1. They gave up on their country and their people. We left with no lives lost this year. The chaos is because they turned over their country fled and only saved themselves, their citizens are running for their lives. I don’t think they ever would have been happy to see the us leave because they knew exactly what that meant.

    1. Uh no, they have no air force so we were their support, as directed. Biden pulled it, their army had to stop fighting because of it. They did not quit.

    2. @Violet Golden BS there army didn’t want to fight. Taliban have been taking control little by little over the last year. They were going to take over regardless. Plus the Taliban had a higher approval than the Faux government prop up by the USA.

    3. @joe smath Agree, this was such a huge screw up. I would be so interested to know what the withdrawal agreement was that Trump had with the Taliban, and then Biden. Seems like the idea the Taliban would just take over the country and all the weapons and material provided to the Afghan “army” never occurred to them. But was the first thing I thought when Biden announced the pullout

    4. @joe smath You have a point. But what should your president have done? Staying would have meant the Taliban would have resumed the terrorist attacks. More innocent people would have been killed. More militairy equipement and men would have been required there. Joe would have broke his promise on moving out. You live in a democracy. People voted to get out (bipartisan). Probably things could have been better prepared but it was always going to be messy. And the Taliban where always going to regain control.

  2. 100000 troops in Afghanistan around 2011. Why wasn’t the taliban completely obliterated with that size of a military force?

    1. Because they were hiding in Pakistan mostly. But also they were hiding in plain sight. When it was advantageous for them to fight, they took out their hidden weapons and fought….otherwise they just reverted to being sheep herders, and opium farmers…..

    2. @DG youtube in spirit only. Don’t miss the point. I am not questioning whether the soldiers couldn’t get the job done. I am stating that the massive troop presence didn’t stop what we are currently witnessing in that country. I am a veteran of the Persian Gulf War and no I didn’t not serve in a war zone.

    1. Not dementia Joe and Hunter ….their money is with China and China is moving into Afghanistan heavily.

    1. @S D He should care less. Afghan government was give billions of dollars to build infrastructure and prepare their army. And they just ran away.

  3. A disaster is an understatement…lick our wounds I just hope the Taliban are happy with our US made military equipment…

    1. @Suomy Nona No1. They have all forgotten it was Trump who made the “great deal” with the taliban and even boasted that it could never be reversed. Let Trump tell us what exactly was his ‘smooth get out plan’ as opposed to what Biden did? Trump had no plan!

      2. Nobody seems to blame the central government of Afghanistan, what was the point of having a central government with Armed Forces, and American provided weapons and yet they could not even put up a defensive fight against a rag tag taliban for a couple of weeks on their own without the US fighting together with them? Was that not the sign of propping up and supporting the weakest government that ever existed anywhere in the whole world?

    2. @John Mark, His plan was for may 1st. Biden and his handlers just kicked the can down the road. This is no way president Trump’s fault.

    3. @Peter Dyste I’ll ask the same question Donnie’s cult continues to refuse to answer – why didn’t Trump evacuate them in the 11 months left in his term after the agreement? The “deal” didn’t prohibit an evacuation of US and Afghani personnel or the removal of weapons and equipment prior to May 1st.

      On May 1st, Taliban would have still controlled 70% of Afghani districts (they help 10% in 2017 and increased that to 70% as Trump removed US troops). There would still be only 2500 US troops. The 5000 prisoners that Trump had released would still have rejoined the Taliban forces. The Afghan government leaders would still have fled. The Afghani military would have been just as prone to surrender. The bases Trump abandoned would still have been empty. The Taliban would still have been as oppressive to women and girls. The Taliban would be just as vengeful and violent to US collaborators.

      What was that magical thing different about May 1st that I’m missing? What was that magical Trump plan to safely and orderly exit? Send me a link to Trump’s plan? It must be written down somewhere.

      Maybe it’s written on the back of his great big beautiful cheaper plan to replace the ACA. Trump will show it to us in two weeks or after the next ineffective infrastructure week. Whichever comes first.

    4. We had some imbeciles playing little COVID-19 games here . We had imbeciles playing impeachment games. Now we have imbeciles in Office. Great

  4. Never mind, everyone, some of the disturbing things happened “4 days ago, 5 days ago.”
    You’re clearly annoying Joe now, he wants you to find NEW things to blame him for.

    1. Broooo people falling to their deaths from airplanes trying to escape the taliban is 5 days ago man. That’s like ancient news. Totally

  5. Matthew Dowd is right on the nail. Anyone who has the inside picture, knew that the country would revert back to its tribal, religious-themed country the moment American troops are withdrawn. Jack Jacobs’ swipe on his old bosses didn’t make it true that a better outcome was possible given the bad baton-handing from the Trump administration to the Biden administration. There was no team play there if destruction of the next presidency wasn’t on the cards in the Trump administration.

    The absolute disaster was not the withdrawal of troops. It was the 20 year occupation itself that had overstayed its objective of hunting down the perpetrators of 9/11 and clamping down terrorism. Nation building was a pipe dream for rationalizing the procrastination that went on and on and on till this judgement day.

    1. @DestroyChinaNow 123 Looking at your handle, can I ask are you a China troll? That’s a silly question unless that’s what prompted your question about me being a Chinese spy. If I were would I tell you?

      A military mindset is always to fight a forever war and to visualize a grandiose tombstone at Arlington. Armed forces are necessary for defense and as a deterrence. It is never meant to be a force for initiating aggression. I paid my dues but I have a more satisfying career in the civilian world. So please do not question my judgement on the bigger picture of what a great nation is and could be.

    2. @HW Wong What military were you in? Forever wars are enacted by civilian politicians. You have got to be from China if that is the mindset you have. I never knew anyone when I was in that visualized being dead as something to aspire to. What are you talking about paying dues…..there are no dues…..it is a volunteer force …..you get paid. I question all your statements……you sound like a stolen valor candidate. Doubt you were even in……which is fine……if you were in what did you do …..not a lot of Asians in 11b or similar roles.

    3. @HW Wong If you can’t even tell me what your mos was I can’t continue to educate you Wang Wang.

    1. No. This isn’t it. The only similarities are there was no leverage over the opposition. So the Taliban took full advantage of that… The surrender of the troops was pre negotiated in the upper ranks of the Afghan government. Don’t kid your self. They offered them peace and amnesty and the military gladly took it.

    1. How else would have American troops withdrawn smoothly without keeping the American troops longer in Afghanistan.

  6. Disaster was invading Afghanistan, graveyard of empires for 183 years. Taliban are Pashtun, largest tribe whose territory cuts the artifical nation almost in half.
    The US would have had to murder even more innocents than they did to lose in the invasion of Viet Nam
    Empire seemingly determined on digging its own grave.

    Inadequate killing is what this psychopath is claiming.

  7. the starship enterprise is capable of beaming them all out in an instant.
    it takes transport planes actual minutes to do the job.

  8. Beware of Neo liberal strangers bearing gifts. Pop N freshness, raised up blissfully ignorant, of the rules of the road

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