1. @Thea 7790 China’s most recent aggression is focused inward, more than outwards. But it looks like that might soon change.

  1. Deep condolences to all mothers, fathers, children and family who lost their lives in this war. Slava UkraineπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

    1. The Ukrainians have proven themselves to be the most badass warriors of the new millennium! Glad our U.S. weapons are in such capable hands. Must love and respect to Ukraine for fighting the fight! Much respect to Poland for taking in and caring for millions of refugees. You are a blessing to the planet!

    2. @xXx_ROtFD_XIII_XII :3 if Ukraine is America ” then there is no America you just called the cobras out ( Ukraine) zelenskyy is a dramatist and Liar

  2. Nothing will stop the brave & courageous Ukrainians…
    Fighting so bravely & tirelessly to defend the freedom & democracy of their beloved country..
    Slava Ukraini..
    Stay strong Ukraine.


    2. @Dv8er NATO is thinking, “Russia is this weak? Can they even slow the Ukrainian counteroffensive down, let alone stop it? Would their nukes even WORK?”

  3. POOTIN’s response to his military failure on the battlefield is to strike civilian fixed targets. It really shows the quality of his military…

    1. How does putin’s decisions relay to the quality of his military,its like saying your boss’s response to something shows you the quality of your workπŸ™„

  4. I was wondering what was taking so long to knock out that bridge. They sank the Moscow and that was a moving target.

    1. They had to have the right weapons and the right time. Something like this is a lot more difficulty than it looks in the movies.

  5. A Russian was driving on a freeway heading into Moscow when he joined a huge traffic jam. He opened his window to ask a police officer what was holding up the traffic? The officer replied “Putin is standing in the road, threatening to douse himself in petrol and light himself up unless he gets donations for his war in Ukraine”. The driver says, “how much are people donating”? To which the police officer replies “about a gallon”.


  6. Can we all agree that that bridge was an illegal bridge in the first place? Putin stole the Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, after which he built that bridge. Let’s hope that Ukraine can destroy the rest of it too.

    1. True! I hope so. There is a body of water in between the 2 places for a reason. No need to connect to a ppl who don’t want to connect with you.

    2. Well like you said we cam only hope on that because Russia seems to be relentless on this and despite the bomb on the bridge look at what they did back at Ukraine…I hope you had a nice weekend Steph.

  7. Someone didn’t properly learn from WWII, especially with the Battle of Britain…. Never attack civilian targets unless you really want to embolden them against you

    1. @Nick Mon Like Russian generals care what happens to their troops ! Pretty sure most of them would not make it past Staff Sergeant in a modern army !


  8. The fact that Russia thinks they can attack a country but can’t be attacked on their homeland is baffling

    1. During the explosion of the bridge, five people died. The West does not see this, but Ukraine rejoices and dances near the photograph of the bridge explosion. Are you the right people?

    1. Personally have never taken Kirby seriously, is just a comedian like Zelensky, actually he reminds me of Saddam Hussein minister, one “Comical Ali”

  9. Off-ramp? “The way out of the conflict is for Russia to leave Ukraine. That’s the way out of the conflict.” –Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland, Oct. 07, 2022

    1. @Mark O’Halloran You talked like a person who slapped someone sitting at the next table in a restaurant for looking at you strangely.

    2. The off-ramp for Poutin’ can be easily viewed, on the newly re-engineered Kerch Bridge…. Celebratory Russians are happily invited to parade after him over the edge.

  10. Putin changes generals as often as most people change underwear. Of course most people don’t toss their old underwear out fourth story windows or down the stairs several times.

  11. The Russian retaliation reminded me of Hitler’s attack on London using the v2 missiles during ww2. Instead of attacking military targets using the v2, Hitler choose civilian target instead. It’s interesting how history repeats itself.

    1. @PC Load Letter I think that it’s more the poodle’s army who got the backward motion… Poor barret, he must of forgot to take his medication.

    2. As horrific and barbaric as are the brutal Russian terrorist attacks on Ukrainian civilians
      I keep remembering that as horrible as the London Blitz was the fact that the Germans started the Blitz was an acknowledgement by them that they had lost the Battle of Britain
      and knew they could not successfully invade Britain.

      I think that in a similar way the Russian attacks on Ukrainian civilians as horrible as they may be are a recognition that the Russian military has lost to the Ukrainian military and thus
      that the Russians know that their invasion cannot succeed.

      A little trivia – the V2 rockets which the Germans fired at Britain about 80 years ago
      did at one point reach a speed of mach 5 which means that (according to Wikipedia)
      they were hypersonic missiles used in war 80 years ago.
      And yet the Germans still lost WW2 badly. Very badly.

      So the Russians can brag about their wonderful hypersonic missiles today
      but if having hypersonic missiles close to a century ago didn’t save
      Nazi Germany from losing a war then its certainly no guarantee of victory
      for Russia today when the Ukrainians today have much better technology than
      the victorious British had in the early 1940s.

      To be accurate Wikipedia is not exactly right in saying that travelling at mach 5
      are hypersonic because hypersonic missiles are also supposed to be
      maneuverable which I believe the V2 was not.
      Still, the point is still true that having fast missiles does not guarantee the Russians success on the battlefield and I bet they don’t have many hypersonic missiles anyway.

  12. Being told your going to be the new General of the Russian Military is akin to being told, β€œCongratulations, your the new Captain of this illustrious boat, the Titanic, fresh from its ice trials!”

    1. @Veritas justus Yeah hopefully, it’s been 8 months I’m already fucking bored now, I’d have already slung a couple of tomahawks at the Kremlin if they put me in charge, I guess that’s why they don’t hire me eh πŸ™‚

  13. I always find Col. Leighton’s analysis and delivery of the updates on Ukraine crystal clear and direct. Thank you, Sir.

    1. Good! So then you can explain what I failed to perceive despite three watchings consecutively, namely the matter stated in the headline which was the sole reason for watching this!

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