1. Imagine giving your life for a man who did not march with you when he promised he would.. We’re marching to the capitol and I’m going with you.. No way the Guy from Mag-A-Lardo is ever going to walk a mile. 😂

    1. “Imagine not marching through a riot when you’re POTUS. The Secret Service totally would have let him do it. Trump is just not as much of an Alpha Giga-Chad as I am, I guess…”

  2. This guy is calling indirectly people to go on street one more time when he will be indicted.
    This guy is a very dangerous man.
    No need to have a Ph in science politics to interpret what he is doing on that stage by talk about the January 06 insurrection

  3. How many Trump supporters does it take to screw in a Light bulb? None, Trump just say it’s screwed in, and they all stand in the dark and cheer.

  4. He is sliding ever further down on the sanity scale. More and more dangerous, especially as there are still people believing him.

    1. @Anson Arnold <------ TROLL ALERT!!! New Q account, Sept. 14, 2021 No Content Q TROLL account #6 in just 18 months!!! TROLL ALERT!!!

    2. Coming from people who still can’t stop talking about him even though they said they would never speak his name again. I guess it wasn’t good for business.

  5. He’s actually lost his mind. But that’s not the worst, the worst is his base is catching up with his craziness.

    1. @Conservative Juggalo Podcast my republican family would vote for anyone that doesn’t take classified documents..and starts riots

    1. IF someone likes the autocracy, he is the man. Whatever he said is the truth. But if we still enjoy the freedom and like the democratic system, we need all wake up and see the reality.

  6. this guy is criminally insane. I can see why his chief of staff had to literally go consult a book on insanity.

    1. For a liberal needing a biologist to see if you’re a man or woman, do you identify as a head shrink as well? Or just from your sessions some knowledge just rubbed off?

  7. Instead of mentioning how tragic that day was he talks about how big the crowd was. Wow dudes got issues. He does not care who gets hurt or who he hurts. Only cares about himself and what he gets.

    1. Orange Chicken…..you are spot on! He keeps hinting that he will run in 2024, but I think he’s doing this to get his followers to keep sending him donations for “his legal causes.” He loves money and has no problem taking it from his loyal supporters!

    2. Imagine burning cities down in the name of a career criminal and following a mantra that became a business and finding out it was all a scam from the beginning.

  8. To vote republican is to vote against DEMOCRACY AND THE RULE OF LAW!!!! VOTE BLUE TO SAVE YOUR FREEDOMS!!!!

  9. He invited
    He incited
    They rioted
    Then he denied it
    Even though he’d implied it
    Now he must be indicted

  10. Since he likes bragging about crowd sizes, maybe the media should start showing how SMALL his current crowd sizes are now. I hear the crowds are getting smaller and many will leave during his speeches. Or is the media scared of him also?

    1. @SNOOPY SNOOP <------ TROLL ALERT!!! New Q account, Dec. 6, 2021 No Content Q TROLL account #6 in just 18 months!!! TROLL ALERT!!!


  11. Imagine having a president and his inner circle is known as ‘The Crazies’. Kind of tells you all you need to know about him.

  12. This was a low key call to action. He keep doing calls for action primarily to get ready for a possible loss in midterms

  13. Trump 24 hrs a day on CNN. Trump the most popular man on earth. Love him or hate him people just can not get enough Trump.

  14. This guy is daring if anybody is going to stop him, he certainly has got bolder in his manifesto, there’s no more holding back.

  15. Imagine committing literal treason and advocating for a literal act of insurrection and bragging about it politically

  16. It’s amazing that he could say that the 01-06-2020 crowd was the best crowd he has had. when he caused it, and he even wanted to be there. and he wanted them to be able to take weapons into the insurrection. how anyone can agree with this is beyond me?

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