Reporter Who Broke Epstein Story Provides Inside Look Into His Death 1

Reporter Who Broke Epstein Story Provides Inside Look Into His Death


Miami Herald investigative journalist, Julie K. Brown, joined Stephanie Ruhle to share new reporting from her book, "Perversion of Justice," about the sex trafficking story surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. She explains what her sources have told her about Epstein over the years and discusses the questions that remain about his death.

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Reporter Who Broke Epstein Story Provides Inside Look Into His Death


  1. Lots of people know he didn’t commit suicide. He was as narcisistic as trump. He assumed he’d get bail and have the charges drawn out for years to come. They all do. Think about the hundreds of VIP worldwide who don’t want this story out. Ever. Maxwell has lots to fret about.

    1. @John Clarke As a liberal, I’d love to explore this frame. What if I said “the rich and powerful usually escape any meaningful moral, criminal and financial censure whenever their transgressions are discovered?”

      We could agree on that, right?

      Then, presumably, we’d just have to argue about the political leanings of those who escape said censure, and the systemic reasons for same. Liberal Hollywood types for you, fascist hypocrites for me – right?

    2. @Carlos My sentiments exactly.Many rich and powerful men from all over the world went to the Island to sleep with children. Trying to fit the true facts to the narrative of liberal versus the right is absurd.

    3. @Heather Thomas My response got erased so I’ll give it one more try because I think it’s an interesting point…. there’s an argument that the behavior of the c a t holic chur ch brings out some p e d oph ile traits in their followers. The anti– g a yy rhetoric of the Right brings out some of the more unhealthy h o mmo ssexualll activity of conservatives as well. It’s not a stretch to argue that the virtue signaling of the left where woke males see themselves as the protectors of women will lead to abussses of wooomen. I could expound, but I’ll probably get erased again

    4. @John Clarke your choice of titling screams rhetoric so instantly. Please continue to enlighten yourself on exactly who was or wasn’t liberal in your… ahem… learning. More importantly, consider who is writing what you’re choosing to believe. Bad people are in every group, everywhere and amounts.

    1. @Willa Powell Thank you both for the correction but I think everyone new what I meant. I`ll do better next time.

  2. Lots of questions & connections to tRump & other persons in positions of power.Hopefully the truth will be revealed.

    1. This boy kept hordes of vidoe electronic evidence…..just a matter of who has it and when it will be released to the world. tik-tok

    2. Definitely a great thought but in my mind not likely. It’s been almost 60 years ago and it’s never been definitively proven that Oswald killed Kennedy.

    1. @ohstar I think they have plenty of victims to rat out his co-rapists. Maybe it was a vigilante. Rapists and child molesters don’t win any popularity contests in prison from either side.

    2. @3 wolfs down lol he expressed a desire to have a modeling agency like Trumps. There was something to blackmail if he was but doubtful. Trump was complicit with him.

    1. @gary the great is that because im going off of actual reality instead of “maybe Trump visited his apartment in New York.”

  3. Bill Barr’s father hired Epstein as a teacher. Barr had both motivation and access as AG. That is the angle I would investigate.

    1. That theory is absolutely bipartisan too! I’m a Progressive and I don’t buy he did this to himself.. Not one bit!

    2. The problem is so many rich and powerful people had motive, how do you figure out who had it done?

    3. You are correct, and it was Barr and the FBI (fact) cleared out his homes and took all evidence that could have brought down many people. It was a cover up.

  4. That’s why Bill Barr was brought in to be AG, so he could over see the murder of Jeffery Epstein and its cover-up.

    1. I think Epstein tried to commit suicide but failed that first time. Maybe it was a signal. He had completed redoing his will very near his death.

  5. AG Bill Barr and Epstein go way back, years,. Epstein was close to Barrs father who hired him to teach at his collage.,Epstein had no teaching degree..
    AG Bill Barr visited Epstein two days before he died..why is this not part of any investigation?

    1. that female assistant for Epstein, what about her? I haven’t heard anything about her for a long time …. Barr that dirt bag

  6. His “suicide” was early in the Trump administration, and all the pictures of he and Trump on the internet, I believe Trump had him offed, just to keep his name out of Epstein’s prosecution.

  7. When this first happened those guards vowed that they would not allow the powers “to pin” it on them. And then one prisoner said he heard screaming before the killing.

  8. I find it strange that Barr was there and 35mins later he’s dead? Sorry, I’m not buying it.. I’m not a conspiracy theory type person but this one, this one doesn’t smell right at all.. Maxwell knows so people better watch her cell!!!

  9. If he was murdered Trump most likely did it. Trump always accuses people of something he self did, so…

  10. Barr ran in and declared it a suicide before any investigation could even get underway. Never heard another update after

    1. Barr was covering up for his Daddy who was friends with and hired Epstein to teach (he had no college degree!) at the elite private Dalton school in NYC. Daddy Barr Sr. was Headmaster of that school!

    1. @Pulaski Condo Association Yep! When he said “I wish her well,” that gave him away. Trump always speaks the opposite of truth..

  11. Julie Brown: “It is disconcerting that the ONLY people who have seemed to have paid a price in this so far are WOMEN.” PRECISELY, and this has been apparent for months now, years even.

  12. Come on people, everyone knows that Traitor Trump killed him.
    Why would Barr visit him in prison.

    1. Epstein had dirt on everyone so yes I totally agree with you because the unnecessary narcissist had the most to lose at that time.

    2. To tell him his life was in danger and he would need to be moved to gitmo. The CIA can get to him anywhere but there.

    3. Barr was there to tell him they would move it immediately to trial and to assure him that Trump would commute his sentence provided he say nothing about any of Donald Trump’s multiple involvements with him. This was a standard trafficking arrest. Barr had no business getting involved in this. He was there for Trump.

    4. Barr is a total piece of crap … BUT, the rumor about him visiting Epstein comes from a sloppy NY Post story, and there’s literally zero evidence Barr went to the prison. “We reached out to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to ask if AG Barr had paid any visit to the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) during the window of time indicated by Kasman. In response, DOJ Office of Public Affairs Director Kerri Kupec called the claim “preposterous,” telling us via email that “Attorney General Barr has never visited MCC.” She added that the suggestion of a quiet visit was dubious as well, reminding us “the Attorney General has 24/7 FBI protective detail. So they would have had to be there, too.”

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