Sec. Buttigieg: “We've Gotta Break This False Narrative Of Climate Versus Jobs” 1

Sec. Buttigieg: “We’ve Gotta Break This False Narrative Of Climate Versus Jobs”


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg sits down with Ali Velshi at the unveiling of an electric bus fleet in Oregon to talk about the administration’s infrastructure plan, and the role of the federal government. “We can no longer have local leaders or state leaders waiting on Washington to catch up,” says Buttigieg. “No country has ever led the world by clinging to technologies or pieces of infrastructure that were 100 years old…America is not America unless we are striving for number one.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Sec. Buttigieg: “We've Gotta Break This False Narrative Of Climate Versus Jobs”


  1. The sedition continues . Vote 2022 and Crush the Trump/Putin Chaos Machine and the Collaborator Republicans

    1. @Roy Batty Having a different opinion than Roy Batty doesn’t make you a troll. Even though MSM has taught you anyone with a different opinion is a Nazi.

    2. Our featured troll in this thread, “Harvey M” needs to crawl back up trump’s diaper.

    1. It’s sad important cabinet positions like Secretary of Transportation were used as bargaining chips. There’s literally dozens of people who’ve been in charge of major cities transportation for decades who are actually qualified for the job.

    2. @Trish Truitt he’s not. They were shopping around random cabinet positions for him. Sadly they deemed Secretary of Transportation irrelevant enough to give to someone who’s only experience is being a mayor and liking trains as a kid. To direct the entire nations transportation initiatives. If you don’t know what happened when him and co. all dropped out at once to rally under Biden then you should look into the blatant cronyism.

  2. Republicans always use “jobs” as a human shield to keep from doing anything that would disturb their profit and power nexus. (These jobs are abolished whenever profit dictates.) True conservatives would look well beyond our fickle economics.

    1. Exactly and now we have deteriorating infrastructure and a climate gone wild. Shameful what the neo-robber barons

    2. @Valerie Maria MK Obama/Biden had $800 Billion for “shovel ready” jobs. They spent $30 Billion on infrastructure and wasted the rest. Yoy voted for these clowns!!! Hahahaha Not too smart.

  3. It’s my opinion that households, businesses like Walmart, Target, etc., some private industries (Tesla), seem to be doing more to combat climate change with renewable energy solutions than Congress!

    1. I’m glad that you are seeing that but it isn’t enough. Government is seldom a great solution. It maybe the switch, a point of some action action, a reflection of a past due response but it is incumbent on all of us to evolve, change our understanding of our world, to participate.

    1. @William Royer Why are you thinking that? I think if he ran for an office, he would be a strong contender. Why do you think that he would not?

  4. Where are all the climate change deniers? It used to be that a video like this would bring them out in droves. They must all be over on another video trying to defend another “harmless” phenomenon like the Jan. 6 insurrectionists.

    1. Funny how super fires, heat waves, flooding and hurricanes dissuade politicians from ranting about how climate change is fake news.

  5. Our world is getting desperate for change. The weather is getting scary intense, We need massive change NOW!

    1. The Democratic Party has been around for 160 years. I really do feel they’re right on the verge of fixing some problem somewhere.

    2. @Rutherford Hayes EVERYONE knows it’s all the Democratic Party’s fault that there is global warming. All others do NOT contribute or make the Climate change. It’s ALL the DEMOCRAT’S FAULT.

  6. I really wish that he will be our president someday, it would be incredible to have our leader be this intelligent, articulate, and caring.

  7. Take away FOX liscence. News has a meaning they should not be allowed to call themself news.

  8. I love Sec. Buttigieg. We are all better off through his leadership and by finally getting the GOP out of the White House.

  9. Yup climate change is already…we waited too long, and now are going to have to live with our mistakes. For Heavens sake people stop having children…there is going to be no nice future for them. We really messed up.

  10. I’m ready to start printing some “Pete for President 2024” signs. This man has got it all together and can answer any question from either side. When he answers they are real answers, not double talk.

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