Resignation Of U.S. Attorney Takes Spotlight In Probe Of Trump Effort To Overturn Election 1

Resignation Of U.S. Attorney Takes Spotlight In Probe Of Trump Effort To Overturn Election


Katie Benner, Justice Department reporter for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about the circumstances of former U.S. attorney for Atlanta, BJay Pak, resigning as Trump pressured the DOJ officials to somehow overturn his 2020 election loss in Georgia.
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  1. The ‘REAL REASON’ TRUMP wanted to remain President even though he lost, must be exposed, investigated & if found to be unlawful, prosecuted to the full extent of the law…⚖

    1. @El Mero Mero China and Israel are different kinds of problems. I’m not aware that either of those countries have compromised a fat clown with orange skin and sent him to ruin our democracy.

    2. There are a few possibilities.
      A) As narcissist he does not accept loosing. Not only not accept but unable to handle it. Admitting he lost would devastate him. Therefore, he makes up and believes the story that he actually won with a landslide but that there was fraud. To protect himself, he will make up stuff and he is then convinced that that is the truth.
      2) The second possibility is that he stages this all to protect himself for prosecution.
      I think it is crazy alternative 1 because alternative 2 requires strategic thinking and that is not has strong suit.

  2. Public would have been good. But then with the advice Trump was getting from Putin, it may also have resulted in their demise, and their family’s impoverishment.

  3. “Murky”. A good description of the world of the Orange Fantasy Fuhrer, now being exposed by the spotlight of truth.

    1. @Scahoni show us the proof…..the whole World wants to see it, and if you send it to Donald you’ll become one of his fine people

    2. The 3 B’s
      More Bombshell’s!
      More Book’s!
      More Bull S–t!

      It’s all we will hear
      For next 3 years!

    3. @We Shall See! So let’s put HAIR FUROR and the Terrorist Organization known as the Republican Party in jail today !!
      End of problem

    1. @Faustino Rodriguez
      We all know what happens if he’s not “mollified”. Maybe they were running low on diapers.

    2. “GET OUT !…GET OUT !….👈😵…
      SAVE YOURSELF !!!!!!”….👈😵…

      👇😁 “dweeb”…
      😡 “trump, trump, trump, trump, tr….
      😳 What’s that ‘smoke’ ?..
      😡 trump, trump, trump, trump, trump, t

  4. What a joke. Thought this country was better, it’s honestly embarrassing to live in a place where so much ignorance is glorified.

    1. @Linda Scott now thats funny, enter in your computer, How corrupt was HJ Bush?
      How old are you? I’ve been watching this stuff since 1963, when JFK was killed. You just assume our country is all peaches and cream . Like you are you refuse to see anything other than what you have been told. enter in your computer,The complete list of Obamas constitutional violations.

    2. @sammyshott23 because I close it and come back again and open another one. from Mongolia, because it is no ones business to know where I’m from.

  5. American Dictator: A salute to General Milley for standing ready. A salute to Mr Rosen and Mr Pak for refusing to enable the Petulant Narcissist.

    1. @C N “speaking up sooner would have prevented the traction of the Lie & prevented 1/6 altogether, so no, they are not hero’s as much as deterrents to his destruction. ”

      1/4/2021 “This historic event will likely be one of the largest and most consequential in American history. The team at @TrumpStudents & Turning Point Action are honored to help make this happen, sending 80+ busses full of patriots to DC to fight for this president” – Tweet from Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA. He would delete this tweet a couple days later, acting as though no one saw it or had retweeted it.

      The insurrectionists were already there, in Washington, when Pak got the phone call and was forced to resign 2 days before the insurrection. The attempted coup was already in motion by then.

    2. @Zoya M There have been sooo many threats, usually death threats, made against people and their families that Agent Orange considered being in his way, or an enemy of his, it’s actually scary. There are numerous death threats against Dr. Fauci, the one re Raffensberger and his family in Georgia, I know there were more, but my mind’s gone blank. It’s truly sickening.

    3. Don’t Forget Mattis: his unusual vocal opposition to Trump as a senior military officer made me feel like the military at least would not support a Trumpian coup. Milley was also in that camp thank God!
      Pak’s resignation seemed like an obvious move by the Trump camp to attack the results in Georgia. Pak needs to be subpoenaed in the investigation into Trump’s criminal attempts to seize power.

      And Trump needs to be convicted of high federal crimes and imprisoned for life.

  6. So many deceitful acts exposed followed by the insipid trolls airing their poison after publication!

    1. Well if our supposed left wing media can’t ever mention trials of people that might have to pay rent. How is the right wrong about this. Evictions, ( millions are losing their homes rt now. Kids disabled, mothers and fathers). If you hear nothing from them about the most important things in your lives, (maybe not you but someone you care about), they become the opium of the masses, you are making this ok.

    2. They all swear an oath to their gods to be loyal to a document not to a political philosophy or party or even a man. It appears the bedrock of our country the foundation it sits upon is turning into sand.

    3. Because they don’t go on your hands, they go on your wrists? Honestly, I’ve never understood why they’re called “handcuffs”. It’s about as accurate as calling the NFL “Football”.

  7. I don’t need history to decide! Theses people were derelict in their duty by keeping silent at the time. Their silence made them complicit in the insurrection because they, like ALL THE REPUBLIKKKANS, refused to acknowledge much less expose the big lie!

  8. They would have had to fire me for trying to force me to lie. And then publicly lie about why a the time they did it for the record. But that’s just me.

  9. The need to oust an “Attorney General” is because what you intend to do is illegal.
    Deciding which laws are secondary to the fact that he is a criminal 🤔

    1. @omik redarhcs they should be locked up, too. But lets not distract from the subject at hand simply because somewhere else something bad is happening.

      When you’re on a page and in a thread discussing that Dem, we’ll talk about it. Here, what is your point?

    2. Your nation actually cares more
      about candace owens, because
      she will save many black infants
      from their “loving” mamas who
      want them “dismembered “….👈😁..

    3. @Chipsalom V To Desperately Distract, is their point.
      They are Minions, so defend and deflect is what they do.
      But they are Minions For Trump, so they are just FLAT OUT OF GOOD ARGUMENTS ANYMORE.

  10. Rosen should have sprinted to the impeachment hearings and aired all this in that proceeding. This was a failed coup and the public needed to know that in real time.

    1. @Phil “It’s not a coup unless the military intervened on Trump’s behalf.”
      No, the military did not have to intervene on Trump’s behalf. The military could have just sat idly by and let it happen. It would still be a coup. And a coup attempt it was.

    2. @icin4d, I’m referring to the common definition of a coup, which is a sudden, violent, illegal seizure of power from the government. The Capitol rioters could be considered a failed coup, but they didn’t have backing from military. So they were easily defeated.

    3. @Phil It was a failed coup attempt using your definition. They used force to defy the US Constitution for their man to retain power after he was defeated in an election as per the US Constitution. The military can be an aspect, but is not required.

    4. @icin4d, But we were talking about a different scheme. Trump had multiple attempts to stay in power. He was careful to stay away from Capitol building to give himself a defense.

    5. @Phil “He was careful to stay away from Capitol building to give himself a defense.”
      A defense of sorts, of course. We should all know by now that’s what Drumpf does. He finds suckers that believe his deceptions and lies, uses suggestive messaging, then points them in the direction. He is a talented con man. Arguably the best in US history. And will probably not face consequences for his failed coup attempt.

    1. @IMA INVALIDPOTUS Uh… you okay there bud? You’re coming off kinda manic.

      Is there some sort of crisis hotline you can call, or a friend or family member?

      There’s no shame asking for help, but the Youtube comments section with a fake name isn’t the best place to do so.

      I hope you get the support you need, and I wish you the best on your journey back to mental health.

    2. @K Farrell why did you talk so bad about the Republicans like that girl. Your men in the demo party lick each other between each other’s legs and your women has operations to become men and you say that we’re all bad because we are Republicans … I am laughing so hard right now. have mercy on so ul.

    3. The 3 B’s
      More Bombshell’s!
      More Book’s!
      More Bull S–t!

      It’s all we will hear
      For next 3 years!
      And Nothing will happen to Trump!

  11. When they take the “low road” – “we punt” is a loosing strategy – actually no strategy at all …

    1. @Dexter Samson I stopped dissing people for spelling errors… considering the message is understood…there’s nothing formal about YouTube comments. 😑

  12. Classy. Dealing with the president of the United States was like calming a spoiled toddler with a lollypop before he started throwing kindergarten chairs around the room. Imagine being a professional in your field and your primary job is babysitting a three year old lunatic. Is it any wonder America was seen as an embarrassing joke the world over while Trump was in office?

    1. Laughing stock of the universe under tRump. Biden has restored respect again as he’s a real leader and just some not a tin pot wannabe dictator.

    2. As long as you have the GOP in power anywhere in the US you are in trouble! Yes Biden is now president but the truth will out come 2022. IF the GOP wins more seats, either in the senate or in congress, the US is finished as a democracy and 2024 will seal your fate! DeSantis is bucking to be president in 2024 and even though the dems are (slightly) in power, desantis has not shut up, resigned or given up on his lies and rhetoric so that tells me your country is still in grave danger of becoming a fascist, far-right country. I hear desantis fund raising off his bs is going really well for him. Pay attention!

    3. @SUSAN CRAWFORD Excellent analysis, even more troubling is the prospect of the Orange Snowflake winning in 2024 with the GOP having regained (at least, and thanks to voter suppression) the Senate/Congress and enabling him to realize his dearest fascist fantasies. The US is in deep trouble and millions upon millions of them can’t be bothered to care.

  13. Trump’s presidency was always just a continuation of “The Apprentice”. He never actually did anything himself but always had fodder that would via for his favor. Trump was always more concerned about “viewers” than governance. Does anyone still wonder why Ivanka had a role? Didn’t she have a major role in his reality TV show? The former president has never been ‘right in the head’.

    1. I always thought it was more like a ringside “interview” on one of his WWF episodes. We’ve got heroes, villains, chairs being thrown, ringside announcers acting surprised, the crowd cheering and booing — all show business while the real business of fleecing the audience for cash continues.

    2. @Thomas Stambaugh bingo. Trump is first and foremost a grifter. In entering politics he found his best grift yet: the suckers who believe his lies, probably because they were primed by televangelists for decades. Grandma sending money from her social security check.

      The whole stop the steal has 2 reasons: to mollify his ego and to keep those donations coming.

    1. Arresting Trump would have exposed their complacency in the lead up to the election. These people thought Trump would have been able to postpone the election due to COVID. When that didn’t work they decided to just let Trump claim he won. They were all in on it until 84 MILLION people voted for Biden.

  14. The BIG LIAR is MOST SURELY GOING TO SAY “he was never involved in those meetings or that he didn’t know anything about it. The BIGGEST

  15. Sad what happened to Mr. Pak. This was clearly a case of “hey man we’re feeling the heat, do us a solid and resign and you’ll be taken care of down the road” smh.

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