1. I think DAVID is completely completely completely wrong. One problem I have with Democrats is they don’t punch back. I’m glad Obama did and I think David is overthinking this.

    1. Agreed. Remember 3rd grade bullies? These are of same mental schemes. Nicer suits but “a Suit does not a gentleman make.”

    2. I don’t think Biden can push anything anymore😂😂 dude legit can’t ride a bike or say 1 complete sentence without sounding like he’s reading to a bunch of 5th graders

  2. Apparently, you can ace a cognitive test just by naming things that are right in front of you. Person……woman…… man…….camera……TV.

    1. Or, in the case of Dementia Joe, “Crackhead Son” “Chinese Bribe Cash” “Record Player.”

    2. @September Burkhardt I’m sure if he ever ends up getting taken to the hospital because he tried to swallow a cheeseburger whole like trump and the doctors think his brain is mush the yeah they might make him take a test

  3. Yeah. But sometimes we don’t put out fists up for ourselves yet we will surely do it for our friends.
    And that is so immensely moving and touching to see that I Americans of any age. These are the things we encourage in our children.

  4. Ronny Jackson is my representative and did not get my vote. He was obviously pandering to acquire Trump’s endorsement. I think President Obama was right to scold Jackson, who behaved unprofessionally and had shown himself to be an opportunist. I hoped the rumors circulating about his behavior while physician in the WH were untrue. But, it would explain this glaring lack of professionalism. Why is it so many pander and degrade themselves for a man who would throw them to the side the second they are no longer of use?

    1. @Tom Derri The guy doesn’t act like a doctor, Obama is right. So unprofessional, was he a doctor to Biden, I know he was lying when it came to trump. To be fair both are old men, but it’s so laughable when he was pandering to trump by calling him an Adonis 😂

    1. @steven milstead none of that behavior is ok. That’s the point! It was a mistake to let such stuff slide before and now we have a huge mess and no actual (it seems) “check and balance” between the co-equal powers. Some are trying, but it’s an uphill road because we’ve all allowed so much disrespect for the rule of law and high personal ethics.

    2. @ACE I agree. Since it seems we are given those types of choices to choose from, much to my frustration and dismay, I’ll choose the diddler. Sigh.

    1. A bully – how old are you? Wait, never mind you’re a democrat – emotionally stunted always wearing your heart on your sleeve .

  5. Ronny Jackson embarrassed himself as being a fool. I cannot take and haven’t for years. Obama was trying to help him sort himself out.

  6. Obama did the right thing here, 100 percent 👏 I am sure there is alot he could say but he chooses to be quite

  7. An Admiral and a doctor. I can’t imagine he was in a position of respect and authority. Similarly Flynn.

    1. @Ryan Elliott of course he could. He is in better shape than #45, and that is despite his stutter—which has nothing to do with a cognitive issue.

    2. @Richards Family no you are being highly disrespectful of other posters here, and have nothing at all to enlighten anyone, as demonstrated by the demeaning and ridiculous comment including: “note of jealousy”

  8. A man with a prescription pad who’s proven he’ll say or do anything for attention….. I don’t see how that could ever go wrong

  9. It’s time to stop treating these people like they have any honor, decency or redeeming qualities. They don’t.

  10. The key point was ‘had’ friends, suggesting he lost that placement and respect by those who had once given him that. Speaking as a retired nurse and veteran, the doctor was completely out of line and deserved reminding of professional conduct befitting an officer, which he must do even though not active, as respects his military standing. Any patient discussions are on need to know basis only and there was absolutely no way to dignify that behavior.

  11. 😂 Don’t ever trust anyone who said along the line of “Trump is an Adonis who’ll live until 200.”

  12. Swerdlick’s logic is so far off-base, it makes me question his agenda. What ridiculous speculation. Obama was exactly correct with his email and Swerdlick is acting like a self-important dingdong.

  13. Nothing wrong with taking up for your friend. That’s what President Obama did! Good for President Biden to know that President Obama is a true friend.

    1. “…End of quote. Read the line again…” -Joe Biden
      Yeah, check our the big brain on Biden. 😆😆😆

  14. I discovered several years ago that President Obama is one of my very few, whopping 99 followers on Twitter. I have no idea what I tweeted that made him decide to follow a nobody like me, but I am deeply honored to still have him as a follower. I have always been cognizant of the fact that a person that I have immense respect for might someday read something else I wrote on Twitter. As tempting as it has been to flame and troll what I now force myself to euphemistically refer to as “Trump supporters,” I don’t want President Obama to ever change his mind about following me on Twitter should he ever find himself reading something I tweeted (doubtful, I know). That’s because President Obama is a kind, thoughtful, and civil gentleman, and he rightfully expects the same civility from others. That is exactly the polar opposite of what Ronny Jackson and other filthy, disgusting, deplorable [Trump supporters] are. I don’t know what happened to decency in this country, but those pieces of [Trump supporters] need to crawl back under the rock they came from.

    1. You can bet the bride he kicked out of her wedding reception so he can play golf, WON’T be one if his.

  15. Obama was 100% correct, that cheap tweet is way beneath the sleaze bottom line you would expect from someone in The Dr’s position. It also casts doubts on the efficacy of Trumps cognitive test. Did he ‘really’ ace it? 🤔😮😮😮

    1. I took that test. There’s no grade. All they want is to check your memory. You don’t even need to remember it in order as long as you give them all or most. Who’s the president, what year is it. That’s some of the questions they ask.

  16. There was NO miscalculation in standing up for those you consider a friend – the response was well-written and seemed to convey everything he wanted to say and there’s nothing wrong with that dude.

    1. Karen…. I mean Obama really sent that dude a angry mom email because he called out Biden’s old man blunders….Next you’re going to criticize the bike maker for him falling too Lmaoo

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