Reports of allegations of verbal abuse to staffers from Governor General Payette ‘highly unusual’

Political Science professor Christian Leuprecht weighs in on the reports that allege the Governor General verbally abused several staffers.

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  1. I believe no one should be verbally abused, and if these allegations are true, there should definitely be justice made for these staff members. Most jobs would not put up with that behaviour, but I guess it’s who you are.. isn’t it😒

  2. Julie Payette: A LIBERAL FRIENDLY appointee to the office of Governor General in 2017. Go Figure!

  3. How could you count on Trudeau to replace the Governor General when she was chosen to act in his favor ? It was very noticeable when she didnt intervene in other ethics violations he did in the past , or direct the RCMP to do so . This situation would not have escalated to this stage if she had of done her job . Ive thought that for a long time . Its a key issue .

  4. When you appointment the GG it reflects on the party.
    The GG is past due and should be abolished.

  5. Just like Marc Garneau transportation minister, another Canadian space hero turns liberal zero!

  6. It’s time to replace her and her team , she is a completely failure for this Country.

  7. If she is such a wonderful boss, why would anyone have a possible reason for making the accusations in the first place? And it’s more than one person pointing the finger. Something stinks. It’s beginning to look like the Liberal party is rotten. Unfortunately, only the Queen can ditch ole’ Julie.

  8. Highly unusual? Wasn’t this story broken several months ago? Seems like consistent behavior to me.

  9. You see how our Liberal Government is being acting like it is above the law and yous wonder why this is happening. When Mr Blackface has been getting away with so much and now the WE scandal.

  10. I definitely would not want to work under her. If she was verbally nasty to me, I would be crying all the time and definitely just quit my job. Why did they hire? She was an engineer and an astronaut.

  11. This ‘highly unusual’ report of allegations pales in comparison to the multitude of abuses by Trudeau and Morneau on the Canadian tax payers.

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