SE Cupp fires back at GOP senator’s defense of confederate names

SE Cupp reacts to Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) saying a Senate amendment to remove the names of Confederate leaders on military property "picks on the South unfairly."

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    1. @uncle Ricky All the manufacturing of goods China has allowed the Trump’s to do in China for one. Ivanka makes everything there including voting machines

    2. @Gary Alan It does stop honoring them like they were something special. It stops the young from seeing it and them thinking wow this person must have been important to get a statue raised in his likeness. It stops the ones who were oppressed from feeling the pain caused by these men and being reminded of their nightmare every time they have to walk by one.

    3. @Curunir finish reading your history bro, the demarcratic party from the civil war era evolved into what is now known, wait for it, the REPUBLICAN party. Bro it’s all in the history books

  1. It always amazes me that Sen John Kennedy and Sen Bill Cassidy are from the same State.

  2. The Confederates committed an act of treason the moment they opened fire on US troops stationed at Fort Sumter South Carolina. So It’s okay to call it treason, because that’s exactly what it was..
    And furthermore, If any group were to attack a US military base today, it would STILL  be an act of treason. So would we erect statues and monuments to celebrate any treasonous group that would do that today? I think not.
    No American military base should be named after the same people that attacked an American military base.

    Anyone who denies these fundamental facts, is openly defending treason against America, as well as defending slavery, and those who fought to hold on to it.
    Semper Fi…

    1. I can assure you that the Confederates didn’t view themselves as treasonous. The Union brass didn’t think so either. There were no mass executions after the war. But while we’re on the topic, many people might say America itself was founded on treason against the Crown.

    1. @Garry G Have you learned nothing about polls ? Was 2016 that traumatic that you blocked it from your pathetic memory ? “YOU LOST ! SO I CAN PICK ON YOU ALL I WANT” SeCupp quote. WTF is a SeCupp? A brassiere, was the last known definition for Americans.

    2. MAGA COUNTRY, you’re hilarious. Deluded, but that’s why you came here, isn’t it? You realise that every time one of you says “Trump 2020” or “MAGA” or “KAG”, ten more Democrat voters are created.

    3. @The Ron Day View Where?…. As more people realize that democrats tactics do not change… they just want to deny their own American history…. Its not our fault that democrats still use the ideas of race baiting like we were still on the plantation….

  3. I’m from the south and have always known the Confederacy was an act of treason. There were no heroes in that war only victims.

    1. @Matt Thompson Long live the difference between an embryo and a fully developed child or adult’s life.

    2. There were SOME heroes in the Civil War: Grant, Sherrman, Union soldiers of all races, the thousands of women who served as nurses in Union hospitals throughout the nation and, of course, President Abraham Lincoln, the greatest President in the history of the United States.

  4. I would suggest to save confederate names in history books, but their fanbase can’t read. It’s quite the conundrum.

    1. @Curunir It doesn’t matter who had what flag now nor is anyone going to be affected by losing these statues much. They are relics and we have a very complicated future to look at in a dark time with a fool in power.

    1. @mendel Very good, Slaves were OWNED, and for that reason they had none of the freedoms YOU enjoy. You cannot contrary to your own belief, vote for minimum wage issues. You can however vote for representatives on your behalf to aid you in those issues, but it takes the cooperation of the majority to raise the minimum wage. The system is designed to keep the undereducated low skilled workers poor, that fact will never change, it never has and never will. The poor are sheep and will ALWAYS remain under the thumb of the rich, regardless who sits in the White House.

      If you think it’s bad now, wait a few months. All this covid nonsense your pathetic house leadership has push down the throats of Americans has sown the fate of their sheep for decades.
      You are all modern day slaves, and your votes don’t mean anything, you don’t have to believe me, just ask obummer. Trump is your only way out providing you do something with your weak sorry pathetic lives.

    2. citizenxgen Perhaps you’re missing the point. Perhaps you think the confederate cause is unworthy of comparison to the Nazis because they didn’t put millions of people in gas chambers and kill them. The relative egregiousness of those actions, compared to going to war against your own country to preserve your right to own human beings as if they were cattle, can be debated. But it’s not really relevant to the point being made here, which would be entirely valid even if it was universally agreed that the confederates were all objectively better people than the Nazis.

      The point is that criticizing the actions of certain individuals who did things, generations ago, that the vast majority of the population in modern times agree were bad, is not “picking on” their descendants. The example of the Nazis – precisely because it is possibly the most extreme example – is the perfect analogy to clearly show how absurd Kennedy’s argument is.

    3. @fromchomleystreet You lost every single one of them at “Perhaps you’re missing the point” woooosh over their head.

    4. @Bat Boy You conveniently left out the fact that NYC ALONE has over 500K on welfare whereas that amount is almost the same, all red states combined.

    5. @mendel In liberal bizarro world, is it illegal to profit of labor? And you wonder why Hillary lost? 😳

  5. No American military base should be named after the same people that attacked an American military base. The 9/11 hijackers attacked the Pentagon, so should we name the Pentagon after one of them?

    One of these bases should be named after General Ulysses S Grant.

    “If we are to have another contest in the near future of our national existence, I predict that the dividing line will not be Mason and Dixon’s but between patriotism and intelligence on the one side, and superstition, ambition and ignorance on the other.”
    — Ulysses S. Grant

     “I felt like anything rather than rejoicing at the downfall of a foe who had fought so long and valiantly, and had suffered so much for a cause, though that cause was, I believe, one of the worst for which a people ever fought, and one for which there was the least excuse,” 
    — Ulysses S. Grant

    1. @digidanshow is that what you call it! How about the millions of slaves they were fighting to keep? Don’t they come into it!

    2. @MAGA COUNTRY so why is it that MAGA guy are crying over Democrat statues? Why is it you all love that Confederate flag, the democrat flag? You know the democrats had all those southern states don’t you? Go learn some stuff.

    3. @Jillian Copeland “Had those states” is the key element. The hypocrisy of the democrats is blindingly clear, tear down statues but choose to keep others? It’s nothing short of cherry picking some slave owners while others get to stay? How does this even make sense? Can you explain that? I bet you can’t. I’ll bet you ignore or follow with an insult as of a result of your ineptitude.

    1. She might say “S.E. Cupp”, but we all know she means “C-Cup” (even though they’re only B’s).

    2. Lincoln Party – Pietistic Republicans versus Liturgical Democrats (Do you even history bro?)
      Democrats had the confederate flag. . .
      Republican has the America Flag of today. . .

    3. Curunir I get so sick & tired of your lame excuse!!! Yeah we know the Democrats were the ones for slavery in the past early 1900’s & beyond, but as of the 1960’s that all changed!!! Your republicans are now the ones carrying the confederate flags & wanting to keep them!!! So shut up with your stupid rant!!! The KKK may have been Democrats in the past, but they are republicans today!!!

    4. @ForeverBoopie Nope…. democrats are still racists… its why they pretend they aren’t while they whitewash everything… = classic white liberal…. We aren’t fooled by your ranting either… again, people are questioning the history according to liberals…,. if liberals were so much better than why do they still institute race baiting and name calling to win a argument? Not much has changed from when they were running the plantation.

  6. Its ironic that Republicans, the party of Lincoln (who defeated the confederacy) becomes the new confederacy. Lets build a statue of Benedict Arnold, he betrayed the USA, but, hey, he was a hero to Britain.

    1. What have democrats done for black in America other than give empty promises and lies ?

    2. And it’s all but ironic that the party of slavery, the party of Stephen Douglas and his Democrats, hasn’t changed much at all… Back then they used chains, in the 80s and 90s they used crck cocain, welfare checks, classified CIA ops/contra wars, all funded by deep state liberals…No, nothing has changed, only the manner in which they subjugate.

    3. 11 11 I love how republicans always try to play this card. The Republican Party at that time favored expanded immigration and voting rights, bigger gov and higher taxes on the wealthy.They were closer to modern dems not modern republicans.

    4. Solcitse: You want to elect Biden to the presidency who was known to side with segregationists, but can’t accept monuments from a hundred years ago?

    5. @Don Sharp The govt. at that time needed those things…. Its the democrats who still refused to pay their fair share much like MOST OF CORPORATE AMERICA who give a MAJORITY OF THEIR DONATIONS to DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES…. Tell me why that is? Ever look at Wall Street…. the heart of democrats? Hiding behind the name ” corporation” doesn’t make it harder for us to find you….. or not to place blame on democrats for it….

  7. “Against all enemies, foreign and domestic” These were people who were willing to kill their fellow US citizens just to own another being.

    1. @Deshan Cheliah

      By their own admission they say they aren’t part of the U.S..

      And I highly doubt most of them don’t pay taxes, you need a job to do that.

    2. @Gary Alan Actually Gary, there are other countries that abolished slavery a good many years before the US. The revolutionary government of France in 1794, and the United Kingdom abolished slavery fairly peacefully in 1833.

  8. Why not rename bases for deceased who received the Medal of Honor in service to the U.S.? That would show respect, inspire people, and be an additional honor. Maybe also name bases for those who received other high honors, such as Purple Heart, Navy Cross, etc..

    1. Oh yeah…how about the TIGER WOODS FORWARD OPERATIONS BASE in Afghanistan? Oh, here’s a good one: FORT RUSH LIMBAUGH hahaha

    2. @public majority so we are going to honor people that were involved in the invasion of other countries.
      anyone can play this game.

  9. These statues were erected during the civil rights movement and a short time before to instill fear in black people.

    1. @victor giddens it’s like I’ve always said, give a man a gun and he will loose a few points in his IQ but give a man a gun and a license to kill and he will

  10. The South never truly recovered or confronted the reality of the Civil War. Instead of accepting defeat and striving to build a united nation, racist laws were put in place and the same attitudes and violence against African Americans continued. Monuments to their “heroes” were erected as stone monoliths of imagined superiority and defiance to change. Even after the civil rights struggle in the 60’s there were politicians steadfastly refusing to accept integration and had to be forced at gunpoint to do so. All of this present resistance by Southern politicians and the GOP in general is testament to the deeply entrenched culture of admiration for these rebels with an ignoble cause. Kennedy, along with the rest of his southern gentlepeople need to do some serious soul searching and have a collective reality check. The Confederacy was a racist experiment that was defeated. It will not rise again. The USA is a multi-hued land. Even white people are welcome as long as they want to get along and play fairly.

    1. Many of the statues went up just before/around the depression as the black communities started to gain practical rights as a method of intimidation, so they knew who was still in charge. Most of the rest went up later in the 60s and 70s triggered by the shift in politics when the Dems moved to support civil rights and denounce their own history and the Repubes moved away from their progressive history to take over the racist southern states(Dixiecrat was the term) and move to the far right. The second wave was again to intimidate black folk who let’s not forget in the south were largely living under apartheid regimes. It amazes me that some Americans are so ignorant and thicker than pigshit so as not to note that the Dems want nothing to do with their past and be progressive where the other side want nothing to do with their past and despite winning want to be slavers yet support the latter, like I said thicker than pigshit.

    2. The southern people were lied to by wealthy, powerful land holders and are still being duped by them when they can, but all this outrage you’re seeing on TV? It’s not in our streets down here. The crowds for that kind of thing are small and for BLM they are much larger. We have a gerrymandering problem. I would suggest that the North never had to confront their own racism and that’s why it is largely Northern cities that are having these massive policing problems now. This has been an evolving problem we’ve had to confront over and over in the South in every region. It rises and so some of us too must rise to stamp it out when it appears, using law, writing, and good old fashioned boots on the ground. We didn’t have the luxury of ignoring it and shoving our people of color into small districts consigned to poverty. This is not a Southern problem, racism is a United States problem and it has always been here. There were zero saviors in the Civil War. There were those who fought to end slavery for their gain and those who fought to keep it for gain. The rest were duped into believing it was for something greater. Notice that Racism remained prevalent EVERYWHERE afterwards. We didn’t fight to end racism. We fought to end slavery so that Europe didn’t look down on Northern industrialists. Don’t pretend there has ever been a “side” between North and South that treated black people right. Don’t suggest that poor southerners that didn’t own slaves went to war just to keep slavery. The Confederacy did. Primarily so. Just like every other war in history, the poor are lionized to the designs of the rich and powerful.

    3. @Jaguar God Consider the fact that it is normal, over time, to relegate parts of history to museums where they can be seen in context. Before you get out your hammer, I’m a very southern boy myself and I have major problems with what so many people in this thread are saying. The reason that they are saying it is because some very racist people are supporting a probably racist president and things are politically charged. That being said, it does not impinge the honor of our ancestors to say that while they were fighting for their home, freedom, and family it can still be true that the leadership of the Confederacy was absolutely pro-slavery. All those things you mentioned about the Democrats are very true, but you and I don’t live in the past, our integrity matters now…not then. We must choose from the evils before us and not the ones behind.

    4. It’s so much more complicated than that.

      “Until the 1980s, the Democratic Party was a coalition of two parties divided by the Mason–Dixon line: liberal Democrats in the North and culturally conservative voters in the South, who though benefitting from many of the New Deal public works projects opposed increasing civil rights initiatives advocated by Northeastern liberals. The polarization grew stronger after Roosevelt died. Southern Democrats formed a key part of the bipartisan conservative coalition in an alliance with most of the Midwestern Republicans. [….] Issues facing parties and the United States after World War II included the Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement. Republicans attracted conservatives and, after the 1960s, white Southerners from the Democratic coalition with their use of the Southern strategy and resistance to New Deal and Great Society liberalism. Until the 1950s, African Americans had traditionally supported the Republican Party because of its anti-slavery civil rights policies. Following the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Southern states became more reliably Republican in presidential politics, while Northeastern states became more reliably Democratic.[50][51][52][53][54][55][56][57] Studies show that Southern whites, which were a core constituency in the Democratic Party, shifted to the Republican Party due to racial conservatism.[56][58][59]” — Wiki

      The evolution of American politics is very interesting, especially how the original party—Democratic-Republican—split and then shifted and recombined with other parts of itself to create the Democrat and Republican parties we know today. The use of the confederate flag as we know it today started during the Civil Rights movement as a symbol of white supremacy; it wasn’t a party flag, it was a symbol of division. Also, it’s not just Democrats who want to see it relegated to museums. What I find most concerning about the state of modern politics is how the people in the middle who are willing to compromise and see other points of view are completely silenced by the stubborn (and usually old) people on the farther leaning sides who can do nothing but squabble. Could we PLEASE stop blaming each other for five seconds and attempt to be objective for the sake of our country? This is the reason we’re falling apart!

  11. I agree SE CUPP. It is amazing how history has been distorted by the KKK and Daughters of the Confederarcy. Its time to expose this lie with the truth.

    1. Democrats are once again trying to distance themselves from their history while trying to keep the institution of race baiting…. LOL…. some things don’t change..

    2. The old statues covered in pigeon crap and the naughty Confederate named military bases have been causing problems, eh? Cupp butt is really sore about this imaginary problem? Statues rusting away in parks for decades? Confederate Military base names looting, burning up the democratic cities? Haven’t seen any trouble from the statues or Confederate named military bases on any news channels. All of a sudden a huge imaginary problem has materialized?
      🐂💨<-~•__💩SPLAT !! That’s a pile of Bull💩!

    3. @Joy Phillips Why do you think so many Republicans/trump supporters wave the Confederate flag TODAY? Understand that this is when you start telling me it’s THEIR history because that’s what they say. Sure, the Confederates were labeled Democrats, but their views are in NOW WAY similar to Democratic views of today – those views are now REPUBLICAN.

    4. @John Henry Holiday308 Yes it was, John Henry. But in case you hadn’t noticed the Democratic party of the early 21st century bears no resemblance to the Democratic party of the 1870’s. One can also say that the Republican party of the 1860’s bears absolutely no resemblance to the Republican party of the 2010’s

  12. Senator Kennedy is a traitor IMO. He failed to defend the country against a rogue crooked president. His opinions on anything lack merit.

  13. being a southern, I can say I totally agree with you! I do not feel picked on by people wanting to take those statues down! They should have never been put up! Thank You!

  14. “Against all enemies, foreign and domestic” These were people who were willing to kill their fellow US citizens just to own another being.

    1. They weren’t citizens of the United States. No one was a citizen of the United States when they fought the civil war.

  15. Take all the statues and create a “Hall Of Shame” of American history, so people can see what we can overcome Same with the military bases

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