Schiff doesn’t deny possibility of new impeachment article

CNN's Jake Tapper asks House intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff to explain why a top House attorney for Democrats discussed the possibility of bringing a third article impeachment against President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice relating to the Mueller investigation.


  1. When the trial of impeachment is finally convened, I would like to see a change in the way the oath of impartiality is administered. Instead of being shielded by the anonymity of standing en masse to swear the oath as a group, each individual Senator should stand face to face with the Chief Justice, on camera, looking the American people in eye and taking the oath loudly and clearly, in their own name. “I, Senator Mitch McConnell, do solemnly swear….”

    1. @Bovine One yes but to be open to evidentiary persuasion is what we are talking about,anyone who denies that under oath is a criminal,you must be a trumper,you seem to be devoid of a moral compass

    2. Steven Pringle If there is such a strong case with “facts “, then why the delay from Pelosi? Simply put, all the facts are assumptions, presumptions, innuendo and a whole lot of “ what if’s”.

    3. blueserman1 – I said nothing of the sort. All I’m saying is that I find it unreasonable to expect politicians who are elected to be PARTIAL, to be impartial.
      And after that snobish, arrogant comment on my PERSONAL morality, I’m through having a discussion with you. I didn’t get personal with you or anyone else here. You have nice life.


    1. Mimosa Sangre
      the vote was majority of the house democrats, republicans in the house voted but not enough to overturn the total votes. still enough 2/3 majority of the house. Plz for your own knowledge look it up. Weren’t you people taught Constitution, and Government in your jr, and sr yrs of high school?

    2. Nina Martinez
      It’s really rather simple, the house and senate come to an agreement on how the trial will proceed. ( witnesses, documents, etc) in Clinton’s impeachment they agreed to such evidence as they went along. Also they had witnesses and President Clinton’s deposition as evidence. The republicans in senate do not want any evidence or witnesses. Why not? What are they hiding if all perfect?
      Are they in a cover up? Hmmmm I myself would do anything legal of course to prove my innocence if I was accused of wrong doing.

      If the senate has already agreed to dismiss or not hear all evidence and has already made up theirs minds, it is not fair or up holding the oath they take, as not to pre- judge. They are acting jury members. Understand. It’s in the constitution. Don’t be lazy or take my word for it. If you really want to know look it up. Don’t be lazy plz. ✌🏼😙

    3. Nina Martinez
      Where’s the tax payers money for the wall? Where’s the missing 35 million tax payers money we still haven’t paid to Ukraine? Ask your self these questions. I’ll help you out a bit. Wishing you and yours a safe and healthy new year.👋🏼✌🏼

      WASHINGTON — More than $35 million of the roughly $400 million in aid to Ukraine that President Trump delayed, sparking the impeachment inquiry, has not been released to the country, according to a Pentagon spending document obtained by the Los Angeles Times.
      Instead, the defense funding for Ukraine remains in U.S. accounts, according to the document. It’s not clear why the money hasn’t been released, and members of Congress are demanding answers.

      The controversy began when Trump withheld the assistance package while urging new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to conduct investigations of Trump’s political opponents. The White House lifted its hold on the money on Sept. 11 after a whistleblower report emerged alleging a quid pro quo.

    1. @Mike Keller oh really hillary clinton was the one practically french kissing the grand dragon of the kkk one of the people she most admired, then you have the governor from virginia in black face standing next to a kkk hooded thug, but you think the republicans are racist. you want to know who the racist party is it’s the democrats read the wikileaks, they are also satanist, and pedos. those are the democrats personal emails. no one has ever denied that those emails were false, because they can’t, so what’s the fake news say it’s illegal to read them, but it’s ok for the fake news to read and interpret to the brainwashed masses just what was in those emails. democrats like to concentrate on how we got the emails instead of what’s content of their racist emails.

    1. @Denise Martel … You must Let Go of that Hate, Sweetheart💖… Because that’s what’s Best for you!!!😍🤗😉… Just like T-Rump… I Don’t Hate him… I just Dis-Like him… More than Anyone else I’ve EVER Known!!!😝😜😣😒😡…

      But I Seriously Hate “What” he’s doing to Our Country, Constitution and Democracy”!!!… And how Him and Putin have T-Totally Manipulated and Deceived 30% of Our Fellow Americans who actually decided to “BELIEVE and TRUST” in a Known Narcissistic Sociopathic Demagogic Egomaniac and Serial, Habitual, Compulsive, Pathological Lying Orange Man-Child and WANNABE DICKTATOR-N-THIEF!!!😣😒…

      Solely because of Putin’s Russian Bot Propaganda and Conspiracy Theories… That were Repeated by T-Rump and His Hate Mongering White Supremacists and… The Far Right with their own Hate-Mongering Propaganda and Conspiracy Theories… That T-Rumps Sooo Addicted to Re-Tweeting about!!!😝😜😣😒😡…

      Not to mention… How T-Rump LOVES Attacking Dead Hero’s, Their Mourning Wife’s and Anyone who Dares to Speak the TRUTH about or Against him and his DEPLORABLY DUMB DECISIONS!!!… Like… *Undoing All the Good things that President Obama did, Out of Pure Spite and Jealousy*!!!😝😜😣😒😡…

      And Like… *Severely Cutting Funds for the EPA!!!*And Firing The “Entire Environmental Protection Agencies” Workers and Putting a Habitual Multi-Offender of the EPA “In Charge of it*!!!😝😜😣😒😡…

      And Like… *Then placing a GAG Order on Our Scientists… Preventing them from informing “US” of Any Research that contradicts Anything he says… Which of course, He calls Global Warming and Climate Change a Hoax*!!!😝😜😣😒😡…

      And Like… *”Skipping ALOT”… Because I could Literally Write a Book on his Insane and Lunatic Bad Decisions!!!*… *To his Most Resent, Absurd, and Illegally BS of “Launching a War on IRAN!!!*… *Because Most Sane and Informed Americans know Exactly what his “Imminent Threat” was!!!*… *And was solely to try and Distract and Deflect attention away from his Imminent IMPEACHMENT, REMOVAL, AND IMPRISONMENT!!!*😝😜😣😒😡…

      *The Proof Positive” of this can be found in the Link below… Which Clearly shows Exactly how the Inner Workings of His Calculated, Underhanded and Extremely Warped Man-Child Mind was thinking when he ordered the Strike… To… “Launch a War on IRAN”!!!*😝😜😣😒😡…

      *Simply because it was the Exact same thing… He Repeatedly Accused President Obama of… “Going To Do”… Multiple times on Twitter and in Multiple Filmed Interviews!!!*… *”Specifically”*… To… “Try and Get Re-Elected”!!!😝😜😣😒😡… UUUGGGHHH!!!😣😒…


    2. @William H Music 2020… Deflect Much???🤔😒😝😜😣😒😡…


    3. @Richard T… PLEASE!!!… No one wants to listen to the Narcissistic Sociopathic Demagogic Egomaniac Serial Habitual Compulsive Pathological Lying Orange Man-Child and WANNABE DICKTATOR-N-THIEF… Attack Grieving Widows and Dead Hero’s that he’ll NEVER Hold a Candle to!!!…

      Or listen to him Ranting Like the LUDICROUS LUNATIC He is… About Flushing your Toilets 15 times and All his other Water Works problems!!! Next he’ll be Complaining his Depends aren’t Absorbent Enough and that’s why he Pee’d all over the Prostitutes in Putin’s Hotel”!!??…

      So, No Thanks, I’m just Not that “In” to PUKING!!!😝😜😣😒😡…

      But, What say you watch something that should make you a Little Smater!!??…


  2. I’m a veteran I’m currently in a fight with the federal government . Do you think they will take care of you when you get wounded?! The United states ?. Nope ! They give you a hard time it’s been 29 years I’m still fighting for my disability from my service to this country .

    1. @Kekistani Refugee What a nasty little troll you are. We don’t want your kind here. Not all veterans are alcoholic and use drugs. You best watch what you say because your kind of refugee is most certainly isn’t wanted here. If it were not for veterans this country would not be a free country to be in. Think about that asshat. Scumbag.

    2. @Kekistani Refugee Your a shithead who wouldn’t dare say that to his face. Go back to your ‘Chans’ your Incel support group, your “I’m a game developer, not really unemployed’ , your masturbation glove, your japanese cartoon rape porn, your constant fear of ‘does this dream make me gay’ and your one friend you’ve known since you were nine years old who you imagine believes you have a girlfriend who ” goes to a different school”

    3. @Kekistani Refugee you need to leave the USA. Obviously you believe in tearing us down. We don’t need your kind. Did you ever serve? No-that’s what I expected.

    4. As President George W. Bush (aka Skull and Bones 43) once said: I really love our injured and wounded veterans-that is why I have helped to make so many of them.

  3. Many years ago, the Queen of England made a question to Mahtama Gandhi: “Sir, what do you think about our civilization?” Mister Gandhi, surprised, looked at her and said: “Civilization… that’s a good idea!!”

    1. @Jerry Guerra .Ha!..and after seeing how low the Democrats have sunk, where they care about nothing but removing Trump from office ..this minority here will never vote Democrat again.

    2. @Fernando Godoi I’m sure doesn’t take much to scare you you far left brown shirt NAZI’S are easy to scare…

    1. @Rocco you keep believing that. I’ve seen them come and go both parties for 60 years voted for one party or the other. He has by far the worst I’ve seen. I’m glad you’re doing better. I have freinds that used obamcare or they would have had nothing. It even worked for them. It didn’t get put through in its entire form because he had to get something pushed through for people. Nothing he did Sat we’ll with the rich also that’s welfare your paying for for the less fortunate. My friends pay for their health care.

    2. @Rocco I also remember democrats cleaning up every Republican mess when they were through. Bush was also left in good shape it didn’t last long. Even though our country bailed out the big banks, it was to save our asses not enrich somebodies buddy.

    3. Lee Kress I didn’t have healthcare most of my life and know of others the same and we did fine. Nobody has the right to charge me more because I make more to hand out to others. Democrats allowed so many people that can work to go on disability which dips into the social security fund. I know so many people doing this. Sure, I work and fund them to sit home eat and wAtch tv. Of course these people Hate Trump. Look at China how Trump is dealing with them, where the other politicians were letting them rape us among other countries. So why do you choose to ignore this great accomplishment? You like open borders where workers here have to compete with people that were living in huts? You want me to pay their healthcare and food stamps? You like criminals and drugs poring in? Did you know Iran has sleeper cells here? Sure open all the borders and it will be the demise of the United States. All these democrat candidates want to raise my taxes, you agree with that?

    4. @Rocco it just takes one disease or accident to screw you up. When I was an EMT I saw many people who couldn’t pay go through. Hospital ate the charges. Not really fair because it drives up costs. Can’t say if democrats let able bodied in for sure did that. But it’s sort of the same thing as showing up at the hospital unable to pay. China, we buy more from china than they do us. We pay the bulk of any upcharges. Iran doesn’t have the market cornered on sleeper cells. Trump is isolating our country from our allies and now is taking on a war with someone who doesn’t care if they die and has a lot of people to work with. He’s working on our kids demise, maybe the country’s. Borders, lol look above you, out to the seas, oh and below I forgot about the tunnels. And he’s worried about a wall. Tech works better down there. Drugs still come by air and sea. The worst thing about the wall is it won’t work on its own. And he got a lot of people to believe his bs about who’s paying. The new democratic candidates sound more like they want to hit up the 1 percenters. Those are the folks who have the benefit of all the breaks in tax code. Which is just the nature of this economic beast. As far as helping folks I don’t mind at all as long as they’re trying. The SS fund was pilfered more by the gvmt than anyone trying to get away with something. For years. Oh it was a Democrat that created social security, he was told it was the worst thing in the world, but FDR got it done. Now it’s all that some people have to look forward to. Everyone gets caught up in political things instead of looking at things from the middle. We’re so divided now I don’t know if there will ever be a middle place again. Believe me though this guy is no hero or savior he willl toss any one who disagrees with his current state of mind. I know no one has to believe me. Just look a little closer at what this guy is actually doing. Forget all of his words and antics. He’s already subverted his party. Just keep watching.

    1. In libtard culture the only logic that exists is “blame trump” ideology. Their weak minds can only comprehend narratives that some how condemn the Donald.

    1. tell turtle Mitch to stop blocking the 200+ pieces of legislation that are just waiting in his desk draw then. Oh, wait, he’s the grim reaper so he won’t do that because this way he can lay the blame on the Dems and fools like you believe it.

    2. Mitch McConnell has over 250 bills the House has passed. The focus should be on him. He bottles up any efforts for positive legislation.

    3. @Malissa Ajeti Exactly. The rules in the Senate need badly to change. One man should not be able to keep them from at least being voted up or down.

    4. @TheBioExplorer Agreed 100%. Let’s put the blame where it belongs: at the feet of Mitch McConnell.

    1. @Donald Rider Make me Laff! Commie? I’m not friends with Putin. Trump is. So don’t bother me again with your ignorance.

    2. Ladygirl 420 your so ignorant that you and your socialist/ communist friends have more In common with Russia , China and North Korea!

  4. Why are we sending more troops in the middle of an impeachment? Are going to start another war? This is crazy

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