1. trust takes time to build, whereas fear gets an immediate response, this is why propaganda and facebook are so effective, they strive for the immediate fear-based response.

    1. @Flower Power that’s really gonna stop people from opening new accounts. I guess you don’t like free speech.

  2. Ummm… Estonia is not Russia’s eastern neighbour. It’s at the other end. Also, there are a lot of Russian speakers in former parts of the Soviet Union, because during the Soviet era, particularly Stalin’s, people were forcibly moved out of those countries and replaced with Russians.

    1. @Burfield Photo Online interactions are so fucked now, aren’t they? Hope you have a lovely day, man.

    2. @fontfroide1 this was a different time, putin has already given recognition to the tatars and given land and financial aid to them.

  3. Propaganda works coz many people WANT to believe it. Kind of dependent to get superpower feeling, like in USSR times. Understandable, but the amount of hate towards Ukraine and Ukrainians its terrible. Check also russian speaking FB groups around EU, so much propaganda supporters. Its real weapon, we should take it seriously.

    1. @HELP UKRAINE let me know what I can do. You and your fellow Ukrainians have reminded the world what courage is all about. Slava Ukraine!

  4. As I repeatedly say, NATO has not moved east, it is the East that has moved west.

    Questions for the Russian people and for all those who support Putin/Russia. (People from the Middle East and Africa).

    If Russia is a “good guy” and the West are bad guys, then why do the Eastern countries (former states/countries of the Soviet Union) want to be part of NATO?

    1. @Mohsen ? stop your lies. The Afghans wanted foreign military in their land until the day everybody left. Even then they begged everybody to come back. Don’t twist up things

    2. And I have a few questions. Ukrainians, are you better off since you elected Zelenskyy? If you had elected any other candidate would you be at war with Russia?

    3. @Vaeliecks I’m sure after a decade you will say: “Ukranians begged for our weapons, We didn’t want to arm them. We didn’t want them to join the NATO or fight Russia”. You are right though, you are not Victoria Nuland, you are just the part of the consent. Smh

  5. Both sides are correct about the cause of the ship sinking. The Russians just won’t admit to how the fire started.

    1. Probably better for Ukrainian civilians if Russsians believe it was a mistake. Russian outlets that acknowledge the sinking sounded very angry and war-criminal-y.

  6. Fighting for freedom of speech is fighting against the one’s who bend it .in other words using the freedom of speech with people who do not allows it is somewhere wrong

  7. Sometimes telling a lie is more comforting then hearing the truth but the truth is always right there and it will have its Day of Reckoning🤔

  8. People forget the Baltics were the first to break off from the Soviets, and they are EU. Just because people speak Russian, doesn’t mean they are loyal to Russia, any more than Irish people are loyal to England.

    1. @Anne B. No, you got it wrong. The Russians that ‘willingly live in Estonia’ were ‘traded’ with the Estonians that were forcingly ‘immigrated’ in Russia’s middle of nowhere. You should ask people from countries occupied by Russia how things were done. Ask Germans, ask Checzs, Slovenias, Slovakians, Moldovans, etc. Russians transferred invaded countries’ population to die somewhere else in poor regions of Russia and brought instead Russians. Then enforced Russian as official language, and voila! that territory was Russian from Adam. It’s a totally different thing from what happened in Ireland and England. You don’t have the slightest idea of attrocities that Russians did to others in centuries. You have a chance to see now.

    2. @Omar Torrez You shouldn’t be so disdainful of Americans. You forget that America is a multipot. People from all countries in the world came and settled in US. From outside, Americans might seem simplistic. But don’t mess with them. You’ll find out they are pretty sophisticated inside.

    3. All 3 Baltic states of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia have working democracies and are full members of NATO.

    1. CNN. What do you expect. I came here only to see the comments and have a laugh. It’s the dumb side of America.

    2. ​@fabribeijing I generally agree, but the rest of the video was actually pretty interesting, it was just a rough start.

  9. It is unbelievable to see the intelligence of most Russian people. I was working there in Moscow for the last 6 years and I thought the nice people I worked with are all sensible and quite intelligent, but boy was I wrong. Since the invasion started I have lost more than half of my Russian students due to disagreements about what is REALLY happening in Ukraine. It is unbelievable how many of them firmly believe everything Putin is telling them. It was the same all over the world with the pandemic….even if you show the hard proof and evidence from scientific testing….people still refuses to believe other than they want to.

    1. @Sawm tluanga American news has its own issues, but they’re not lying about the Russian invasion into ukraine. Ukraine is not a nazi-filled nation. The president is a jew. So swami thing, where do you get your news

    2. Considering their history the almost complete lack of scepticism about state-owned media is sad and shocking.

  10. Back in the 1980s people in Tallinn would watch Finnish TV in order to have a window to the world

  11. What’s more embarrassing – 1) Their flagship was hit by a missile from a country which has no operational navy or 2) they are so incompetent they allowed their flagship to spontaneously catch fire ?

    1. @dj kommode No, they’re not. But you also can’t hit what you can’t see, and on the land, there’s plenty of places for a missile launcher to hide. Ordinarily, you’d have a spotter aircraft nearer to the target to give your shipboard weapons ranging information, but that obviously isn’t going to work in bad weather (when the ship got hit). And further, in rough seas, when the ship is rolling side to side, the search radar isn’t going to be as effective at picking up targets close to the horizon, like a surface skimming missile. The Ukrainians waited for just the right time to strike, and it paid off big.

    2. @North Korea Is Best Korea ok, they will transfer the flag to another ship. One ship does not change the war.

    3. @JemHadar422 That is $750m worth of ship sitting at the bottom of the Black Sea, with a couple of nukes in board. Putin was furious when he heard it was hit and taken out by Ukraine.

    4. He who laughs last laughs best….was is not won by 2 months…dont forget u.s won all battles in Afghanistan but lost the war …never underestimate Russia.

  12. Yes please fact check yourself before reporting. This is history in the making. Please be accurate or at least qualify your reporting by stating it hasn’t been verified. There’s just too much hearsay being passed along as factual.

    1. That was not “Estonian speaking in Russian”, that was Russian living in Estonia, we got sent thousands of them during Soviet Occupation. Soviets were planning ethnically replace indigenous people.

    1. @Jon J but its still applicable in Russia today ..how u.s manipulates info ..seem Malcolm was very smart & way ahead of his time

  13. It’s hard for Estonians to open the eyes of older Russians living in that country. Indoctrinated people simply reject any truth, even if seeing it with their own eyes. They would always struggle to find reasons for evil committed by their ‘guru”, desperately looking for excuses. They are even willingly dragging to disaster their own families. Such a sad show!

  14. Those claiming that “both sides lie” are missing the key fact that one of the sides imprisons anyone who gives an opposing view.

  15. I bought a new log house in Estonia to be taken apart and shipped to France. My contact there, in his 50’s, said (in English) they were not allowed to learn any language but Russian during the occupation times. The ‘Good Old Days’ of Russian’s rule did not exist.

  16. You don’t wanna miss season three of ” where’s my turnip ” , the Russian classics are the best.

  17. Anyone else out there having mind conversations with themselves explaining to old friends or relatives that have passed away, what’s been happening in the world?
    Or is it just me – haha! 😆

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