Roy Moore running again for US Senate seat in Alabama

Former Judge Roy Moore announced he'll run for the US Senate seat in Alabama again following his failed bid in 2017 after three women alleged he sexually abused them when they were teenagers decades ago. Moore has denied the allegations.
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  1. Thank you Roy Moore for GUARANTEEING that the Dems keep a seat in Alabama! Hope the Republicans there are dumb enough to vote for you in the primary again!

    1. @Aneglina Moretti fascism is the opposite of socialism, maybe you should go back to school and learn something about government structures.

    2. @Kiki jean keep your Kleenex near. We will be keeping the White House from you uneducated socialists.

    3. @Amber Doll Socialists are unarmed communists. Very little dif between communists and fascists. You’re an idiot.

    1. Sumguy who jerks it to Waifus
      Breaking news not being reported by the leftist liberal Democrat media fake news CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc.
      β€œA Syrian Muslim Refugee has been Arrested On Allegations Of Planning terrorist ISIS Attack On Pittsburgh Church.”

      Mustafa Mousab Alowemer was arrested on terrorism charges in relation to a plan to attack a BLACK church in Pittsburgh, according to the Justice Department….
      This is exactly why Trump wanted the Muslim ban. But Demtards still want to flood millions of terrorist Muslims in America…. Trump was right, criminal Democrats wrong as usual.

    2. @Sumguy who jerks it to Waifus CNN did report the terrorist story. It also revealed the BLACK (Anderson’s all caps not mine) congregants are refugees too. But these refugees being Christian makes that ok with Andy here. Us liberals here in Bama call Andersons Talibangelicals. Just as rabid. I love the prediction that any Trump backed R candidate will prevail. Guess Anderson believed POTUS when he claimed total victory for his picks in midterms and total losses without his endorsement. Of course fake news reported otherwise…..sheeesh. love Andy’s jump to terrorism when the topic was Alabama politics. And just why is his moniker Anderson Cooper if he hates CNN so much?

    3. @Anderson Cooper So you admit you have xenophobia? nice. While we are at it let’s kill all men since that would prevent most crimes as men commit most of them. You suck at arguing.

    1. @Doctor Jodie These past few years have been a vacation for me. Sure, some work had to be done to protest Nazis and the government snatching kids up and putting the, in “not” concentration camps etc.. But the rest of the time its just looking at the T.V and watching the Orange Buffon hurt the very people that voted for him or watching him pervert the Republican party in such a way that I thought was impossible… It’s actually very interesting to see a trainwreck happen in real time.

    2. @Mike Jones He doesn’t agree with you so you want someone to beat him upside the head. So you are a GODLESS evil devil owned and ran lying demoncrat. They love to push violence on people that don’t agree with them. Your father the devil is so proud of you. You and your father will soon be spending a lot of time together if you do not repent and turn from this evil and turn to JESUS and return to the FATHER and live or you can continue to push this evil and suffer and die.

    3. @Ralph Boyd Don’t you love it when a GODLESS evil devil owned and ran lying demoncrat is loosing an argument because they are liars with no facts turns to childlike insults like children do.

    4. @heavy chevy Says the Godless Russian pretending to be a religious lunatic supporting a Child Molesting Republican.

  2. You gotta give the guy credit for recognizing that (clearly) Republican voters care not a bit about morality, integrity or ethics.


    1. Comparing detention centers with concentration camps is outrageous, but calling abortion murder… totally legit πŸ˜‰

      Double standards are the best standards

    1. Jelly Belly Heavy chevy’s home is a troll farm overseas. The baby killing line is a dead giveaway these days.

    2. @Sumguy who jerks it to Waifus So allegedly means he did it. Is that what you’re saying. No matter how bad you want it to mean something it is not going to make it mean that. Someguy you raped 10 children. See what I’m saying. Anybody can say anything. Doesn’t mean it’s true. But you are a GODLESS demoncrat that loves to murder innocent babies and you don’t believe in due process for Republicans or anybody that doesn’t agree with you. I guess you have no problem with keith ellison or justin fairfax. You hypocrisy has no bounds.

    3. @Doctor JodieYou try to make lite of murdering innocent babies. But did you know that you are responsible for every single innocent baby that has been murdered since you have been voting these GODLESS demoncrats into power to do their evil. Their innocent blood is on your hands and is already calling out to GOD. You are responsible and will be held accountable.

    4. heavy chevy Tell your masters to get you a new script, yours is getting stale.
      Meanwhile quit fucking with my country and fix your own.

    5. @heavy chevy Listen to yourself! You sound like a fucking conspiracy theorist. You are literally making the “lol they banned him just cause lol” argument. Sorry that’s not how that works. When your community leaders and police had to come together to justify banning him, that means he did it. How about you bible thumpers actually start upholding your values? Roy’s creepy comments on the matter never helped either you fool.

    1. What annoys me is the whataboutism that instantly went to Joe Biden from this comment. Not a fan of Joe and hope someone else gets the nomination but that doesn’t magically get rid of what Roy Moore did.

  3. you don’t have to be a “PEDO” to be a member of the REPUGNANT member of Parliament but it really helps!

  4. Doug Jones is happier than R. Kelly at a Junior High Prom, after drinking a ton of water.

    1. I’m not sure if you were all in Alabama at the time but the Black vote, and in particular black women are what kept Roy Moore out of office. I voted against Roy Moore in his own city down the street from where he lives. If we dont see the same turn out this time, he could very well win. I wouldn’t say anything is set in stone.

    2. @Ashley Jones Then Black Women need to pull it out again, treating us like 2nd and 3rd class Citizens……We Ain’t Playing!!!

    3. Roy Moore will not win the primary, and Doug Jones won’t be a senator much longer. Trump will make sure of that.

    4. @Molon Labe Nazi’s don’t run in the democratic party. And learn english will ya? Damn Russian trolls..

  5. “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again…”
    The same strategy Moore used to sneak back into the mall to hit on schoolgirls.

    1. matthew campbell Even if Trump gets re-elected I predict the GOP is losing some seats. I guess you’re ignoring the midterms last year. Trump *would* be impeached with a Democrat-controlled House and Senate.

    1. @SamoaVsEverybody_814 β„’ 2.0 and no indictments for collusion with Russia. Nice try. People died in benghazi. Nice try.

    2. James Marshall : The sheer ARROGANCE of these Gravity Denying, sex pest, grifter ghouls, is just STAGGERING. I hope he gets butt-f**ked on National TV πŸ™‚

  6. Well lets here it for Roy Moore, thank you Roy for GUARANTEEING THAT THE DEMS WILL RETAIN THE SENATE SEAT.

    1. No proof libtard.
      Other then a forged year book. Written in 2 different colors of pen. From a woman who had a copy of his signature on her divorce papers..

    2. Imagine if you blinked and saw that the ancient buildings with deep details appeared vividly in front of you.
      Do you often feel the dislocation of time?
      γ€ŠFrom the “Wen Temple” to the “ZongMa Bridge”, walking on the edge of history and reality》

  7. Well, it’ll be good to have a secure seat in 2020.

    Edit: Wait, Trump said he can’t win…. crap.

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