1. The only question is “MAGA Imagine if Obama in 2016 did a Trump to try to elect Hillary… how would you feel? What would you do?” #ImagineIFObama

    1. @Mike Hunt To answer your other question, Trump was the most divisive president in history so anyone who was ever going to vote in a presidential election did in 2020. Trump was so bad that everyone (including myself) had no choice but to vote for Biden since he was the only person who could beat him. We play the cards we’re dealt. Biden has a bad approval rating because he is not a very good president, but not a single person who voted for him wishes they could go back in time and vote for Trump. We’ll take a bad president over a bad president who is also a traitor any day.

      You’re in a cult.

  2. What I want to know is, how long are we going to have Trump’s crimes rubbed in our faces, while our Department of Justice decides whether, or not, We the People are entitled to see our leaders brought to justice?

  3. Allowing Trump to remain at large is like letting a wildfire continue to burn through thousands of square miles of old established forest land – except, it’s democracy, the Constitution, and the rule of law that are burning.

    1. @Jason Blaha Blaha blah blah, stellar response. Such astute political response from a 4th grader at Macaroni Middle School.

    2. Your text reminds me of that famous movie; “A Man For All Seasons” I think it was called. The speech given about cutting down the laws, as if they were trees. That was spectacular. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Unfortunately, this question leaves the answer up to the electorate; an electorate bitterly divided, with a majority of those identifying as Republican still in lock step with the former president and his sycophantic enablers.

    What’s needed to prevent the likes of the former president from ever again holding elected office is one of two things:
    1) Justice. The former president must be investigated, charged, tried and convicted.
    2) Legislative reform.

    With an ineffectual federal legislature as hopelessly divided as the electorate, the first option is our best chance of repeating the past.

    Oh, and the Democratic party must convince Biden to not seek a second term. Fielding a ticket that doesn’t push voters to choose what they perceive to be the lesser of two evils is one of the best ways to prevent the former president from ever holding public office again.

    1. Biden will be too old for a 2nd run and many won’t vote for Kamalia. Democrats need to focus on the next seated POTUS.

    2. I just voted this morning and I concur with everything you have stated. People need to think for themselves and stay informed. Politicians are not Dieties. Felons shouldn’t hold public office.

    3. @Jeanne Johnson that’s why ppl need to RESEARCH WHO THEY’RE VOTING FOR!
      It’s not that hard!

  5. Trump shouldn’t be allowed in a public toilet, never mind being allowed in a position of public trust.

    1. I never get tired of laughing at people like you who are so easily manipulated and fooled. 🤭

  6. I appreciate your perspective SE despite that we belong to different parties because this is not political. My question is more basic, did he violate his oath of office? The moment he stepped up to that podium on the 6th he did and should not be allowed to hold office again…

  7. Mary Trump told us.
    Michael Cohen told us.
    Medical professionals told us.
    Others told us.
    We told us.
    Now what?

  8. The only question I have is when is the Justice Department going to do it’s job and put Donnie and his enablers in prison?

    1. @P in D² have you been watching the hearings? Full of evidence. If you’re not doing this 🙉🙊🙈 it’s *obvious.*
      Cults never end well 🤡

  9. The only house he should be allowed in is “The BIG house!” And see if he hugs the prison cell bars like he “hypocritically” hugged the American flag!

  10. If my home was broken into and I was terrorised like what happened at the Capitol ~ I’d sure as hell want ALL involved held accountable!

    1. @jackie00776 there is none so blind as he who will not see. These trumpers can’t deal with the truth.

  11. The only question you need to ask yourself is this:–
    “Are you a loyal American, or do you want to see it all torn down and trampled in the dirt?”

  12. Reminder #7: “Just say it was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican Congressmen.” Can’t wait to hear the legal defense for things like this when THE TRIAL starts.

    1. I can’t see how it is possible for him to wiggle his way out of that. I’m not asking you to find facts, I’m asking you to fabricate a story for me. And REPUBLICANS WILL GO ALONG WITH IT.

  13. My love for this country is hanging on by a thread. If nothing comes from these findings, I will no longer speak to anyone in defense of this country. It’s bad enough being a black man in this country; scrutinize on everything we do by privileged white people. Despite that, I’ve tried to keep my love for this country going. If trump and his lackeys get away with this crime, I will love no more as there is NO real justice in this country. You can tell me to leave if I don’t like as that is always the go to for those who ARE privileged. How about we fix what’s wrong?

    1. The people threatening to not vote anymore puzzle me. Voting is the only reason trump isn’t back in the white house. Refusing to vote will just put him or someone even worse–like desantis–in there next time around.

    2. @Alex Mercedes They will get away with it if you and your family don’t come out for the midterms. If this is the thinking throughout the black community they win.

  14. You can’t really ask many Americans any questions anymore anyway. You can’t trust their answers! Sincerity, honesty, humility, intellectual integrity, objectivity, selflessness, and accuracy are no longer valued.

  15. Steve Bannon the night before, “oh he doesn’t HAVE to win, he just has to SAY he won”. We are in trouble people.

    1. They don’t even attempt to hide how wicked they are, admitting their crimes out in the open and boasting about it! Good grief!

    2. And the people who he was talking to? Their identities need to be exposed.
      Financial backers are still flying below the radar.

  16. That he acted like a spoiled child is to be expected, he’s always been that way since he was a virtually unknown property developer in the mid 70’s. The attempted overthrow of the US Government is all that really matters. I find it fascinating that guy who says he loves the military, was judged fit for service and paid for a 4-F permanent disqualification just in time to avoid the period of the heaviest fighting in Vietnam is more important than his tantrums.

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