Republicans Who Voted Against Popular Biden Covid Relief Bill Tout Its Benefits | Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow points out that Republicans are associating themselves with the popular features of the Covid relief plan they voted against, and notes that with Mitch McConnell essentially admitting he intends to follow the same obstructionist playbook he used against President Obama, Democrats should feel free to continue to advance popular legislation without bothering to wrangle Republicans along the way. 
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  1. I’m a teacher. You know what happens with kids who take credit for other people’s work?

    Nobody wants to work with them, they either get shuffled off to the losers’ pool or end up completely isolated, and eventually they’re confronted with a big assignment they have neither the skills nor the temperament to deal with, which causes them to crash HARD.

    More often than not they don’t learn from their lessons after that either.

    1. As a former teacher, if a student was caught plagiarizing, they were given a fail and if they ended up with a combined failing grade in the subject, they were given the opportunity to write another, harder paper to pass. But here’s the thing, they always did, because I worked with them about how to do papers correctly, before they had to write that last one. These students, for the most part, went on to become successful in their careers.

    2. ​@D S I’m not even American and even I can see how very messed up your political system has become ever since Trump entered into it.
      I have been watching what has been happening from the time Trump was elected President. I am sorry to say that at the time I was stupid enough and uninformed enough about who Trump actually was, what his history was, to know any better and I was such a non-fan of Hilary Clinton that even I would of voted for Trump if I were American. I was happy he had won. I thought a businessman would be great! – Man was I ever wrong!!
      It didn’t take long to realise that Trump was not Presidential material!! As I looked up his background of failed businesses and lawsuits etc… Stuff Americans would have known about, I knew immediately that I should have voted for anyone – including Clinton – instead of Trump!!
      The man is a thief and a racist, he will act like your best friend but when the cops come he’ll throw you to the wolves!
      BTW, say what you want about the President you have right now but he has done more for your country in a few months than Trump did in four long, long, loooooong freaking years!!
      I live in Canada. It didn’t take long to figure out that Trump desired more power. He wanted to rule America! He wanted to be Dictator Trump of United America of Trump or some shat.
      If his idiots had succeeded with their plan on January sixth, he would have been the last President America ever had – and he would have set his sights on Canada. – I don’t want him here with my kids and grandkids, making us a third world country like he’ll do to USA. So get your crap together you freaking idiots that think he has anything good planned!!

  2. Makes me wonder what the republicans even do at work? It seems like they haven’t done anything for the people the represent in their states after all?…Huh🥴

    1. @Budom K how come they’re always ready to help themselves on the taxpayers dime then?

  3. People like the 2T$ price tag because they recognize a bunch of items in it as something they or someone they know needs instead of stuff that will only benefit the ultra-wealthy and corporations.

    1. You know, I see so many ardent right-wingers hated every bill that the Democrats came up with, but I have never seen a single right-winger that has ever rejected a single check that was sent by the Democrats. They readily take the Covid Relief checks, the unemployment checks, the social security checks, the foodstamp benefits, the workers compensation checks, disability checks, so on and so on. But as always, they hate the Democrats despite benefitted mightily from them! That’s the thing about right-wingers I can never understand!

      Typical Republican voters: “We love the fact that you Democrats rescued us from the Republican politicians’ policies of stealing from us average workers to give to their rich bribers, but we hate you anyway because you’re a Democrat and not a Republican!” WTF!

    2. Yep, if it were a few hundred billion dollars, we’d all see that it wouldn’t help as much as it could. But 2 trillion? That is more likely to get something done.

    3. And it is an investment to ourselves and not a iou to corporate interests with no possibility of seeing a cent back. It’s a fact that investments to infrastructure and education brings back more money for every dollar spent over time. It’s another nail to trickle down economics.

    4. @Grand Wonder exactly! The only accomplishment they have is sedition. Next they’ll be wearing their white costumes to mar a lago.

  4. Wonderful lady! Let us encourage that 60% to vote Democrat in the mid terms to give Biden’s team a mandate to do more for them.

    1. @Horseman 46 true. Right now they can only barely ram things through reconciliation, and even that is difficult with Republicans always in Manchin’s ear.

    2. @steve jette same. The way he’s tearing apart the party is good. I just wish he had carried on with his threat to form a third party. That way they’d split the vote and lose some key races.

  5. Thank you Rachel! A great perception of reality that gives me hope for my country!! Heart and soul, not part of the Repugnant party of selfish 😞 lying evil.. God bless America 🙏. For the children of this generation and future generations 🐻

  6. Don’t blame the Republicans, they’ve proven what types of people they are you have to blame their supporters who are too stupid to even know if the representative voted for something or not. The Republicans count on the idiocy of their supporters and are never let down

    1. This is true, but unfortunately it’s reality…I have been in a few conversations over the last couple weeks in a different region of the country that really had been fed and believe a lot of info that was the exact opposite of what really happened. And actually believed that some of it was still happening today. I won’t comment on what it was because it really doesn’t matter, but when I told them it wasn’t…and what they were saying wasn’t happening they were extremely confused…and I had to show them pics of areas to prove it.

      The people (rep and dem) are being led to believe things for the benefit of political careers and media ratings. I have a hard time blaming supporters that are simple minded enough to believe that Donald Trump was their friend…so I have to blame those who will benefit from the mis information…the career politicians and media…

    2. It kind of reminds me about all those people who ate up Trump’s “We’re gonna get rid of Obamacare” talk. The looks on their faces when they realized that their insurance was though ACA took me out 😭

  7. McConnell just made it easy for the Democrats to do the job for the American people

    1. By surrendering all new policy-making and governing to the Democrats, the GQP can dedicate their time solely on stirring up more hate, racism, white supremacy, conspiracies, and violence. You know, Fascism.

    2. Democrat. See how fast turtle face can backpeddle? 😅
      Just like he did after running his mouth about corporations. . Retire mitch, dementia is not your friend.

  8. If Republicans don’t want to help society, then they need be removed from the Senate and have they’re pay revoked. We do not need people standing or sitting around refusing to do anything for anyone other than themselves. That was the problem with tRump’izim. Being self-centered and self-absorbed.

  9. Then why are they even there? They act like little kids. They work for us and we should expect them to work together. Ridiculous.

    1. @Marilyn Emanuelson the troops are leaving the middle east, which is something that Trump supported, so what’s your point?

    2. @Sandra Marshall and throughout all that we had the best economy EVER, most income increases for every American, EVER, lowest unemployment in 60 years, higher Stock market EVER, no wars, and had the border under control…. which ones of those didn’t effect normal Americans?? Yeah letting them find better work, make more and KEEP more money, and an economy to grow on was sooooo horrible….. it’s way better now that we are back to raping the world for profit on our dime in the name of whatever they think of next….. 🐑

  10. Republicans pat themselves on the back when someone else does the work. Then point fingers at Bidon when a children’s book is taken off the shelf. Sad.

    1. By surrendering all new policy-making and governing to the Democrats, the GQP can dedicate their time solely on stirring up more hate, racism, white supremacy, conspiracies, and violence. You know, Fascism.

    2. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords Thank you for proving that we can, by working together, achieve harmony with a solution that can make everyone happy. Kudos and Kumbaya, Amigo. MAGA again some more already again right now, oh boy.

    3. MAGA in the kitchen
      MAGA in the hall
      MAGA in the springtime
      MAGA in the fall

      MAGA on the mountaintop
      MAGA on the beach
      MAGA tail a wagga
      Just like a Georgia peach

      MAGA in the Kremlin
      MAGA by yourself
      MAGA with a gremlin
      or with a tiny elf.

      MAGA ’til next Tuesday
      MAGA ’til next June
      MAGA all around the block
      Or maybe on the moon

      MAGA on Uranus
      or Jupiter or Mars
      MAGA in a aeroplane
      and MAGA in your cars.

      no matter what the cost.
      because we’re all too stupid
      To accept it that we lost.

    1. It helps when Moscow Mitch and the rest of the Rethuglicans have no moral principals whatsoever.

    2. Hope they keep these headlines around for the next election when they can run this stuff in against the GOP candidates.

  11. Someone needs to remind Manchin what McConnell said. It’s time for the senator from WV to lead, follow or get out of the way.

    1. @Steven Curtis “BLM will bring the vote like never before,”
      One can only hope that some until now sleeping voting block wakes up and gets to the polls regardless of the voter suppression legislation in most red states..

    2. @Horseman 46 They won more state elections because of gerrymandering. Look at WI. In state races they got way more votes than they got seats.

    3. @T.A. ACKERMAN I don’t disagree with WHY they won but it is a fact that they did win.

  12. Because of the bubble their voters live in they won’t know they opposed the relief bill.

    1. @elitepanda3000 youre spot on, look into what happened with Brexit, Murdoch owned news outlet peddles blatantly false, but alluring, facts to get people to vote against their own self-interests.

      as it came out that basically every pro-brexit talking point was false, the people persauded by those original talking points keep moving the goal posts back to defend their original choice, to the point where they dont even have a reason to be pro-brexit anymore, other than the fact they once supported the idea when they thought the “facts” said it was a good idea.

      look up James Obrien’s radio debate clips on youtube if your interested in seeing this in action. its an entire ocean away but the same core issues there are also whats at the heart of GOP’s rot here.

    2. By surrendering all new policy-making and governing to the Democrats, the GQP can dedicate their time solely on stirring up more hate, racism, white supremacy, conspiracies, and violence. You know, Fascism.

    3. @Jabroni I’ve never heard of “blatantly false fact”… but I have watched a Republican “meth-lab barbie” screech on about “alternative facts”.

  13. If Biden can get a couple big proposals passed by the end of 2022 , they will get a big majority in the House and the Senate , no doubt so let’s get it done ! ! !

    1. @Diana Diana So…do you even know the definition of socialism?!? If you are a registered US voter – by definition – you are a socialist…DO…THE…FRECKIN…RESEARCH…sharpen your critical thinking skills so you don’t get ‘duped’ by those screaming ‘it’s socialism.’

    2. @Vicki Bertrand maybe crazy alien MadgeTaylor Orange can strangle him. Two birds with one space laser..

  14. When Americans started spending their stimulus payments, I doubt that they asked if Ted Cruz or Mitch McConnell was okay with it.

    1. By surrendering all new policy-making and governing to the Democrats, the GQP can dedicate their time solely on stirring up more hate, racism, white supremacy, conspiracies, and violence. You know, Fascism.

    2. @Tom, I finally got mine a couple days ago. Yea, the old and disabled came in last on this one. But I DID get it. I never even looked at who signed it. I just deposited and started spending. And since I watched the vote, I know for sure who voted for it and who didn’t. Not one Republican voted for it. So, thank you, Dems, its so nice to have my bills paid, food in the fridge and some left over to help others in need.

  15. Do your best while you have the Senate and the House. Make sure you point that out to the voters during the mid-terms.

    1. By surrendering all new policy-making and governing to the Democrats, the GQP can dedicate their time solely on stirring up more hate, racism, white supremacy, conspiracies, and violence. You know, Fascism.

    1. I think the GOP has proved that wrong. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and cheat all over again! The Democrats don’t have the stomach to stop the death of our democracy at the hands of the GOP.

    2. Originally said by Count Caleazzo Ciano in 1942. From his diaries: “Victory finds a hundred fathers but defeat is an orphan”. He was Mussolini’s son-in-law. Paraphrased by J.F. Kennedy and others.

    3. @Andrew_Owens I disagree with saying we don’t have the stomach to stop the death of our democracy. Over 81 million voters that voted for President Biden proved that. Us 81 million need to push and work harder on our representation to do what needs to be done for us and the democracy.

    4. @Edge Fan That is the only policy that matters. Not infrastructure or climate control or even the pandemic are higher priority, because without democracy there is no hope for those other things.

  16. My parents were alive for FDR’s terms, when the discussion was last between the Left and Far Left. We got an electrified South, integrated military, social security, and the beginnings of medicare/medicaid. I would very much like to repeat THAT history, please!!

    1. I remember FDR.The Democrats of today are not like FDR. That changed when JFK was assassinated. Dems.havent been the same since…

    2. @Marilyn Emanuelson How are the Dems different since JFK? I only started paying attention with Reagan when I was 10. Frankly, I thought all the adults around me were stupid for falling for his obvious fear mongering and everything in the ensuing 40 years seems to continue to prove my point. Perhaps the Dems got more timid after the 60s spate of assassinations of progressive figures and the failure to contain hawkish foreign policy? They certainly took a (justified!) beating after Vietnam.

    3. @Claressa Lucas The Dems aren’t like FDR because they, like the Republicans have been representing their donors instead of the voters. Bernie has been pushing the Dems to start representing the voters and it appears to be working.

    4. @jollyandwaylo I’m not sure that’s a fair comparison, since I imagine “donors” in the 1930s were vastly different from today. I also rather assumed that someone with the surname Roosevelt wouldn’t be very beholden to outside money when sitting on a mound of his own. But, your point is well-taken. Johnson was an a$$ who worked well with no one, Carter had no political clout, Clinton was a Reagan democrat, and Obama squandered an early mandate in an effort at “bi-partisanship” that was never going to happen with people who questioned his citizenship. The GOP of my adulthood has been very good at messaging fear of change for decades, while the Dems have been very bad at advancing hope for change beyond an election year.

  17. Will somebody tap Joe Manchin on the shoulder, and let him know that his Holding Out for bipartisanship is totally insane. Or, go get the speech by Mitch McConnell and played it in his ears.

  18. The funny thing is they were not expecting the bill to actually do what it is actually doing and now that they see it actually is suddenly they are all for it and hoping people forget not one of them wanted it to begin with

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