SE Cupp: We can't let the anti-vaxxers win 1

SE Cupp: We can’t let the anti-vaxxers win


SE Cupp discusses the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine and the potential hurdles that a rise in anti-science rhetoric and politics present with Dr. Kent Sepkowitz, Deputy Physician in Chief of Memorial Sloan Kettering, and with Tom Nichols, author of the forthcoming "Our Own Worst Enemy."

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    1. ​@Metal Man Its embarrassing enough that she likes to be referred to by her initials and surname.

  1. You have pictures, video, audio, emails, texting all laid out for you in a nice and neat little package to convict Trump and his misfits, and still nothing….. the law is an F’n joke.

    1. @avery neal — But unlike with voter fraud, there’s actual evidence that Trump tried to start an insurrection.

    2. @Doug H — Do you one the ‘innocent’ Trump supporters that tried to stage a coup? You’re lucky it was only one.

    3. @Shaer I know, right? Damn, they should have mostly peaceful burn it to the ground.
      They make me sick, how dare they scare those little innocent and pure politicians and not some white grandma in her house?
      Now, I’m furious!

    4. @Lamplighter55 You mean just like Pelosi, Maxine Waters and every single politician that said there’s nothing wrong with a little mostly peaceful burning of people’s businesses and they should keep doing it?
      How do you become such a hypocrite?
      And don’t give me the trumpet, right winger comment because I’m none, not even american. I just look at all these and the hypocrisy is unfuckingbelievable!

  2. It’s time to start putting more positive thinking in our words.
    Words are more powerful than you could possibly know! Change your perspective, change the world

  3. There has been an epidemic of national proportions in the USA for a long, long time…Decades before COVID, something just as deadly started to develop. It is transmitted through reproduction, mostly, but it can also be transmitted through the internet. It is called: Stupidity.

    1. Lol! Agreed! Though I would zoom out to suggest this is not specific to modern times or the US but just magnified by the internet and entitlement

    2. @Kristina Dutton Yes… It flares up every once in a while, like now, but it never really goes away. There are always a few left to start a new batch. I’m sure it’s been with us forever. You know there had to be one particular caveman who was not allowed to touch the fire making equipment, right?! ;-]

  4. The MMR vaccine’s did work for several generations and some did sick but didn’t die, that’s the goal.

  5. Stop lumping all “conspiracy theories” together just to marginalize any view that doesn’t fit in with your narrow one. And seriously give it a rest with the hypocrisy. My body, my choice. Get it?

    1. That sounds fine—you should just have to pay higher healthcare costs and higher taxes for the greater burden your risky behavior places on society. To not do so would literally be “socialism.”

    2. If you don’t take the vaccine, or won’t follow the masking/distancing directives, you shouldn’t have access to treatmet. IMHO

    3. I would love it if everyone had to have their vaccination record included with their passport to enable them to come into foreign countries (not just Americans into Canada). If the visitor didn’t have the proper vaccinations, then they couldn’t come in. This isn’t discrimination as we aren’t forcing you to get a vaccination, we just don’t want you to infect our citizens with your diseases & then our healthcare system has to deal with the results of your stupidity. Our country, our choice.

    4. @Trish Murphy On one hand I completely agree with this. It’s just as the commentator suggested these people are like toddlers, or just for whatever reason incapable of living within the boundaries of reality. But it isn’t part of the Hippocratic oath and doctors will always do what’s best for their patients, even willfully ignorant dangerous patients. So I feel I have to take a cue from that as well.

    5. @Laura Henuset yes I totally agree with this and depending on how things go maybe some countries will enact this.

  6. You know S.E. we could end all of this if you, “reasonable”, “Reagan”, “Constitutional” (not a real thing) Republicans just change party affiliation and support the will of the VAST MAJORITY of the people. One party is legitimate, the other is The GOP. We all know it, and the dead bodies from The Capitol are only the most recent evidence to your dead Un-American”idiology”. Thanks!

  7. You people have no-one to blame for this but yourselves. You have allowed this to happen. I have no sympathy for you at all.

    1. The root issue in your comment is “questioning basic logic.” Do you know something the rest of us don’t? Basic logic, by definition, is unquestionable.

      Now, ignoring a dearth in understanding of the written word and/or the English language, if you mean questioning using basic logic, then you’d arrive at a conclusion in alignment with overwhelming consensus of the public health community. Namely, that vaccines are safe and effective.

      The science, the data and basic logic all conclusively refute the opposite position.

  8. How do they and will they test for PEG allergies. They will test for nothing and they don’t care how many die as a result.

  9. Under the Nuremberg Code the Politicians and Big Pharma pushing this can be charged with crimes against humanity and economic terrorism.

  10. Remember, folks, this is the type of vaccine that in 20 years they tried to put it on the market, it failed on the animal testing phase. In 2020 they were given special permissions by governments to skipp the animal testing and then they somehow took less than a year to succeed. Does that make sense to you?!

  11. I work with a bunch of government agencies, they’ve asked everyone who wants the vaccine. There was such low interest in willingly taking it, that they’re not even going to attempt to order any…

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