Wisconsin Republicans Join Investigation Frenzy To Undercut Trump Election Loss 1

Wisconsin Republicans Join Investigation Frenzy To Undercut Trump Election Loss

Rachel Maddow reports on a new effort by Wisconsin Republicans to "investigate" the 2020 election with an eye toward denying Donald Trump's loss and undermining faith in democracy in the United States. 
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    1. @HTSGOSU you’re telling me. I join the service shortly after 9/11. There were no WOMD.

    2. Yes, and don’t think our enemies aren’t noticing. Putin is sitting at home with a wide grin and no pants, thinking… oh, I can’t do it. You people are nuts

    3. @Michael Liles you can blame no one but yourselfs this situation your country is in has been on the cards since the tea party first appeared

    1. Because it’s republicans. No matter how corrupt they get, it’s a good ol’ boys club and they will find themselves not guilty every single time.

    2. @Æonatia How is it corrupt to look for election fraud? Seems like the opposite of corruption.

    3. @Eric Staples When you’ve lost 60 cases in court, when you couldn’t find a single ilegal vote in 9 months…when your lawyer lost his license because he was lying in court…when your other lawyers are sued by $1.3B, when Republican legislatures said there was no fraud, when the FBI said there was no fraud, when even your AG said that it was BS and FOX-NEWSMAX-OAN can’t even say DOMINION on air…and when you SURE know that every vote has a paper tally…

      Then you MUST know that this is not a “to look for election fraud”…THIS IS A BLATANT INSURRECTION BORIS!

    1. @FrisbeeDog and u think the recent gun violence was done by the undocumented? I dont think so.

    2. @FrisbeeDog voter suppression bills were passed, so I think we will have a Republican president in 2024, so dont u worry.

    3. @Jung-Hsien Chen if that’s all you have to say back to every fact I just laid out for you and this thread, then you’ve gotta be some sort of joker because no one can, in the name of good intelligence, take you seriously like this. Stop fighting the facts.

    4. @FrisbeeDog there are pros and cons for each party. U think Trumplicans are all perfect? Can u present one piece of physical evidence for the claim of extensive election fraud? It is a shame to discredit the democratic election system without any physical evidence.

    1. @rcdrigerv Unlike voter fraud, Russian collusion has been proven; but you all seem to live deep in the land of denial.

    2. @Gary Prather cheated how? Please provide actual proof and evidence. Oh right you can’t because they didn’t. Last major gerrymandering was mostly GOP and still in effect. Most cases of voter fraud found were “ idiots for Trump” that thought they could vote twice or for a dead relative and not have it get flagged and caught. The schemes, plots, and methods claimed to have been used to cheat are all ones there are safeguards and simple checks/protections against. The fact the “idiots for Trump” do not know enough about how elections actually work or how the post election canvass and certification is done is why they buy the loser’s lies that it was stolen.

    1. Still going, but they seem to be dwindling. I like to think that it’s because they realize this has been months of their lives wasted that they’re never getting back, but then I remember it’s the same crew that won’t put on mask or get vaccinated so we can get away from the pandemic. They apparently love wasting time and money.

    2. There’s a ceremonial chicken beheading next week followed by a casting of the bones before the final outcome is announced.

    3. My guess: Some of them are actually READING the editorials in The Arizona Republic and beginning to clue in that NOT all Arizonans are behind them. It’s all about the votes, folks.

  1. This is going to be the new norm for Republicans long after Trump is gone. They will pull this crap at every election probably for the next 20 years.

    1. It can always work both ways. Perhaps it’s time to investigate the states in which Republicans won. I’d love to know how turtle won with an 18% approval rating… and Miss Lindsey too.

  2. These levels of cope have never been witnessed in human history

    Imagine knowing Trump is a liar and still wasting money on finding this ghost that is “election fraud”.

    1. @The 82s The most that can be said is that the person who made the claim failed to meet his burden of proof and so he has not backed up his claim. Whether his claim is true or not is another story.

    2. To quote Democrats for four years: “If you have nothing to hide, why are you whining?”
      Democrats are fighting EVERY effort to investigate fraud or prevent it.

    3. @DancesWithBears Lol ok Spock.
      So many allegations defeated and rejected in a court of law, wherein claims of fraud were disavowed by those who brought the cases forward. Why?
      They wouldn’t lie in court. No evidence of fraud. No proof of fraud.
      All allegations debunked and proven False. Others to bizarre to be considered believable.
      I believe in the American Justice and Court system. They legally challenged and litigated all manner of claims. No claims or facts of massive fraud were presented. None.
      People who refuse to accept that there was no massive, large scale, or even small scale fraud will never accept that these claims were false.

    4. @Johnnyerm That is irrelevant to your argument from ignorance fallacy. Not providing evidence does not prove a claim false. It means the burden of proof has not been met. The claim could still be true.

  3. in all of my wildest dreams about how much havoc could be wrought upon our culture, i never dreamed that the truth could be subverted, weaponized, and attacked to this degree. it is devastating that so many people are worse than you thought possible, and dumber than you could imagine.

    1. This audit literally does nothing but support the integrity of the election in maricopa county or it reveals errors in how the elections are counted. Refusing an audit just makes you look guilty

  4. Why not Dems do the same in those states TD won? I have a
    strong feelings that there are
    a lot of voting frauds to be seen.

  5. Hey ma the circus is coming to town. No animal acts, trapeze artists or bare back riders … just clowns.

    1. @Robert Arthurs, if one is so delusional as to consider the Trump administration as normal then the entire world is a freak show.

  6. Wisconsin is going to have to go hard to ‘out weird’ the Arizona (so-called) audit, but given the individuals overseeing this one, any result would be subject to intense scrutiny.

  7. Since we’re investigating certified elections, can we take another look at the 2000 election? That one still doesn’t sit well with me.

    1. Exactly all I remember is Hillary was winning for the big margin and suddenly she lost so what did happen

    2. And who is the biggest collector of the videos and audios of Jeffrey Epstein’s parties? I think that has a lot to do with the last two elections… don’t you think?

    3. @EL300B So, Gore, who was already talking about climate change, was going to drop a nuke on someone? Is that what you’re saying?

  8. PA has just activated a forensic audit, also. Hearing this dudes high pitch squealing is music.The attempts to discredit every State is just pathetic.

  9. Those people should be arrested for interference in a Presidential Election. FullStop. What’s happening now with the ballots is criminal!

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