1. @RobertWttbvet Hanauer It’s not. You know how I know?

      You’re telling me to find your evidence for you, instead of providing any.

    2. @Twelvecarpileup they are doing a full audit and the election fraud proof is coming, biden will be removed from office

    3. @RobertWttbvet Hanauer – “fraud proof is coming” – you need to stop listening to Fox, OAN, Newsmax and the like. You’re living in a dreamworld.

    4. Time to wake up now, are you one of the less fortunate hombres that donated to Trumps Money Bomb Stop the Steal campaign also ? a we all know. Donald “The Don” Trump love’s the poorly educated

  1. They’ll keep on doing crime until you physically stop them. Words? Laws? Litigation? All laughable, absolutely, indescribably laughable! So, my question is this, wtf are we following “the rules” for?

    1. Ya but the dems have the media backing them twisting everything to blame gop for all the crap they pull .They pulled the military backed coup in broad daylight. So not as easy as you might think.

  2. I think when your experiencing numbness in your legs and back pain and shortness of breath you’re not really a whiner.

    1. “Conservatives love their money, but they love OURS more.” Which is why they use all their money to steal all of ours.

  3. Well, with North Korea returning an American who soon dies, and the US government trying to completely sidestep the issue of a Resident Alien American being assassinated, I doubt Putin if feeling any sort of fear.

  4. It is heartbreaking to watch these terrorists get away, again, with torturing someone in plain sight with silent means.

  5. Thank you for keeping the world updated on Navalny, Rachel Maddow, here in the Pacific and in Australasia.

  6. “a marijuana entrepreneur and hand surgeon ….to be clear that’s one person that’s both those things.” I just love Rachel’s subtle sense of humor 😆😆😆

  7. If his cooperation is true let’s hope Greenberg doesn’t end up on the Epstein end of a rope…😱💀😱

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