Russian And Russia-Based Hacks Invite Response From Biden

Nicole Perlroth, cybersecurity reporter for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about ongoing ransomware attacks by Russia-based hackers, REvil, and new reports of Russian government hackers breaching the computer systems of the RNC, all of which test President Biden's warning of a response if such attacks did not stop.
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  1. I’ve been saying for the past 6 years that Russia hacked Republicans at the same time they hacked the DNC and used whatever they found to blackmail the entire Republican party. That would explain the Russian-friendly actions and attitudes from Republicans throughout Trump’s presidency. Basically Putin has been the real president of the USA throughout Trump’s presidency.

    1. @Jorge Flores It was all over the news, except on FOX in 2017 and 2018. Look up Maria Butina and stories surrounding her.

    2. Just looking at the republican actions these last four years or so, it appears very unlikely that the republicans were forced to do anything. They have been preventing any measures against Putin and covering up for him for so long, it is obvious that it wasn’t blackmail but cooperation.

    3. @Aranyani Green – We’ll never know for certain, but in my opinion it’s a combination of the two. I think Putin blackmailed the entire Republican party, and they they enjoyed the direction it was going so they stuck with it and expended Putin’s interests all on their own.

    4. @Barry McCaulkiner Actually, we do NOT listen to ourselves. We listen to the news. To facts, local and international. Those who listen to themselves, hate what they see, change the facts into lies to suit their narrative and add a few alien conspiracies here and there to spice up the soup, well – it is NOT us.
      The entire PLANET wrote endlessly about Trump’s continuous, mysterious and public obedience to Putin, we all saw it on live tv, yet you guys simply decided to erase Trump’s name, insert Biden’s in the same place and are now here trying to sell us stale, upside down stories? Seriously? Did you get these news from a grizzly in Montana or from the Maricopa ninjas?

    5. Ugh, yes. Petrov and Bashirov also opened the gates of your military base in Afghanistan, which you pathetically left.

  2. The Russians probably have the password to everything Republican….because they are actually members of the party….so I don’t think this is hacking.

    1. So the nations energy supply, manufacturing, and food production falls under “everything Republican”? What are you Democrats contributing?

    2. @Super Scary Russian Bot They are trying to hurt your economy so that the uneducated will blame the current US administration.

    3. and to be fair the gop all are required to set their passwords as “trump” so not exactly secure

    4. @ih302, if that were the case, shouldn’t Biden respond to the attacks in a way other than giving into their every demand?

    1. @Michael Liles unfortunately your right. Its 90% gullible idiots that think they’re special.

  3. The test is over. No more calling Putin. Let’s shut down one of his pipelines and see how fast he calls us.

    1. Sorry, we only shut American pipelines and otherwise harm American, not Russia. That’s how Biden rolls.

    2. @G MinK Yes always an excuse, maybe Biden is just as weak and ineffective as Trump when it comes to Russia.

    3. @Thyalwaysseek I think Trump was strong and effective FOR Russia. There are numerous examples of his support. Biden has no reason to apologize for or do the bidding of Putin. Maybe Russia has already won and we just don’t know it yet. But yeah, Biden is older than dirt. He should make the cardigan his signature wardrobe piece.

    4. @Barry McCaulkiner I think you meant a Canadian pipeline, that would not benefit the US but keep drinking the Q-Aid!

  4. Rule number 1..Whatever the Repugnants say others are doing, they are doing themselves and deflecting. Just wait a few days till it comes out the Repugnants are hacking Dems…

  5. Is the attack on the RNC meant as a message to republicans to ensure they keep dividing the USA?
    If you don’t comply we can go after your sponsors or we can make internal republican discussions public.

    1. T•H•A•N•K•S•••F•O•R•••T•H•E•••C•O•M•M•E•N•T•••

    2. Usually the donors are laundering money from Russia. It would be so nice if it all gets exposed.

    3. @Margaret Cassidy T•H•A•N•K•S•••F•O•R•••T•H•E•••C•O•M•M•E•N•T•••

  6. So now Putin has all the ballot data from the Arizona fraudit, because we all know they didn’t keep that information secure nor can anyone trust they wouldn’t make it available to Putin anyhow. Congratulations, Arizona.

  7. That would be too convenient of a lie too. Did the cyber ninjas got the encrypted data stream far enough to find real address? An investigation should be made from the roots.

    1. The Maricopa Election Committee continues to deny access to the routers and other electronic assets, so I doubt the Cyberninjas have been able to do much tracing.

  8. Allowed themselves to be “hacked”. Plausible deniability. MAGA is an active measures campaign.
    Remember when Sergey Lavrov “hacked” the White House?

  9. The Russians didn’t “attack” the republikkkan regime, they are trying to HELP them take control of America.

  10. its weird to talk about this stuff cuz honestly at this point any retaliation the US is doing is completely covert and we are not going to hear about what is going on behind the scenes, this isnt necessarily a visible kind of war

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