1. Anyone else sick of Putins “stark warnings”? My gawd – someone needs to take that guy out already. This is just foolish.

  2. Well this is clearly shows that the Russian psychopath is a sore loser it doesn’t go the way how he wanted so he’s dropping the threats now🤔

  3. USA must continue supplyingUkraine weapons to give them a chance of surviving this war and driving Russia back. Even if possible take the war to Russia and cause damage to their facilities in their own country. They must feel the impact of war. You can’t destroy someone’s land and expect yours to be left intact.

  4. It’s like a crazy neighbor who invades your home and wants to take over your house but you are not allowed to defend your family. When your neighbors try to step in to help, he claims you and the neighbors are committing a crime because in his delusional way he thinks it’s his right to take over your home. What wonderful world we live in.

    1. Certain dog breeds are in fact illegal in many places. You can’t always say it’s my land, I can do whatever I want.

  5. Do we really care when every thug of the world issue a warning? Especially with the ships sinking…

    1. I don’t particularly care.
      As little as I respect Joe Biden, didn’t Biden try calling Putin toward the beginning of all this and Putin wouldn’t take the call?
      How’s it feel, Vladolph?

    1. It’s coming to that.
      I’m sure every NATO base in Europe has been on high alert with constant training drills. All the heavy equipment has already been moved as far forward as possible. All the really fun toys are right there ready to launch on a moment’s notice.
      The Russian troops have already been worn down a bunch and their morale is in the toilet. I’m thinking a few days of NATO attacks and they’re just gone.
      Not evacuated. Not in retreat. Gone. Blown up. Destroyed.


  6. The West should reply to Putin “We will stop supply Ukraine when all Russian military pull out of Ukraine”

    1. @The Fit Felah Russia definitely needs to give back Donbas and Crimea when this is all over.

  7. Putin again, this time telling the west that the weapons shipments are stopping him from taking Ukraine. Thanks Putin, we were actually sort of wondering how that was going, thanks for the update… [rolls eyes]

  8. Well Putin should have realized that before he invaded Ukraine. He knew the US have been military aiding Ukraine for years.

  9. Putin doesn’t seem to understand that “special military operations” also means “special military response”

  10. The U.S. should respond by saying because of that diplomatic note we’re going to triple our shipments.

    1. That is the problem in the first place. Yes send them the weapons , send a lot of them. But dont publicly crow about it. Don’t intentionally push them into a corner. The guy may be insane, dont push him to do something stupid if you dont need to.

  11. Dear Putin: “BLOW ME!”

    NATO needs to double whatever it has sent to Ukraine, including special forces “advisors,” private military contractors, and volunteer militia. Also, it needs to add fighter aircraft, artillery, and tanks. Anything Ukraine needs, it should get.

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