1. I’m sorry she died. She was trying to stab that other girl though. And that man in the gray zip up just got done kicking the crap out of a girl on the ground. In this case I think (with the body cam video) that the police officer was protecting the girl in the pink from being stabbed.

    1. @Kelly Alves When you are given a reaction time of a literal split second, there is not much that you can assess other than Person A raising a knife to stab Person B in the face. It is humanly impossible to fully comprehend the background of any situation in a split second, you can only act based upon what you see. If the cop would have stopped to assess the situation, even for an extra second, the girl in the pink dress could have been killed. Some tactical situations allow you to assess the issue, others only give you a split second to act. No amount of training can fix that.

    2. @Kelly Alves What should the officer have done then Kelly? Ask her politely to stop? Wait until the 4th or 5th stab would to shoot her? Here is an idea for you, if someone is using lethal force against someone the best way to counter it is to use lethal force against them.

    3. @Vi! You clearly have zero understanding of tactical situations. In a split second reaction time, it is much harder to hit a smaller target, such as a leg or arm, as opposed to aiming center mass towards the abdomen. Even if he shot one of her limbs, her arm was already coming down on the striking motion to stab the woman in pink. Shooting a limb would not have stopped the stabbing, because it might not have brought down the girl with the knife.

    4. @Stan Wilson I completely agree with you. If it was a white cop in a white neighborhood you know that cop is not pulling the trigger until the white girl gets in at least 4 or 5 stab wounds to the victim. This young lady’s promising life was brought to an untimely end by white supremacy.

  2. She brandished a knife in front of a police officer and tried to stab the girl in pink. He made a hard decision to save that girl instead of both of them dying.

    1. Tell that to Lebron who is leading the charge in inserting race into this in keeping w/embracing the culture of victimhood!

    2. @isabel lind funny tht you say victim card when all the racism stuff been coming out you sound foolish as well

  3. We have to keep in mind this was not just a fight. The second she picked up a knife and went after another kid, it became attempted murder.

    1. @Stan Wilson Stan my man…? are or dumb or ignorant like some of these other morons, we all want to know.

    2. @creative thinker I agree with you……I was assuming you were accusing the officer is all. Just wanted clarification is all

    3. @creative thinker the officer did the right thing, and people are blaming him for murder…..while he saved a girl from being murdered is so sad. This is only a story because a cop is involved.

    4. @Drstoo He hit her with all his shots, none hit the girl being attacked, none hit the car immediately behind them, a marksman for sure. He saved that black girl from being stabbed which could have been a fatal wound. Trying to make the world a little safer for us all, good cop.

  4. What is also appalling is her parents were right there and did not defend and remove their 16 year old daughter from her attackers. Instead, they stood there watching their daughter fight her attackers.

    1. @A george — I hear you bro, but just be glad you’re not living in a City like: Beijing , or Moscow, etc… you would not even like to experience the logic sadly of such police power apparatus of that particular state

    2. Yes @ A George … that is what C N N host Don Lemmon was precisely saying to the viewer: i. e. , wait until all the information is out on this incident and then start to make more clear judgement on the whole situation. Good point, george

    3. And daddy kicking the girl in the face on the ground. I’m sure they are good people turning their lives around.

    4. Police need to charge that man for kicking that girl in the head. If he had taken his family into the home none of this crap would have happened. Those kids needed an adult to step up and make adult decisions.

    5. @Careful Speech I think there more to it. What I see here is a prejudgment, literally a prejudice. Its not a racial prejudice but a prejudice never the less. A very common one people come to make I might add.

      Given the experience of a police statistically, confrontation with people of color is of high probability. Even without the existence of error-prone human beings incorporating that statistical encounter into their own conclusions, and making it a racial bias, we find probability working systemically to increase the instances where by these sorts of prejudices are made. This makes it very easy to tie the prejudice to race even where there is none from the standpoint of the people that are a part of that system. Its a way for racism to creep into the police force systemically without the officers actually having to be racist themselves.

  5. I truly couldn’t being a dad and watching my little baby girl acting this way and don’t get that situation under control it is sad

    1. If that girl stabbed and killed the other girl. This wouldn’t be big on the news. Proof: The father a grown man just kicked the back of a under age girl, like a football. WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THAT. That right its balck on black. We had a 7yr old shoot up in a McDonald’s drive-thru and that was mentioned for only a day. But because this is of a white person and a black person,

    2. Well he kicked the other girl in the head. Not sure he’s the “get the situation under control” type of parent. Absolutely ridiculous!

  6. “You shot my baby” says the dad standing there watching the scene unfold. He’s to blame, not the cop who saved the other person.

    1. I’m sorry your right the officer did what he was trained to do but the father is not to blame he was in shock that his baby girl was gone in the moments of the incident.

  7. The police had no choice she was about to take another person’s life. He had to take that action. It’s really sad she lost her life. But when we chose to do wrong this will be the outcome. Just truly sad. I pray for the family of the 16 year old and I pray for the police officer too and his family.

    1. You can be the best parent/parents but YOU don’t know what kids do out of your sight! Ijs Mr Hernandez!

    2. @Chan Carter seems like I read a post about being foster parents..
      sad for them that the kid could not appreciate them but live like where she was brought into the world at..

    3. @Mr. White what? U mean the dad gave knife to teenager that was shot? Omg gotta go bk & watch bc didn’t see this.

    4. @Chan … I think that original comment by Mr Hernandez was in part sarcastic and using basic reverse psychology? Of course, you are correct though and it’s very possible unfortunately that the Dad/adult kicking the kid on ground was also doing some horrible things inside the house to kids, away from public view! : (

  8. I like how nobody has yet to mention the adult male kicking at the girl/woman on the ground. BRAVO investigative reporting.

    1. @Teddy Rasputin why don’t you explain why any of what the video shows is acceptable? Why didn’t all the people freeze as the cop rolled up and yelled,”Stop”! There is a total disregard, disrespect for each other, community and law. Do you like this? Let’s defund the police and see what happens when there is no one for people to call. I bet they still will find someone else to blame.

    2. @Elijah Donaldson Hey, I could be wrong and more info might come out to change the story. But this situation actually seems to fit the split second decision picture the police are always attempting to shoe horn into their defenses. It may not have been the ideal decision. It’s certainly not an ideal outcome. As ugly as it was it’s likely to be demonstrated to be a “reasonable” response given the imminent danger the attacker presented another non aggressor. Again no expert here, but most people freeze in violent situations let alone choose the best option in a split second. So would it have been a better outcome if he’d tazed the attacker. Maybe. What if it wasn’t effective, or effective enough? I don’t know police policies but it’s likely deadly force is trained to be met with deadly force is my guess. It’s not as if the knife wielder was 40 feet away from any intended victim. But time will tell. Apparent transparency and the release of footage early on are good indicators.

  9. This is so sad !
    The man who kicked the lady in the head could have stopped this BEFORE the police came and this child would be ALIVE.
    She should not have attacked another person.
    I’m so sorry for her loss of life. We have to VALUE every
    LIFE much more than this.

    1. Or not call the cops at all. Because cops are being taken for granted these days. No matter what they do they are always being blamed.

  10. “sHe’S a KiD mAn” ahhh I remember the good ole days of trying to stab people without repercussions.

    1. Yea me too..I got stabbed in the neck when I was thirteen and I wasn’t mad the cops arrested him instead of killing him. Why train cops if people feel they should have the same impulses as normal citizens smh.

    2. @Finn MacCool yeah they’re too trigger happy in general…plus those people were all clusters…he could’ve hit any of them…he brought a gun to a knife fight

    3. @Grod “Yea me too..I got stabbed in the neck when I was thirteen and I wasn’t mad the cops arrested him instead of killing him. ”

    4. If you got stabbed in the neck when you were 13 you lucky to be alive they just didn’t hit the right nerve

  11. Its amusing how the same dude who kept saying “she’s just a little girl” is the same dude who just kicked another little girl’s head. As soon as he heard gun shots, he wanted to be a grown-up.

  12. Instead of the father trying to be an example and de-escalating the situation, he kicks the girl in the head while she is on the ground. If he behaves that way in front of cops I can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors.

  13. Actually the police was called to come and save a life and he did on this one. It’s unfortunate that the 16 year old lost her life. May her Soul Rest In Peace

  14. The father was there watching his daughter about to stab another girl. I only want to hear what the girl getting stabbed felt about the situation.

  15. The officer that shot was clearly upset and traumatized that he had to do it. He immediately began explaining to everyone.

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