1. Federally mandated minimum standards seem important in so many state level laws. Just establishing a legal floor level would help.

    1. They didnt m8nd minimums to sort out blacks n whites in the drug war, 17 to 1 ratio between crack and coke. Just debated this summer in Congress and they were debating since crack is just coke reducing that ratio but still like 16 to 1? when while crack is definitely improved the only real difference between them is more black people get busted with rock and whites with powder. Right this summer Jim Crow is openly alive in Congress.

    1. Same thing I’m asking. Why is people still talking about him? He gone and can’t even be president again from what I have heard and seen.

    2. @LotWizzard Yeah, a lot of people have said that to. I mean it’s kinda already happening it just haven’t hit that hard. Some trump supporters just did a “protest” started stabbing some guy to the point he had to be sent to the hospital. I believe that happened 2 days ago now.

  2. Qualified immunity has to go every one needs to be held accountable for their actions. The Republicans have a lot of balls having an opinion because they proved with the insurrection that they could care less about the police so spare me.

    1. Lol, you call a group of idiots acting out an insurrection? When y’all were looting and burning for over a year in the name of a useless criminal that was insurrection. If it was up to me all y’all would have been fired upon with lots and lots of lots of live rounds

  3. I’ll give them qualified immunity, subject to an independent panel that investigates every shooting or incidence of police misconduct. That panel will determine if QI exists or if there were reasons to investigate further.

    1. @randal gibbons Like all panels the Democrats or the Republicans will get to choose who will be on them. Everything in America is political down to who gets to be the local “dog-catcher”.
      The American population has got to the point where they are now like James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause” crying out to his parents to stop their non-stop spiteful quarrelling with his, “You’re tearing me apart!”

  4. The difference lies in from whence people’s ideas about authority is drawn. Is it ultimately about consensus or is it ultimately about violent force?

    1. They call it, “Tit-for-Tat”. This is now a permanent part of American political life down to even the pettiest of spiteful motives.

  5. Every officer with a body cam, and if they are at fault then they should be held liable for their actions. End qualified immunity, it helps keep bad cops in police departments across the country.

    1. @Ayn Rand You are not only wrong but ostentatiously wrong. Stick your head back into the sand of your gated community where there are fewer problems to face realistically.

    2. @Tony D. actually, I don’t know if anyone that has died from Covid. I’ve known many that have had it. But, just like the other 99.9%, they are ok.

    3. @Poo Poo face Corn Pop and here is where I sign off. Trolls typically get all of their facts and figures from themselves. Of course even if what you said about 99.9% living were true, that would mean 0.1% of tens of millions of people in those cities are dead or dying. That’s 10K+ people dead or dying in a matter of weeks. Sooo…. unless you’re saying that that number of people doesn’t matter, I suggest you stop while you’re ahead.

    4. @Tony D. I’ve had Covid. My 10 year old niece and her mom got Covid. My 77 year old aunt got Covid. My 70 year old father in law has had Covid. Several people where I work got Covid. We were all vaccinated and worse masks. And we are all still alive and healthy.

    5. @Poo Poo face Corn Pop We finally see eye to eye. But here’s the thing. We need one law, not more laws than citizens like we have now. “No harm to others”. How that crime be defined? It shall be unlawful for any person to deprive another of their life, dignity, or property.
      Can you thin of one actual crime that wouldn’t cover I can’t

  6. There was a good video by “Legal Eagle” about this. A suspect fleeing the police his in a home which was vacant as the family had gone out for the day. When they returned the police had made their home look like Swiss cheese even driving a tank through it! The family sued for compensation but got no where as the police claimed immunity.

  7. remove the immunity.
    increase the desire for all officers to KEEP their body cams ON
    after 2020, more ppl should invest of cameras for outside the businesses and homes

  8. Can we send djt on one of those Rockets into space?
    A ONE WAY ticket!
    I’d even help pay for the ticket.

  9. It takes a person with special qualifications to be a good police officer. We, as adults, are all responsible for our actions. Why should police officers, despite their difficult job, be any different?

  10. Thank you for reporting this Ari. This should be back in front and center because the whole country has protested for this reform.

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