1. @Rose apparently you don’t know how to look for facts in each states election laws…the constant repeating of tne same thing you hear is so easy to spot…

    2. @Mike Ainsworth how is it that its been 2 years and there has been no proof….been more asking for donations than showing his proof….guess all that donation money is better to fix a plane that’s been grounded for years than it is to prove your claims….

    3. @Mike Ainsworth We say the same thing about you. Because you can’t ever say anything useful. You literally have nothing to say to the question: “How do you think he won?” except to have a tantrum. Adults use logic and reality.

    1. Be sure when you go to fill your car up, buy your groceries & pay your utility bills, that you spend time bragging to the other people there are about how you voted for Biden & what a great thing that was as they kick you in your nuts. Can you imagine having a President that took NO salary, put ALL American Citizens First, ran the country like a business instead of a party while increasing EVERYBODY’S spendable income and lifestyle, making us energy independent at a cheap price. Also increasingly making the country more safe with a stronger military, bringing back Manufacturing, and increasing the border security on a daily basis. Using his own plane, not taxpayers, which he acquired running his own successful businesses not government grants while providing thousands of American jobs. Playing golf at his own resorts at his own expense with his own money, not taxpayers. And during his FIRST hole at playing golf accomplishes more Making America Great Again then the Democrats have done in the past 100 years. Now go enjoy your trip to the gas station and grocery store this week while you’re paying your utilities. WHILE you’re out there be sure and talk to other American Citizens about how great things are now with Biden and the Democrats.

  1. How stupid does one need to be NOT to believe in a system they are actively seeking to represent?!!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    1. @casey bartlett How’d you know? Just drawing up plans to reclaim the 350,000 square miles you stole from us. Brb

    2. @Verbal Spaghetti Gaming Leave a little room in your drug pack for some rice,the only thing stolen from you was half of your brain

    1. @Steve McKinney Quite true. She was a TV newscaster and obviously learned her professional delivery there. Noted her echoing 45 with ” … lock them up” and his “If I win, it was fair and if I lose, it was stolen”. She was coy on the last point but clearly implied it. Polished and photogenic, she’s also dangerous for being younger than 45. Lots of old (R) guys will back her b/c they want to bang her, just as they did Sarah Palin.

    2. Bill Gates said there will be election problems and civil war because of that. I believe him because he also predicted pandemic.

  2. Latino immigrants, your homeland’s republicans are not like the US republicans. Listen to what they say, but then watch what they do.

    1. Bill Gates said there will be election problems and civil war because of that. I believe him because he also predicted pandemic.

  3. That last part he said rolling insults after one another and the regular people are just soaking it in and emulating what they see it has to stop somewhere🤔

    1. Explain to me why in Texas you can use a gun license to vote, which you don’t have to live in the state to get, but you can’t use your student ID.

  4. Who cares what conservatives are concerned about?
    Concern is an emotion.
    When you allow emotions to dictate your decisions you make poor decisions.

  5. This is one of the rare times I’ve seen interviews with established Republicans and actually felt comforted.

  6. I have such great respect for Rusty Bowers. What those MAGATs did to him and his family, neighbors too. All while his daughter was ill and stressed about the threats to them. She passed in January 2021.

    Mr Bowers was so brave and appeared so strong when he testified live at one of the J6 Hearings. And, after all that he and his family endured, the sh💩t for brains Arizona Republican Party censured him. A shame that those who believed in the constitution and their oaths and did the right thing we’re treated so ruthlessly. What an embarrassment to the US.

  7. The Republican MAGA paranoia and negativity against fellow Americans is nauseating. Want that attitude in office? 😫

  8. Point 1: Republicans have already won 2022.
    Point 2: Don’t worry about the votes. We’ll throw those out.
    Point 3: Just go back to work and pay your taxes. We want your money.

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