Schiff: Jan. 6 Committee Will 'Go Forward' With Or Without GOP Members 1

Schiff: Jan. 6 Committee Will ‘Go Forward’ With Or Without GOP Members

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) talks about the plans for the January 6th committee's investigation into the causes of the attack on the Capitol.
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    1. @PaulScott Rock- if democrats use the rule of law, how come the Obama and Biden Administrations lost so many law suits?

    2. @Scott Harrison It’s coming around and Rudy has already been charged with “the big lie” and can’t practice law in two states. So his common sense sounds good, but 80 judges and anyone paying attention knows, it’s only a matter of time until Dominion CRUSHES Rudy for defending the biggest cult leader of our generation!

  1. Regardless of what Republicans do or say the American people have a right to know exactly what happened on January 6th.

    1. @Al Tischler you must accept fascism because that is where we headed if Trump puts together another coup in August, when he will not be president again. If you want fascism go to a country where its dictatorship. See if you like losing your freedom. I will not lose my freedom for a rich spoiled child who is 75 yrs old, just because he can’t grift in the peoples house like he did for his 4 yrs of presidency.

    2. @Al Tischler So address the blm with their own committee.Its not that hard.All this wwell blm did thatt so we can do this bs.gtfu

    3. There already are three DOJ agencies investigating. We don’t need another fake Russia… Russia investigation from the left.

    4. @V – the Texas Democrats subverted democracy by leaving the state. That’s an act of insurrection.
      What are going to do when we all see the facts that the 2020 election was rigged?

    1. @No Show Joe : “Trillions of taxpayer’s dollars” is a bit over-dramatic. The “witch hunts” have resulted in many convictions. Trump was impeached twice, and would have been removed if the Senate Republicans had an honest bone in any of their bodies. They were hardly a waste of money.

    2. I like that idea. Audit all of the GOP taxes. Take DNA, fecal, urine, and hair samples. Run those through the FBI database.

    3. @Trumpocalypse I’ll bet this No Show Joe morOAN was more than happy to see all these taxpayer dollars spent on investigating Benghazi which concluded that it was Republican cutting of embassy funding that caused it.

  2. Republikkkans are obstructing because they are involved……
    Innocent people don’t obstruct.

    1. Pelosi has to approve any republicant to the committee!
      I’m sure they’ll be a few objections because it seems that the old rotten orange-peel-faced one is giving McCarthy orders right about now.

  3. I’m guessing old Meadows and goons are very worried about what will come out in this committee. They all knew about it!

    1. Put them under oath…and listen to the 5th amendment defenses followed by “I don’t recall”

    2. mark meadows thinks italian space lasers rigged the election and marjorie greene thinks jewish space lasers start wild fires, they are both Q nut jobs!


  4. Subpoena the phone records of the insurrectionists that were inside the Capitol on January 6th. See if any of these criminals were given access to the Capitol building in the days BEFORE the attack. If so, find out which Congressperson got them into the building.

    1. Phone records, venmo payment records (perhaps coded as “tour”), livestream apps, incl. Zoom…

    2. If I recall, the Capitol building was still closed for general public tours in early January (due to Covid). So to get in (in the days leading up to the attack), you had to be invited by a Congressmen.

    3. I’m very sure the FBI has studied hundreds if not thousands of hours of footage from the security cameras. I also believe they would have done some cross referencing of phone records. I don’t know if they can share their investigation with the commission or if they will have to do their own. I don’t think the FBI is finished issuing arrest warrants though.

  5. The Church of Baby Cheesus forfeited all rights to a bipartisan investigation. Liz Cheney’s on board so let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes…

    1. @Augustine Abram For decades liberals said the Cheney’s were corrupt corporatists. Then all of a sudden she is on your side and you celebrate. A more honest appraisal would be that the corporations support the current outcome and don’t like Trump because he was fighting for the American worker.

    2. @umrengnr The same Trump with a history of stiffing employees, small businesses, entire cities and banks?

    3. @Insignificant360 Who benefits from illegal migration, low tariffs, Chinese outsourcing? Whatever you think of Trump it doesn’t change the fact that wages were up and unemployment, especially for minorities was at an all time low. The only reason that changed was the lab created virus from China, and the Democrat led hysteria to it.

    4. @umrengnr  You’re sounding like Trump never outsourced anything from China, like merchandise and steel for buildings. Oh and don’t forget the secret Chinese bank account and the taxes paid to China which far exceeds taxes he actually paid to the U.S. Then there’s daughter/mistress Ivanka’s numerous million dollars exclusive Chinese trademarks. Plus you’re talking like the low unemployment were all white collar jobs and not a combination of burger flippers, Wally Drones and people who gave up looking for jobs. I see you’re subscribed to the Chinese Bioweapon conspiracy theory. Kind of funny to call something a bioweapon while dismissing its seriousness as a bioweapon at the same time by refusing health protocols and vaccination.

    5. @Insignificant360 A bioweapon does not have to be extremely deadly to be effective. China convinced the world to shut down their economies for a virus with a 99% survival rate and whose main victim was the obese and elderly. The virus was lab created in China, covers up by China ruined work economies, boosted Chinese economy, and they faced zero reprocussions. Sounds pretty effective.

    1. @CNN MSDNC- COMMIE JOE- ALL FAKE Lol, all I see are a bunch of Russian bots with day-old youtube accounts.

      How’s Moscow this time of year?

    2. @Team Train-Wreck you should know your dictator loves Putin so much that Putin put the illegitimate president Trump in the white house. Stay off the kool-aid your getting a brain fog.

  6. The first people who should be singled out are the ones that appeared at the rally before, the ones that were seen on CAMERA opening the Capitol doors and the ones that wete trying to get states’ votes overturned. They should all be removed from the Senate and arrested / put in prison to rot.

  7. The hearings need to take place the country is in a bad place and honest leadership needs to be restored.These that vote against the progress of the country because of party line don’t care about the people they are dead in their way of thinking and they truly don’t care.

  8. the irony of these people hitting capitol police officers on Jan 6 w their “STOP THE STEAL” flags in their pursuit of trying to Hang Mike Pence is treally lost on them

    1. Whats even more lost is how Twitter didn’t censor Shifty Shift’s apparent false Russian information but they did censor a true story about wheres? hunter’s laptop and wuhan lab. Sad but true.

  9. Why is McCarthy going to see the ex now? He can’t think on his own 2 feet, how can he ever become Speaker? Shaking my head at his (lack of) future thinking.

  10. It is up and running the first hearings will be on 07/27. They had their chance at a bipartisan committee they refused. They will not be adding any of the Clump’s lapdog McCarthy’s picks. They might add Adam Kinzinger if he volunteers.

  11. How about Laura Boebert giving tours the days before ??????

  12. You wouldn’t put the criminal in the judge’s chair so why involve the the GOP? It’s obvious they have a lot to answer for.

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