U.S. Surgeon General Explains Science Behind Third Booster Shot 1

U.S. Surgeon General Explains Science Behind Third Booster Shot

Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General, breaks down several pressing Covid-related topics such as the decision to offer a third booster shot to all eligible Americans and the expected timeline for when children under 12 will be able to receive the Covid vaccine

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    1. Are you joking or do you need a Bill Engvall sign? We all saw the videos. They were not even masking & social distancing.

  1. daily reminder: trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a democratic election

    1. @cheezruff Please, let’s talk some smack. I was born in the good old USA & grew up in SA. My father decided it was beneficial for us to learn different cultures…. so explain to us, right here and now, how you think you know anything about anything….

    1. Yo ho ho. I’m off to sea,
      Another shot for a tar like me.
      Why don’t he wear a doctor suit,
      Or is this Village People cute?

  2. Why does NYC say if you are an athlete or artist performing you don’t need a covid passport?
    But there is no medical or religious exemption?

    1. That is because the vast majority of athletes and artists have taken the vaccine. If we had the same percentage of the average people taking the vaccines as athletes and artists, then we wouldn’t be talking about vaccine passports with well over 80% of the adult population fully vaccinated.

  3. They asked an Amish guy why there were no cases of covid in their settlement. He said because we don’t have TVs

    1. Amish people tend to keep to their own as well. Just saying. Are you trying to say Covid isn’t real?

  4. How’s luck with ready vaccines for everyone, thence hope you have the responsibility especially for your family and kid’s life. They are the future people in your homeland.

    1. Well, that had a lot to do with a political and cultural desire to emphasize “diversity.” The results are basically the same.

  5. This guy looks like Paula Abdul circa 1990’s in that stupid hat. When you go to war you can wear military regalia doc, until then get a life.

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