it home at the end of you shift”. Personally I think it’s more important for children to make it home from school alive.

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