1. The problem with hypersonic weapons is they’re also hyper expensive. It ultimately comes down to the question of what kind of targets justify the cost of these missiles.

    1. @Fa Greed
      Did I say you’re American?
      But you did say it’s “my” arms trade.
      Look who’s the clown now?

    2. @Fa Greed : I mean USA pree WW1 , and today India , Russia, Argentina , Brazil and yes before your kind got there Libya , Afghanistan

  2. CNN is now the weapons expert! They must know that the US was farting around with HS in the 70’s.
    WE didn’t perfect them because there is no need, I wonder is there still a need for us to perfect one.
    We were flying the S71 blackbird with a pilot in the 70’s it went to 90,000 ft @ hyper sonic. Our Intercontinental ballistic missiles do HS coming bac out of orbit & they hit inside a football stadium, oh the shock! In of themselves the HS’s are not nearly as accurate as a slower Stealth missile or bomber Plane that cannot be seen by radar anyway so why hypersonic? You can’t shoot down what you can’t see, they operate at night at low & slow, don’t even any fighter capabilities. We are experimenting with them but it’s better to put the money in laser weapons & stealth.
    HS are very, well Hyper excited, or temperamental when flying in lower altitudes.

  3. Neither country can stop USA from delivering multiple warheads to a target…and those warheads are currently supersonic ..

  4. That’s what the US/Pentagon wants y’all to think. Y’all should know better that the Pentagon don’t really talk about their advanced weapons. They don’t brag about them.

  5. What Russia and China refer to as hypersonic is just a 2 stage glide missile, similar to the retired NASA space shuttle which had a mach 7 speed during it’s reentry.

    1. Rail gun can’t shoot targets thousands of kms away with hypersonic speed. Thats totally different thing

  6. A big problem with US hypersonic programmes over the decades is the stop/start, stop/start, stop/start funding from the US Congress. Also why on Earth does it take so long to build new big hypersonic wind-tunnels?

    1. Because they already own us and we are working on anti matter warp drives right now. This is all a distraction

    2. The stop / start / cancellation of projects, would obviously have a flow on effect on the construction of the test facilities. The Russians and Chinese can build these things so quickly because they can and will divert funding from other needs. In the democratic world you have differing priorities from every administration, and also, The department defence issues a request, the various companies put together a bids, which are then sifted through, one or two maybe funded, then these companies will have to issue tenders for construction companies to build the facilities once the specifications have been drawn. Then of construction will begin after all this…

  7. What CNN won’t tell you is that ICBM’s(Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) have always been “hypersonic”. The difference with the new technology is that they can now steer in different directions. The ability to steer a ICBM makes them harder to shoot down.

    1. Afghans, Syrians, Iraqis, Libyans, Yugoslavians, Vietnamese …… couldn’t agree with you more!

    2. The main Jew Soros died, and from this the world became cleaner and happier, and there were also more traditional values

    3. Ok specialist then why Pentagon is so freaked out after Russia and China tested those weapons?

  8. Until they put a nuke warhead on that without it ripping in half mid flight, it is just an expensive way to beat air defense systems and blow up a singular target.

    1. When countries like Russia and China developed it, I donot think its super expensive. I am just surprised why super rich super power US cannot do it which has budget of billions and which developed super expensive F-35 fighter jets. Since when US started worrying about cost lol Grapes are sour I guess

    2. Hypersonic missile are meant to destroy radars and open a radar gap, so that ballistic missiles can do their job. You don’t need to destroy many radars to do that.

    3. But CHINA Will always fi d a way like how they building windtunnels every 6months while US takes 5-10 years to build one😂😅 by then CHINA has a more advanced missile than a hypersonic one while US still tryna build one hypersonic 😂🤣🤣😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    4. @mexes rexes I just think hypersonic missiles can be used for many purposes. It’s main purpose is to penetrate anytype of air defense that includes air defense of an aircraft carrier. It’s just a matter of time when we will see the example.

  9. Russia just used a Ballistic Missile as a Hypersonic weapon. China is using Glide Vehicles. The US is speaking Scramjets.

  10. They do not have “hypersonic” missiles. They have missiles that can go hypersonic, and so do we. If we are talking true hypersonic missile research, we are way fucking ahead of them.

    1. Calm down mate, put your recliner up. It’s not the end of the world being behind in some departments.

  11. Does anyone here remember the X15, a hypersonic (mach 6.7) manned plane that flew in 1967. We have had hypersonic missile and plane data decades before anyone. The Stealth fighter was flying over a decade before the war in the mid east revealed the existence of the plane. I remember of 10 years ago a DARPA talk about testing hypersonic missiles and that is what they revealed to the public. If you think we don’t have them because we aren’t talking about having them you have never paid attention to Cold War and beyond military history.

    1. The sr72 can do Mach 9. And that’s what the military is reporting…. you don’t think we have missiles that go faster than our planes? Get outta here

  12. Even if that is so, our developing laser defense systems will make these obsolete pretty quick…

  13. The us already had a hypersonic plane sr71 60 years ago. What the us military doesn’t want you to know

  14. this is a misconception that also got me, the hypersonic weapon that china and russia currently have are boost glide missile. It is a tech that we have mastered in the last decade, it’s just US didn’t place a warhead on it. And the Hypersonic missile the we have is a hypersonic Scramjet engine, the most advance of it’s type

    1. Exactly. The others are achieving hypersonic speeds by just going into orbit and coming back down using gravity. The holy grail of hypersonic weapons is the hypersonic cruise missile powered by a scramjet. The US is far ahead here. My British grandpa actually was one of the head guys on americas scramjet project in the 80’s at NASA Ames research centre at MCAS Moffet Field

    2. ok whats stopping US from loading warhead on those and avoid constant humiliation in international media when its being compared to Russia and China ?

  15. I’m always wondering, how valid the argument on the maneuverability of hypersonic missiles really is. Basic physics as momentum conservation should extremely limit how much you can change the trajectory.

    1. Imagine how hard it is to hit an object traveling 5 miles a second… a 1° turn can be a 1,000 foot difference

  16. Lol she said it herself each facility could take five to ten years to build , but we already have one? I thought we just got involved in hypersonics ? 😂

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