Rev. Barber: New Voting Laws Do Not Making Voting Easier | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Rev. Barber: New Voting Laws Do Not Making Voting Easier | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. It’s funny how hardcore capitalists now call foul. Capitalism means you do with your money as you see fit.

  2. Republikkkans say Colorado voting laws are more restrictive, if that’s true let’s make it law of the land. Make every State have mail-in ballots, and mail ballots to every voter like in Colorado. Make every State have extended voting periods like in Colorado. Make every State allow voter registration the same day as elections just like in Colorado.

    1. @Black Queen never happen. And I don’t live by the Libuturds motto. ( DO UNTO OTHERS, JUST DON’T DO ME)

    2. @Jim Yarbrough The same states voting laws was changed by the Dumocrats without RUNNING it thru Legislation like state voting laws are supposed to

    3. No Capitals on these Traitors names they don’t deserve any respect ,
      republ Klans, republ TARDS , takes more time but WORTH it! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

    1. They’re trying to cancel the Constitution because they can’t get over the fact that “all men are created equal”.

  3. I sure hope they come after Racist Republican representatives. Makes me sick. I live in GA how embarrassing we act like the 60’s never happened.

    1. I agree 100%. I’m in Georgia as well. Don’t understand why this is happening. If it were integrity they are concerned with they would be vocally supporting the investigation of Trump to obviously attempt to strongarm the secretary of state into lying for him.

    2. @David Eby Your unfounded opinion is not truth. It’s projection of the Republican party onto the Democratic party. Conservatism is the side of racism.

    3. @Mister Man Your inability to understand the most obvious is noted.Guess that’s why you helped put a vegetable in the WH.

    4. @David Eby So obvious you can’t even say what it is? That doesn’t sound very obvious to me. Sounds like a way to avoid answering questions. The carrot is out of the White House too.

  4. If the Republicans had the American people on their side,
    they wouldn’t be making it so hard for the American people to vote.

    1. Apparently the Republicans don’t think that policies are good enough for America to win a fair election

  5. It’s funny they whine about cancel culture when they have used it to punish everything from, coffee makers to soda.

  6. If you wanted to make voting easier, you would send every legally registered voter a mail-in ballot.
    Which is NOT what the Georgia law does.

  7. Under these new laws, even if the Democrats win an election,
    even if the Democrats win in an OVERWHELMING landslide,
    the Republicans now have the power to throw out the results,
    and give the election to the losing Republican candidate.

    1. Most aren’t even talking about this and it’s the most malicious move against democracy and the people’s vote

  8. As an old white guy from Georgia, this stuff has to stop. The GOP is trying to bring back what we had in the 1950s and 1960s. The worst thing in this new law in GA is how the state legislature can overrule the votes of the people/take over the local election boards. If this had been a widespread law in 2020, Trump most likely would have been able to steal the election. This is the road to tyranny/authoritarianism.

    1. Blacks and all other races, Democrats and Republicans will have equal access to vote. To equate the new voting law to Jim Crow is pathetic. Democrats have no shame. I expect to hear: This is a lynching of democracy. Why do Democrats think blacks are incapable of bringing a beverage and snack to the polls or obtain an ID or vote absentee? Hey black folks: Democrats think you’re childlike.

    2. @Walt Likker You think that’s how it would play if the legislature were in the hands of the Democrats? Seriously? Legislature saying they’ll overturn any result they dont like?

    3. @Willy Bones (Republican) “Legislature saying they’ll overturn any result they dont like?” Really man? Hahahahahaha. It’s no wonder you’re a Democrat.

  9. I don’t know about other states in Georgia the state legislature has given themselves the right to hijack our elections! These state legislatures threw other stuff into the new laws to distract from the truly upsetting laws. They have given themselves the right to disband election boards and appoint one person that they choose to the election board. There is no other way to look at this other than, we can show up and vote and they reserve the right to throw out our choice and put in their own. Please educate people about this. It’s not about ID, mail in voting, drop boxes, food and water. It’s the fact they can negate our election results and choose who they want!

    1. I agree. The focus on minutiae of water etc instead of the actual non democratic power grab is missing the point.

  10. That’s like a doctor saying, “we’ve got to re-break your wrist in order to re-set it correctly.” and you saying, “but doc, my wrist is fine – it was never broken to begin with.”

    1. @Tessmage Tessera That’s an idea, but they’ll just say it’s their race and their rules… round and round.

    2. @Wesley C. Nope, not quite. The thing to remember is the fact that the Republican party has withered down to being a mere 25% of the total electorate. They’re dying on the vine. Frankly, the media gives them far too much attention.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera I don’t think they’ve truly grasped the idea that all men are created equal.

  11. Great analysis from David Becker and Willain Barber. This segment on voting rights and identifying voting suppression should be shown in every elementary and high school in the country.

    1. @Seasidedouglas like that matters to what they are presenting. What are yours? See…not cool…..

  12. Kemp, you can put a pig in a nice dress and pearls… it’s still a pig. There’s no way to make that bill look good.

  13. Here’s an idea, don’t do things that cause you to be cancelled. you deserve what ya got.

  14. You have to stand on one foot, twirl backwards on a Wednesday before 3:00 pm on a full moon to make your vote count now!!!

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