1. @JC SS There are more than 1 billion Muslims in the world, this is a Muslim equal to 25% of the world’s population. As a Caucasian, I have never hit a woman, I have never hit a child. I understand that your family may have raised you as a republican and a rightist, but is it acceptable to disrespect the religion that 1 billion people believe in?

    2. @Tuğrul Gül so you would blindly support child abuse in catholic Churches and still not raise a voice? Who cares if a few morons gets offended, you have to stand your ground for morality.

  1. Ah just another Republican hypocrite who talks about “lack of personal responsibility and accountability ” and when asked to take responsibility for their actions say “I do not recall that”

    1. @John Bob Little John I never stated my political affiliation. You know what happens when you assume right little Johnny. Now follow your cult leader like the good little sheep. He prefers the uneducated.

  2. So we can only see 3 seconds of the conversation? I wanted to see this lady get grilled. I think pundits overestimate how much we wanna hear them discussing issues.

    1. If they did that, none of them would get as much of their airtime. Its not as much about reporting the news, as it is reporting their own opinions about the news and getting their facetime.

    2. @Crispin Fornoff How did it backfire? She lied through her teeth. That’s speaks for itself.

  3. I find that kind of hate twice as bad coming from someone who has undoubtedly been subjected to hate themselves

  4. I would also like to point out that anytime someone claims the American dream and shows how joining the military was their start to success — that’s not the American dream. That’s the ruse. Create a climate where people sign up to die for you on a future promise they may never be able to collect on. If yoru success happened exclusively through ranking in the military and managing to survive its ways and means, that’s not the American dream, that’s the American nightmare where militarism powers our economy, politics, and government.

    1. There are enough success stories to argue against that. Too many. I got lucky. Dad paid for my college. He didn’t need help. Guess what? He was ROTC in college. I hope your nightmares settle, softly.

    2. @ThomThom Success in money, yes. Spirit? That’s what’s being questioned.

    3. @ThomThom ROTC? That’s not military service, unless he bravely fought at the Bowling Green Massacre

    4. True. We externals are shocked how being Christian (or claiming to be as per Drumph) and being a Vet… are promoted as pluses on a US political CV.
      Effectively stating… I have blinkered views and I’m prepared to interfere in other countries affairs.

      Religion and politics should never coincide (as the vast majority of US women currently having their rights removed, will agree).
      Defend your homeland (eg: Ukrainians, Palestinians, Kurds… ) and you can justifiably add Vet to your CV.
      A view from afar

  5. She did say it and still denies it, despite being shown the evidence. Why did we not see more of that?

  6. She should have just said that she didn’t remember, or her staff did it.
    That’s the new GQP line now, apparently.

  7. Why did you confront her with just a tweet and accept her response?! There’s videos of her maniacal rants! Confront her with those! She can’t hide behind ” I can’t recall” or “it wasn’t me”

    1. @ole jørgensen You are the same people who lied by saying that there are no teachers grooming other peoples children into accepting teachers’ sexual preferences and perversions, when multiple teachers have been making TT videos bragging about grooming other people’s children into those teachers’ sexual preferences and perversions. You people are not trust worthy at all and she has the right to believe what she believes and to share her belief publicly. The hypocrites are you self-righteous people who constantly attack and disagree with Christianity while attacking others for expressing their beliefs about and disagreeing with Islam and homosexuality.

  8. What’s new? That’s apparently how the GOP candidates behave now. The scary part is not these lying clowns, it is their voters that we should worry about.

  9. I wonder what she’s thinking here. ‘Just lie, most of the other party members do so it must be OK and be the norm.’ No shame, no intelligence, no decency. An utterly untrustworthy candidate.


    2. Every officially established religion is an organized and protected entity based on 100% unproven opinions; beliefs that are 100% choice.  One cannot be labeled as “phobic” for being opposed to another’s ideas.  That’s akin to the controlling tactics of the very established religion to which she referred.  Ironically, that is the same religion that says it’s blasphemy to be homosexual and they incorporate that into their laws of their lands, thus making it illegal and highly punishable.  This is why people are commonly accused of things they would never do; because the accuser utilizes those very tactics and assumes you are as well. That explains why they claim homosexuals try to groom and recruit; because, you see, that is what THEY do. Conversion. All over unproven personal opinions.  It should be clear where the true phobias reside, and are actually protected.  They reside in the religions that all have brutal anti-homosexuality in common.  They can unite over all the torture and deaths they caused to innocent people who did nothing wrong to anyone.  It bears repeating that YOU CANNOT BE PHOBIC FOR BEING OPPOSED TO PERSONAL IDEAS AND ACTIONS!!!  This is especially true when those ideas are all regarding the absolute refusal to believe in the science that does indeed prove that the end of consciousness occurs upon brain death.  They want you to believe what they believe, and it works given the fact that no politician is elected when they state that they do not practice a religion or believe in any deity or spirits.  Empty your glasses right this instant, but don’t allow the chaos to cause you to turn your head away.

  10. When I saw this was Abby Phillips piece I legit almost fainted. Thank you for coming back❤️💯

  11. Remove the Charity status of American churches and fund Education! End this cult of ignorance, horror, and gullibility.

  12. Why? Why do we have to use our energy on dealing with a bunch of lunatics when we should have used it on building a better country?

  13. The good ole GOP response. Memory loss. If only shame was a emotion that existed for these people

    1. One might expect at least “That sounds horrible of me if it happened and I hope to do better in future.”

  14. Yep I don’t remember all the lies, there were so many but I need to to get elected.
    What a joke.

  15. Thanks for calling her out. A lot of media was making her out to be a hero lately.

    1. @CynJ Williams calling her out on her own statements. Who the duck would support the bs she spits? Are you OK?

    2. @Mario Mario this is totally not me. 👀 I am not making a statement on my account. 👀 go argue your logic with a wall.

  16. Another prime example of an individual who thinks they have the answers when in fact they have zero comprehension of the questions being asked.

  17. The “I’m the REAL Trump Candidate” is the EXACT SAME LOGIC as “I’m the REAL Christian”.

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