Rising Coronavirus Cases Fuel Resurgence Fears‌ | MSNBC

The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest rise in coronavirus infection rates and how more conservatives are publicly urging Americans to get vaccinated.

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Rising Coronavirus Cases Fuel Resurgence Fears‌ | MSNBC


    1. How does me getting a vaccine affect you what so ever. The only ones being indecent are those pushing a non approved experiment on people that know better!

    1. @David I wonder do you speak Chinese… Japanese…Korean… or any oriental languages… you knock someone because of the miss use of an English word who’s 1st language is likely Manderin Chinese… I wonder would you do as well trying to type in that language??? Just wow …funny how some people think they are so intelligent when really you’re truly ignorant… but hey thanks for projecting who and what you are… looks to me like you have issues reading… his name is Ed Wi not Xi learn to read …. your racism is showing you ignorant cuss!!!

    2. @Sask Sun seekers My friend at university would write her mathematics lectures in Mandarin, she had the utmost respect from the rest of us. 😊🌸

  1. As may *always* be counted on it’s Flo-ri-duh. Delta and now the newer variant Lambda has been found in Texas.

    1. @Censorship Is real If we had more people vaccinated, we could enjoy opening up without the surge of COVID-19 cases spiking. Or doesn’t that matter to you as long as you can get drunk in a crowded bar?

    2. @David PCR testing has been used for diagnosing HIV infection for decades – Covid is a virus, and HIV is a virus use your head!! Stop spouting lies.

    3. @GoGreen1977 If the primary efficacy of vaccine is for reducing symptoms, the highly contagious Delta might spread just fine among vaccinated, it did on the Texas plane

    4. @GoGreen1977 Ya, cuz the vaccine does anything to protect you from COVID, according to the CDC’s own numbers most of the people that are hospitalized by from the delta variant have been vaccinated. That’s a fact and instead of letting the TV think for you go to there web site and look for yourself.

    5. I agree it has been misleading that the vaccine keeps us from getting Covid, but you have to admit that those who are vaccinated statistically don’t get a severe case or death, but the unvaccinated do. The bottom line is about not having a severe case rather than the intricacies of the details.

  2. Don’t forget those Florida numbers are undercounted. The corrupt governor is arresting those who oppose to undercount cases.

    1. @Wisconsin Man Not wasting my time with what I already know for a fact is a lie. The onus is on the accuser to prove their accusations.

    2. @Duramax Dad LMAO, why don’t the maker’s of beer and alcohol mention those side effects when advertising on T.V. or the radio? The only thing they say is DRINK RESPONSIBLY – not, if you drink this you might have the urge to take your clothes off and dance on a bar top leading to a fall causing broken bones and a subdural hematoma etc.,etc.

    3. @Duramax Dad Poppycock. They don’t advertise because they’re not yet selling it at market determind rates. . Once governments stop being the sole purchasers, you’ll see ads as they scramble for the “post-pandemic” booster’ market…

  3. A sure sign of a small mind is one who has to feel it to believe it. Incapable of learning from other’s mistakes, only their own. Smdh

    1. @mike briganti that was for original covid. The delta variant is more infectious, spreading faster and infecting more people, not just the old, with more serious outcomes requiring more hospitalizations and likely more death. We’ll see how much greater the fatality rate will be soon. Why all the ignorance and stupidity. Health experts have been updating new information on this virus weekly as the pandemic changes. If you’re one of those people who choose to remain ignorant, stupid and stubborn in the face of updated facts, then I guess whatever happens to you is just on you and folks that think like you. Try being smart, informed and aware for change and protect your own health and the health of others.

    2. @mike briganti wear a mask because if unvaccinated you can spread the virus asymptomatically and still wear a mask even if you are vaccinated because with the few breakthrough infections, you might have mild or no symptoms, asymptomatic and still spread the virus to others. The vaccine although not a 100% effective, offers greater protection against infection and serious illness than being unvaccinated. Even if you “recover” from covid and no longer require hospitalization, there is still chance of reinfection, long term covid, long term chronic fatigue, brain fog, permanent lung damage, nerve damage and damage to other organs. Or you might be that OLD 2-3% fatality figure and just die. Now we have the Delta variant which is essentially original covid 19 on steroids and we’ll be getting a whole new updated set of facts and figures. It remains to be seen what will be found, but the initial findings don’t look too good for unvaccinated people.

    3. @Conservative, Interrupted Trump was also a Democrat at the time that she said that. Trump himself said that if he ever ran for POTUS it would be as a Republican, because Republicans are stupid.

    4. @mike briganti remember your life your choice what if you upset somebody with immune deficiency and a kid on under 12 let your conscience be your guide

  4. I didn’t miss Joe at all.. I love when Mika is alone, I can finally listen to the news without having him screaming in my ears..

    1. It’s called Morning Joe for a reason and Mika is perfectly able to hold her own if she feels the need. Sometimes very intelligent people are a little on the autism spectrum, meaning they are less bothered about niceties and more focused on the message. This is what makes them gifted.

  5. Doctors offices are like super cuts these days. If you can see the same doctor twice in a row it would be nice. Joe needs to understand that these days no body keeps the same doctor for life.

  6. Seems like Florida’s cases can be linked to Ron Desantis rhetoric. By changing his stance does not negate his culpability.

    1. @Sam Harris There’s nothing “super nasty” about the vaccines used in the US. The one that had issues with blood clotting was the AstraZeneca used in much of the rest of the world, but not approved for use here. Even then the numbers of those effected pale in comparison the numbers of those vaccinated. The only other problems are with some folks having allergic reactions, but most of those are mitigated by the waiting period that’s required after receiving the injections. Doctors don’t recommend the vaccine to those with severe allergies, so those people know not to get them, but for everyone else they’re safe and effective.

      My 90 year old father who has a long history of high blood pressure, and heart disease (he’s had a quadruple bypass, several stents, and is on his second pacemaker) got the Pfizer vaccine with absolutely no side effects. My 80 year old mom, who is a recent cancer survivor, suffers from COPD, and gastrointestinal illness for the last 25 years, got the Pfizer vaccine with no issues. Every adult member of my extended family, including brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins have all been vaccinated, and not a single one had any issue other than being a little sore at the injection site.

      It’s idiots like you that post online about the vaccine being “super nasty” that are responsible for the resurgence of this outbreak, and should be held accountable.

    2. @Sam Harris That’s because it isn’t a vaccine either medically or legally. It contains no virus strain, there fore it isn’t a vaccine. It’s an experiment and you all are the test subjects!

    3. COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give instructions for our cells to make COVID-19 spike protein. The our immune system learns about these manufactured spike protein so that we are prepared when exposed to COVID-19.

  7. People are forgetting that the unvaccinated are OUR CHILDREN under the age of 12. I want to send my grandson back to school in the Fall. Come on ! Help us out!

    1. @Queen Abby Not when it is a public health issue. Freedom comes with responsibility and people who choose to believe the disinformation are simply selfish and weak. Any real struggle and they would be in their basements hiding. Do you wear a seat belt or wear clothes? Those are for the public health and safety and can be fined if do not do it. How is this different? George Washington quarantined people, its in the constitution.

    2. @TheQueenRulesAll who made it a public health issue we heard the same thing with wearing of the Masks now vaccines.i pray your children get to attend school when EVERYONE gets vaccinated

    3. @Queen Abby Pandemics are a public health issue, its not an opinion, its worldwide. Also if any parent depends solely on school for their child’s education, the kid is already lost. If I were concerned would find a way to home school. Why is Fox news now changing their tune? It was a game until now and they used all those people to make money and didn’t care if they died but do care if they have to pay out for it!!! If any of the misinformation and disinformation were true, those spouting it would keep spouting it regardless of being sued. But no, they all back down; why, because they know its all lies for ratings. Same with the election, Sydney Powells defense is why wpuld anyone believe what I said; sick and wrong but people believed her.

  8. Florida isn’t a surprise just look at the idiots in charge. But when you politicize the virus for a year getting those people to change their minds will be extremely difficult

    1. Read statistics first, my analysis is well over 60 percent of those 50 or older were fully vaccinated. Yes for ages 16-24 only 20 percent. Then when you look at risk of death for that age group or read vaers, etc..

    2. @Hard Rocker it’s not the border it’s awful leadership plus misinformation from right wing media about masks and vaccines

    3. @West Coast Yup it’s all the russians, right? Let me remind you the boy who cried wolf. When liberals say EVERYTHING is russian misinformation, then nothing is. Nobody believes anything the lying left says anymore. Except the sheep who believes Orange Man is and Putin are the same person

  9. us democracy : “we accept the lethal risk inherent to the freedom to profit from murderous lies… killer-crooks are welcome… democracy always prevails… until it dies” 🙂

  10. “Gee, what part of COVID-19 is dangerous and possible deadly, don’t you understand, YET!?”, I want to ask every anti-vaxxer. The South is once again, still, dragging the rest of the US down.

  11. Anti maskers and anti vaccine people are the exact same people complaining the loudest about Covid going on and on.

    Yet somehow they’re not self aware enough to understand that THEY are the reason. Why can’t these people add 1+1?

    1. Too ignorant. I will always remember my drive through the Florida Panhandle. Cashiers in diners who did not know how to make change for a simple transaction.

  12. I remember when only a handful of Amish-like people were against vaccinations. Their communities suffered local outbreaks. Now every outbreak is nationwide thanks to the influence of social media and an orange crook who created a new cult of ignorance and conspiracy theories.

  13. After say Oct 1, stop paying the medical cost for COVID treatment, let the unvaccinated pay for their medical costs or for a private insurance, that includes COVID treatments. Only pay for the real solution, the vaccination. That is true freedom with own responsibility. Freedom without any responsibility is for the sociopaths and other idiots as proven by the current number of unvaccinated.

    1. Narcissists are the real pandemic. If any of these people had to do anything try difficult for freedom they would collapse in fear. Sad and so weak.

  14. It’s hard for me to feel sorry for someone who didn’t care enough about others. As he were speaking against the vaccine, others were dying.

  15. It’s time for Facebook to be considered the new town square. This “it’s a private business “ talk is nonsense.

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