Robles: ‘The Government [Will] Succeed In Putting A Stop To’ Cuba Protests 1

Robles: ‘The Government [Will] Succeed In Putting A Stop To’ Cuba Protests


New York Times foreign correspondent Frances Robles discusses the ongoing protests in Cuba. 

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Robles: ‘The Government [Will] Succeed In Putting A Stop To’ Cuba Protests


    1. @Troy Collier Uh, of course they like America better than having no food on the shelves! It kills me that you guys can’t accept that America has a checkered past and present when it comes to equity. People in every nation have things they don’t like about their country. Why is it so hard to fathom that people aren’t always singing praises to this country? Just because people criticize America doesn’t mean that they don’t like America. Quit trying to mischaracterize people’s real grievances with this country by saying those that complain hate America! I’d venture to say that every one of the insurrectionists on January 6th truly hates this country. Why else would they try to overthrow our government by force? All for a twice impeached, 1 term lunatic who has the intellectual IQ of a gnat.

    2. @JD 4 pewpew Let me get your logic. You think that by wanting comprehensive gun laws to make sure guns aren’t put in the hands of dangerous people, that is on the same level of communism? First, no one is trying to take your guns away! Calm down Jethro. All we are asking is for some better background checks be put in place. Why is it that the barometer for whether you are free is your ability to own guns? Do you realize how utterly stupid that sounds to normal people? Yet you guys will vote for laws that restrict a woman’s right to choose and try to penalize people who do silent protests, yet that isn’t seem as taking someone’s freedom away. But any talk of gun reform and you guys are wrapping yourselves in the American flag and strapping on your guns as if you have to fight for your freedom! A bunch of clowns you people are. I take none of you right wing nuts seriously. You’re not serious people talking about serious issues. You’re brainwashed sycophants who are low information, gullible cultists.

    3. @Jane Collins sending money to Cuba will only go into the leaders pocket and not the people’s. It’s a money laundering scam.

    1. Why? I doubt he knows anyone with the intelligence and experience to help the people of Cuba.
      But he could go there with Trump and throw rolls of paper towels at them.

  1. I support the protesters is a weak statement, he needs to do something about it, sanctions or something, pathetic.

    1. @The Enlightened one; Then the “Cuban” people need to stand up and take action! The US is supposed to engage in an other pre-empted war? I think not!

    2. @The Enlightened one  its the cuban people that need to fight. Once the cuban government starts committing acts against humanity, then other nations can act

    3. @Guy North I agree, although you have all these people that know nothing of what is going on in Cuba criticizing us for doing nothing! You can’t have it both ways!

    4. @Marc Jacobs well they already killed a lot of people to stop these protests, what acts do you mean?

  2. The regimen said: everything is because USA, so more sanctions until regimen collapses. stop to send help its is a hight price but is neccesary for the future. 1 week in hungry to enjoy the freedom

    1. @Troy Collier Was she vying with the cop who shot her for his or her job? B & E after warning when her own comrades had already yelled, “Gun!” is a funny way of competing with a cop for his or her job.

    2. Like Ashley Babbit. They won’t even say the name of the gunman who killed her. The Biden regime certainly has no moral high ground and the whole world knows it.

    3. @Troy Collier I’m not a “sir”, and your response to “Dictators can murder opponents without consequences.” was “Ashli Babbitt is a perfect example”. So you are saying that Babbit was an opponent of the man or woman who shot her. Since the officer was not a dictator, but yet you consider her the officer’s “opponent”, was she vying for his or her job while breaking and entering after warning, even when one of her comrades yelled, “Gun!”?

    4. @MrSnicker14 Funny, Biden wasn’t in office on the day thug Babbit was shot as a consequence of her actions.

    1. @Sean Gelarden for anyone who loves America. We don’t want to turn America into another Argentina or Brazil.

    2. @C B In other words
      you mean people of color. You don’t have to deny it. I knew what you meant when you first said it. News Flash!!!!! The demographics of this nation changed when they brought 12 million slaves here to work for free. The demographics here changed when this nation opened its borders to get cheap labor. The demographics of this nation changed when the nation became a refuge for those from south east asia, Syria, etc. The demographics changed when universities recruited pre-med students from all India, China, Nigeria, Zambia, Phillipines, etc. The country is demographically majority people of color ( at least by 2030 estimate). So you see, the demographics. change is all of the country’s doing. You need not worry about the changing demographics being a “disaster” for this nation. You need to focus on changing your attitude about POC because we’re not going anywhere. This is our country too.

  3. Send Bernie Sanders over their. He loves Cuba. Standing in line for food is a good thing. Whenever you have some.

  4. RUH-roh…whenever I hear CNN, MSNBC, and NYT repeating the same narrative, I know that there is something sketchy going on. Wonder what the real truth is?

    1. Pretty rare for them not to being colluding to push the same narrative, often using the same phrases.

  5. Estas personas claman encontra del bloqueo del régimen norteaméricano y ahora el régimen norteaméricano utiliza sus mañas y sus medios propagandísticos para hacer sesgo político y derrocar al régimen cubano

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