SE Cupp warns Trump could use presidential campaign as ‘shield’

CNN's Jim Acosta sits down with CNN political commentator SE Cupp and Vanity Fair's Molly Jong-Fast to discuss the mounting legal pressure on former President Trump, including the DOJ's criminal investigation of Jan. 6 and the special counsel investigation into his handling of classified documents. #CNN #News


    1. @Ow3 Wells You don’t know how much Trump inherited, but sometimes people lose it all. Trump made billions.

    2. @Elizabeth Stanley I know because I have Google at my fingertips, use it and stop bothering me, I’m watching the Superbowl game.

    3. @Elizabeth Stanley Are you incapable of reading with comprehension because I never said he wasn’t a billionaire, go away.

    4. @Ow3 Wells You are incapable of admitting Trump didn’t squander the money he inherited, but became a billionaire. You are just trying to criticize him.

    1. @B. T. You people will never be mistaken as bright. I know it’s been overused you simpleton. That’s the point of my post. It’s been over used since 2015. Grandma? Did you just assume my gender? Lol

    2. @B. T. Did you know you lose any argument when you start with ad hominem? And Double so when ALL you have is Ad hominem.

    3. @B. T. you’re a kid right? about 10 to 12? cause that is a VERY young style insult. So In return….
      I don’t know little girl, but when you grow up I doubt you will be a grandma. That would take someone finding you attractive.

      Yeah, that stuff was way dead and old when I was in school…like 40 years ago. lol

  1. You can’t just up and say that “I don’t want to face consequences so I’m gonna use something to block the DOJ “.
    IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY! He can cry all he wants but nothing blocks you from being held accountable..

    1. it shouldnt … but it’s usa… never forgive what shithole you are talking about, no healthcare, no job protection, minimum salary is 2 cents, i have no doubt usa will slide under some african country in terms of life quality pretty soon, just keep letting the right have it’s way and you will end up being slaves with benefits and extra steps.

  2. Every crimes comes with Accountability…SNEAK UP ON THEM Jack Smith the Special Counsel, leave no stone unturned.

  3. I love how media said 5 months ago, including this channel with experts on law that said his being a candidate does not in any way, shape or form shield trump from indictment. Now they say “don’t know the answer to that”.

    One thing is for sure, the doj moves any slower, my son will be candidate for the 49th president of the United States.

    Trump loses regardless if he runs. I don’t care about that. But do something doj, if my company did interviews as slowly as you do they’d lose their shirts.

  4. The cynicism should be: why should a presidential candidate be immune from a full DoJ inquiry. What is there in the constitution that stops the legal process being followed when a presidential candidate is under investigation ?!

    1. The original purpose is so the US doesnt end up like third world countries, where the ruling party subject the opposition to endless prosecution.

    2. nothing, nothing at all, it’s just a weak argument point that somehow worked for mitch when he refused to impeach trump, let the voters decide, well the voters gonna have to decide someone else because trump is not finishing that run.

    3. Nothing. Just don’t complain when Democrats are arrested and put in jail when Republicans win next.

      It’s the classic democrat move. Start a new precedent. Be shocked and appalled when it’s used against you in the future.

    4. @kaladan1890  🤣😂 yeah generally when you have a partisan kangaroo soviet showtrial the party it’s being weaponized against isn’t going to help you.

      I’m totally sure when biden is impeached which he will be the question is how many times you’ll have equal righteous anger that the democrats didn’t impeach in the senate. Lol so pathetic leftists.

  5. The good thing if he does use this as a shield, is he’ll remain in the Republican race until the very end, even if he’s losing big. Imagine how much this would hurt the GOPs efforts to elect a President. Trump may well be the number 1 reason the Republicans don’t even come close too winning the position! It’s a win, win. He’ll deal with charges at some point. As long as he’s hurting the GOP effort, I’m fine with him kicking the can down the road.

  6. He may try to use it as a shield, but don’t you think Jack Smith hasn’t thought of this? I’m sure he won’t let that happen.

    1. And I don’t think his candidacy IS a ‘shield’ – as long as we’re still this far from November ’24. GO JACK!

  7. It’s only a shield if people like Merrick Garland and Alvin Bragg allow him to use it as a shield. Which might be the case unfortunately.

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