Scrambling Trump Torches GOP For Not Backing His Election Lies | MSNBC 1

Scrambling Trump Torches GOP For Not Backing His Election Lies | MSNBC


While the criminal probe into the Trump Organization heats up, Trump continues to push his “big lie” and bashes GOP members for not supporting his false claims enough. Meanwhile, the GOP continues to oppose the creation of a commission to investigate the insurrection that occurred at the Capitol on Jan. 6. MSNBC’s Dr. Jason Johnson is joined by former RNC Chairman Michael Steele and The Nation’s Joan Walsh to discuss.
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Funny, he has an interview with his hangar queen behind him that will never fly again because the false billionaire can’t afford to maintain it! And then you have these other retrumplicans thinking he would help them… funny!

    1. @Lee Powers Wish he would get a Bonanza and fly it himself, being the best at everything—–

    2. @zimtuff If whoever thinks about repairing it for him doesn’t get paid up front they are fools! With his track record of not paying his contractors, employees and lawyers, no one should touch it without cash in hand.

    3. Hanger queen! Absolutely perfect! She’ll probably never flag again under the ownership of trump. probably have to lien sale get any money for storage.

    4. @Four Horseman It’s called Insanity repeating the same thing over and over hoping for different results. His picture is beside the word and his name is attached to the meaning

    5. Not exactly a hanger queen as hanger space is costly. It’s deteriorating on a tarmac waiting to be scrapped. Just like everything he touches. The fecal touch.

  2. This is gold! McCarthy and the other Trumpy Republicans hitched themselves to someone who treats them with contempt. They must have really low self esteem.

    1. Actually,they all just want to continue their corruption with Trump with no conscience and no accountability,just like Trump.

    2. They are like a bunch of battered wives. Trump keeps beating them like a drunken abusive husband and they keep telling the world they walked into a cupboard.

    3. Trump is blackmailing ( allegedly) them. ask Lindsay Graham. So I hear. Someone said, maybe Trump…..

    1. @Kerta Drake I deleted all my messages because YouTube banned me the other day. Dems cannot handle people calling them out and speaking truth

    2. @Randy Couch you’re still seeking attention… All this time later… Trump was your only hope. What ever will you do now???

    3. @Samantha why you call me delusional! You all watch fake news lies 100% of the time. I mean linn called out the Illuminati and you all think they are good people! We laugh at dems now

  3. If the GOP enjoys being bound, spanked and humiliated in the privacy of their own house without a safe word, who are we to interfere?

    1. It’s all good except for the fact that he’s brainwashed a large segment of America’s society.

    2. @Jacquie Leitch guess he hasn’t looked into a mirror! Or can’t see his ‘prissy bottom’ because of his obesity!

    1. Sorry,but McConnell is a half smart, self serving, mendacious, and now a rather wealthy individual, with considerably more influence than he deserves.

  4. He put his supporters in graves, his lawyers and associates in prisons, his party out of power, and they still cling to him?! Stupidity has no limits.

    1. @Johnny Young” if you dont fight you wont have a country anymore”, hrs before traitors attached the capitol

    2. Okhotsk K I live in an area not too far from Dallas. After 25 years and seeing all 5 of my competitors succumb to the destruction of the granite countertop business by ILLEGALS and nothing but them; I finally went down swinging last summer. It would’ve been better if I had folded earlier but I’ve never been a quitter. We were replaced by 23 ‘new’ groups of illegals; half of which can’t even speak English other than to say ‘CHEAP’!
      Can you support your family on 8 bucks/hr. ? You could, if you were buying goods for them in Mexico. In fact, our money will buy as much as 10X as much there as it does here. Those people are not interested in becoming American citizens and assimilating into our society. I KNOW THEM. They are here to TAKE.
      After a few years, they retire and return wealthy to Mexico.

  5. just when you thought he couldn’t become a bigger a–hole, there he is, expanding like the universe.

    1. I’ll be charitable and say I think it’s possible that there is a worse human being on the planet… But I don’t know of one.

  6. Orange birdy with tiny wings can’t tweet anymore. President Golfball is gonna hear his old friends singing to the jury.

  7. 45, I think Americans also want to know why so many people died under your watch of covid-19, which could have been contained at the least

    1. Yap because he did nothing as a President – A do NOTHING President who only watches TV, Plays Golf, Can only voice his frustrations on Tweeter Call people names because he do not how to rebut in a Civil manner. He’s not even a Gentleman. He’s just a ‘Has Been’ President

    2. He did ban travel to China where the virus originated. While Nancy Pelosi was telling Americans to go outside and get the virus

    3. Look, Trump knew all those people wanted the economy to stay strong so he could get re-elected. They wanted to take one for Team Trump. /s

    4. @Logan M the problem wasn’t going to China, it was coming home. And he still let people do that.

    5. You also gotta keep in mind the states with high infection rates along with who was in charge due to trump giving the states decide what measures will be taken, and the total deaths from COVID if I recall is still a very small percent of the total population, another looming issue was that the virus had been recently discovered meaning little was known about it.

    1. The only acceptable time I want to hear his whiny, pathetic voice is when he’s pleading guilty to all his crimes.

    1. Dump will sell out everyone and anyone (supporter, aid, investor, even his family members) if it means escaping prison. Trust me the man will sing but it will take a lot to put him in jail. Don’t forget our justice system was created to protect people like him. I really hope your right though!

      Edit: Sorry if this came out a bit pessemistic, just history has had a track record that spans several millenia of rich douchbags getting off the hook.

  8. News outlets need to continue to play that clip of McCarthy telling the truth over and over. The one of Mitch, too, right after the insurrection.

    1. @greg j two now functioning organisations no longer politicised under Barr’s DoJ or by Trump through revolving door appointments of FIVE DNIs and acting DNIs in four years. And a media able to carry out its First Amendment function, no longer being constantly undermined as fake news. And they’re trying to crush the racists.

    2. But…FAUX…won’t play them…They FAUX…keeps their supporters in the dark…!!! Only to show you what Trump will praise them for !!!

    3. They’re pathetic! It’s as if they believe all Americans are as gullible as their supporters.

  9. That interview looks like she’s thinking “How on earth did I end up here talking to a crazy old man?”

    1. Why do you give him the time of day at this point? Can’t you see the smokescreen? Where is the cancel culture when you need them?

    2. Actually she is a big fan. She used to be at White House press briefings. That’s why she’s letting him say what he wants, no smart questions…

    3. Trump supporters: We’re not in denial, we’re just selective about the realities we accept.

      “You can’t wake a person, who is pretending to be asleep.”

    4. @Prosperityinmotion lol! Give her credit for letting tRumpUs show his and her stupidity. Maybe that was the intention. tRumpUs loves to run his mouth. No we don’t want to hear him but each time he opens his mouth, more stupidity pops out.

  10. So dillusional. Unbelievable that he just will not give up. He doesn’t see that everyone is laughing at him.

    1. If only that was true- there are still all these fools who support him! It’s almost like the aftermath of years of drug addiction. Just the level of delusion is just unbelievable.

    2. @StoredGiraffe31 People like to give him credit but the Economy has a life of its own and is always temporary. Believe it or not, it was due to Obama stimulating the economy and Trump throwing a log on the fire.

    3. Like after January 6, he hid in the Oval Office like a mole in a hole, but after the 2nd impeachment, ‘mr 45’ came out like he was ‘mr Big’ and continue trying to run the world. BUT the biggest laugh will come when he’s prosecuted for many crimes, maybe his orange jumpsuit will be like a turtle, his head stuck in his shell (his prison cell), I’m having faith in our judicial system, people don’t give up, the last laugh may be ours. And hopefully being prosecuted, he’ll finally stay in his obese hole.

    1. Seeing that miniature of his jet that is currently in disrepair and not been used in months was hilarious.

    2. I wish he would just go away and stop talking crap-he is pathetic. Very sad this BS is taking the light off what Biden is doing to get people back on their instead the goobly goop still has to be yakking his nonsense he can’t stand being irrelevant he has to push his way in front & cerntre

  11. Well OAN is about the only place that’ll let him drone on and on. He really misses his Twitter.

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