Rocker Bryan Adams calls for coyote cull ban in Vancouver's Stanley Park 1

Rocker Bryan Adams calls for coyote cull ban in Vancouver’s Stanley Park


Opponents to a plan to curb coyote attacks in Vancouver's Stanley Park now include Canadian musician Bryan Adams.

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    1. He used to live in North Van and he never saw them there let alone Stanley Park. He used to go to school in Lynn Valley in the 70’s and there weren’t coyotes there back then.

  1. Hey Bryan, why don’t you pay to relocate them and do it today with or without financial support. Coyotes were never part of Stanley Park.

    1. Coyotes were never part of Stanley Park ???
      You’ve never been there 💲🥾👅R

  2. Thank you. As a Canadian you should have found it in your to stray and do the right thing regardless of what direction everyone else was going. If you are an animal lover and prepared to speak for them, why not stand up and speak my son? Was he not valuable enough? It was not just you that failed my son – it’s EVERYBODY.

    Thank you all the same.

  3. Hey Bryan, what about giving some support to a group Stop spraying BC, you know how many wild animals suffer because of Canfor spraying clear cuts (moose, bears, birds, etc.) . If you love animals that much come on , they need you!

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