Schumer: ‘No Good Justification’ For Opposing January 6 Commission

Schumer: 'No Good Justification' For Opposing January 6 Commission 1


  1. Every single member of Congress who voted against this should be removed from office for high treason.
    There is literally nothing more unAmerican than refusing to investigate an insurrection/failed coup upon our very democracy…except carrying out one.

    1. Your comment is literally chilling in that you are 10000% correct… How can they live with themselves??

    2. They will do it as soon as they set the commission for summer of 2020. But u probably don’t want that investigated!

    3. @BEYONDTHE ARCACADEMY I do want that investigated! In a separate investigation silly. We all do. It would expose the blatantly racist, violent policing

  2. You’re right Chuck, make sure you call TRAITOR-mccarthy, must be related to the guy in the 50’s.

    1. FRANKO7514
      So TRAITOR FRANKO7514 thinks TRAITOR Chuck is right. I think the real problem is TRAITOR FRANKO7514 has no freaking clue that the definition of TRAITOR or SEDITION is. If he did he wouldn’t misuse them. January 6 was a stupid riot at and inside the Capitol. Since no real Government work is done at the Capitol you can hardly take over the Government or even stop it’s functioning. So no real Sedition. It is just Democrat hot air again focusing their hatred of Trump.

    2. Communist sympathizer and snail Schumer needs to be investigated. He is blocking the formation of a commission to investigate the violent left wing riots that occurred during all of 2020. Gov buildings were burned, businesses were burned, 24 people were killed and they even set up a Soviet autonomous zone in Seattle..
      Snail Schumer is a traitor.

    1. Enchanted Homeschool what do that have to hide? We need another witch hunt from the Democrats? They can investigate anything without a vote. They have the majority in the House. This is all politics with their obsession on Trump. How about an investigation on Democrat Governors and mayors who allowed Sedition to take place in their streets? They even promoted and Supported it. When you order your own police Departments to stand down they spit in the faces of the innocent citizens living in those cites.

    1. In 4 years your pissedent doj tried and failed how many audits and trails does your stupidity require?

  3. Nothing about the retrumplican party surprises me these days, my phone even spell checks retrumplican now,🤣🤣 this is where were at nowadays!!

    1. While I agree with the substance of your comment, it’s too bad your phone doesn’t spell check we’re.

  4. Our Enemies foreign and domestic especially the Bigly chosen one are fighting going to prison .

    1. There is no crime there will be no prison. We saw a lot of crimes that Hillary committed but she didn’t go to prison. The Trumpstir will not go to prison either.

    2. @rob gpm maybe your stupidity should be investigated, one simple question “DID THEY TRY TO OVERTHROW THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT? and yes people were killed but not at the capital why cause THEY WERE WHITE.

    3. Democrats and their endless investigations. They’re going to target conservative groups and individuals, just like any communist country does. You libs will cheer them on until the government boot is on all our throats. smh

  5. No justification, . . . unless you fear an indictment and 20 years in Federal Prison for Conspiracy to commit Sedition.

    1. @Chad Pulaloma the fact is, this was an attempted coup, instigated and planned by trump and company, which is very clear to all with a brain. But question for ya…how was it at the capitol?

    2. @Chad Pulaloma um, like Sydney Powell or Rudy Giuliani? That is stupidity at its finest. Sydney: no one would take what I said as fact, your honor…Rudy: this isn’t a voter fraud case, your honor…

    3. @Alex Hamilton yeah, spread your shade, only the FBI (under Trump’s admin) said it was mostly white supremacist groups trying to start trouble, followed by local gangs taking advantage of the situation. Even the Center for Strategic and International Studies said that white supremacy was the biggest domestic threat, and the FBI recently said the same. know where Leftist groups ranked? Not even on the list.

    1. Kevin Boyle, the Republicans are scared stupid. A bipartisan commission would have had equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats, and the Democrats acceded to the Republican requests. Without a bipartisan commission, the House and Senate standing committees can investigate with Democrats in the majority, they can subpoena congressman and Senators from both parties, as well as Trump and General Kelly. McCarthy and others in the House cannot refuse subpoenas, without the possibility of being censured and losing their committee appointments. Trump doesn’t have the protection of the office, and Kelly cannot refuse a subpoena. The best part is the commission was to end by the end of the year. These committees can drag the investigations into next year (like Republicans did with Benghazi) and release the reports sequentially starting weeks not months before the mid terms. They can drag it out for months on the release of the reports and use the reports to keep the insurrection n the headlines and any Republican implicated.

    2. David Mount, Trump lied about the election and incited an insurrection. He tried to prevent the certification of the legitimate election certified by all fifty states and their governors. That’s a violation of the Constitution, and the Fourteenth Amendment. Which also excludes him from running for office. You must consider yourself a connoisseur, because you so love the Trump whine!

    1. BS. They could have done this back when they tried to impeach Trump. This is all a ploy to show sides. What you said is what they will use during the elections next year. Political games.

    2. JC
      No, they are realist who know this is just a Democrat ploy to again attack Trump. If they were really serious about Sedition or the Resurrection they would have investigated and spoke out against the Democrat Governors and mayors who allowed BLM and Antifa to take over city streets and destroy businesses last year. It is just BS

  6. We the public believe republicans were behind it now we want and deserve to know just who and how much they helped in trying to tear this country in half we want them punished fully!!!!!!

    1. Jake Be, actually the Democrats are better off with McConnell deciding to oppose the bipartisan commission. The Democrats control the committees in the House and Senate. Several committees can open investigations, and subpoena congressman and Senators. McCarthy and others won’t be able to refuse subpoenas in their own chambers, without risking censure or removal from committees. Trump and his sycophants have no protections, and General Kelly cannot refuse subpoenas. The bipartisan commission was due to end at the end of the year, these investigations can drag on into next summer (like the Republicans with Benghazi) and file their reports sequentially before the mid term, with inferences about prominent Republican politicians. The Republicans like to play dirty, hopefully the Democrats will use their tricks against them.

    2. I agree/ this incident needs to be investigated whether the trump dummies want it or not/ i mean 5 hearings on bengazzi and none on a attach on your own govt. – really?? I mean really??????

  7. The justification is: “We’re protecting politician’s political careers, trying to position the GOP to regain power, and don’t want to smear the party with damming facts.”

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