Willingness To Overturn Elections Is New Normal Standard For GOP Candidates 1

Willingness To Overturn Elections Is New Normal Standard For GOP Candidates


Rachel Maddow looks at the example of Senator James Lankford, who Oklahoma Republicans feel has not shown proper deference to Donald Trump's lies about the 2020 election, as well as other reporting that suggests that the most unifying issue in Republican politics is a willingness to overturn elections when the outcome doesn't favor Republicans.  
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  1. But if Trump was to run and win in 2024, then, as if by magic, the voting machines would all of a sudden have been working just fine. Pathetic.

    1. @peremptory expression nah, as much as he deserves it and absolutely should be arrested and charged, he won’t spend a day behind bars. That’s not how America works.

    1. You ever find it odd that every comment like yours that acknowledges the discord within the GOP is hit with multiple replies vehemently trying to prove that is not the case? I did not know there were so many conservatives watching MSNBC clips on YT, it’s crazy!

    2. @Sel Ect first I’m not saying the gop doesn’t have problems I’m trying to point out that both parties are eating themselves alive. Also yes conservatives tend to get their news from multiple sources. I watch msnbc and cnn even though I think they’re a joke because I can’t have a productive conversation if I don’t know the other point of view

    1. Take a look at the vermin who’re replacing longtime elected officials. It’s not term limits that are the problem, it’s us. We elect these halfwits because we’re not discriminating voters. Candidates running for public office know how to exploit our most base instincts and we fall for it every time. We make it so easy for them. We’re the problem.

    2. That includes Congress and the Supreme Court justices who should not be allowed to gain excessive power, for example: Moscow Mitch or Supreme Court justices that have been appointed illegally by a corrupt president.

    3. Mitch McConnell shouldn’t have as much power as he does. He has more power than the president. Think about that.

  2. Is Oklahoma really that gullible? I have a light-rail system I’d like to sell them if so.

  3. “It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition, and a psychological understanding of the people concerned, that a square is in fact a circle.”
    — Joseph Goebbels

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

    On January 6, the world witnessed the truth in Voltaire’s words on Capitol Hill.

    1. “A deadly square in Washington DC is nothing but a harmless circle in cities like Portland.”
      –David J

  4. Please everyone let’s just get out and vote in every election. There’s no more room for error. It will take all of us

    1. @Brett Orlob that’s what you call “authoritarianism”. You are not serious. Yes those are bad policies but they are a far cry from being authoritarian. Excoriate him for having bad ideas. Sure but your fake outrage at this hyperbole makes you look unintelligent in the very least.

    2. @Anon Nympho Dude I’m sorry to hear about your lack of literacy.


      noun: authoritarianism

      the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.

    3. @Brett Orlob lololololololol, now you want definitions. Priceless. Take a hike trumpie, the ship has sailed.

  5. Never again can America accuse other countries of being undemocratic. This is blatant theft.

    1. @JoshTyrReece I suspect there will be more. The point is the Republican party is going to fracture because not everyone is an extremist, conspiracy theorist, Trump follower, or is willing to lie about the election outcome. Also, the party is in the process of being hijacked by Proud Boys. I’d expect a mass exodus when they succeed.

  6. I hope you liberals/democrats finally see how worthwhile it is to vote. You have the majority opinion among the citizens but have ceded control over to a minority. Dammit people no matter how hard it becomes. Bloody vote!!

    1. Will you just please wake up, America??? The Confederates have declared WAR on your Democracy! You’re sitting on your hands, while they rob you of your votes. Lock them up! BEFORE people die again!

    2. What’s next? Repeal the voting rights of 18 year olds? Or at a certain age, too old to vote? Light skinned black, native American? Hispanic? Color code everyone? Blue eyes, blond hair, step right up. Everyone else need not apply.

    3. @Lynda Koers they’ll never do that. It’s too subtle. Unfortunately most people are expecting that so they miss the small things that actually do happen. Repeal the 18 year old’s right to vote? Easy! You cannot use a university id to vote and you have to vote in your home district even if your school term is on. Prevent native americans to vote? Sure! Require a mailing address that many who live on reserve land may not have. Light skinned hispanics? Sure! Many have undocumented family members so in order to safeguard them, they will stay home and not register to vote. All it takes is for ICE to step up its raids. Everything you suggested, while it sounds like an exaggeration, is already being done in some degree. Except they will never outright say it since, you know, they are “patriots who live by the constitution” (gag!)

    1. Democracy is over because Mitch McConnell and his cronies understand that the demographics of this country have completely changed. He understands that unless Republicans change election laws to allow them to overturn any election they don’t like, there is no longer a way for them to win. Every generation has gotten consistency more liberal. Most Republicans in Washington know very well there was no election fraud, certainly not enough to have even put a dent in the outcome. They continue to perpetuate this lie because it will keep their gun and ammo hoarding base enraged. They are deliberately pushing their base to the brink, and at what point does their base become so enraged that they start turning on strangers, friends, neighbors and relatives that don’t agree with their beliefs? I believe that this extremist fringe element of the Right would like to turn our country into the Handmaid’s Tale. It would be wise to fear these extremists because it is only a matter of time until they cross the line and there will be no going back!

    1. “It’s an policing issue”. Oh my, defund the police, defund the police. But all police are Systemic Racists. Democrats should not call the police.

    2. @Romance with the Past oh those are different parts of police obviously. Not the police that is running around shooting black people to make rich white folks feel protected. 😊 The ones in power need to be held accountable by the real police not the coppers running around doing nothing, except being racist bricks.

  7. NYC has 13 million people and is heavily blue, plus two urban counties Upstate. The entire rest of the state, 46 counties and 6 million people, are heavily red. I’m seriously considering changing my registration from Democrat (since 1976) to Republican, just so I can vote against the craziest Republicans in the primary.

  8. IF they have power to overturn elections , why bother having them?
    Dems need to get rid of fillibusternnow so they can stop this NOW

    1. Because overturning elections depends on the majority. That’s a norm. Doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

  9. Just as the world came together to defeat Hitler they will come together to defeat Trump. Trump and Hitler are one and the same, he will be stopped.

  10. Maybe they are brainwashed and don’t know it. maybe they trust everything their favorite news station tells them and do not search for the truth. That’s nice.

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