See the destruction left after massive Russian missile attack on Ukraine

CNN's Ivan Watson reports on Russia showering major cities across Ukraine with missiles, killing at least 6 people and injuring more than 20. As Ukraine's prime minister makes a plea to the US for more weapons and sanctions against Russia, National Security Council official John Kirby says a Patriot missile system likely would not have made much of an impact against this type of attack. #CNN #News


    1. and what that actually tell you about the targets of these missiles is it civilians or military infrastructure

  1. Has Bakhmut fallen yet and has Putin and Russia taken it yet because they have been saying that they will for over 7 months now?

    1. @cliff legrand Nope, stop lying. Eastern part of Bahkmut is fallen. Western part still controlled by Ukraine.

  2. Do you know that the average Russian only makes $6,600.00 per year? That works out to $120.00 per week or about $3.00 per hour.

    1. NeoNaziRenaissance OuthouseStudio : Congrats you have won the Siberian Lotto Lottery and have a bran new delux outhouse home to claim. Just pack up and come to Siberia except as a condition you must promise to live there. Okey dokie.

    2. I know that in Russia, all the schools are free, including college. Medical care is free. In the US, college tuition and health insurance are big expenses. Lots of Americans can’t afford it.

    3. @Amanda Hsu ну у нас есть все это и платное, если хочется

  3. Russia has some nerve to call it retaliation after they’ve started it all, SMH. Slava Ukraini! 🌻

    1. ​@The Brutally Honest let me clear that for You, agresor is The one who attack other country first…

  4. Russian Military Strategy : “When we come to a minefield, our Infantry attacks exactly as if it were not there.”

    Russian Field Marshal Georgi Zhukov

    1. @a albm a I’m talking about the women in that interview where missile dropped on thier front door and they just go to work. Yes the young and old men fighting the war are dying.

  5. Perhaps such missile strikes are to convince Russians that they are capable of doing something, esp in wake of severe losses in Vulhedar/ Bakhmut. Russ TG channels are filled with enthusiasm over these strikes. But these strikes have no more effect than power cuts for a few hours. Ukr air defense capabilities and infrastructure to restore energy supplies have improved tremendously over time.

    1. @kartikeya tiwari India doesn’t have any access to war data/satellite imagery..NATO data is more or less legit. They don’t simply nod to Ukr govt data, but they make their own conclusions

    2. @Faux Que ever heard of mounting Russ fiscal deficit which will ultimately dry up its forex reserves(acc to estimates by the end of this year) and can trigger an economic crisis?

  6. Ukraine need the long range missiles. Air defences is needed. Thank you US but Ukraine need more and faster. Kevin Macarthy is affraid to go to Ukraine. To keep on saying Russia is running out off missiles is really now stupid. Ukraine need all they need and the countries need to step up. 54 countries said to support Ukraine and we see not all is doing what they had promised at all.

  7. It blew up an entire power plant, but it temporarily knocked out some electricity, and power. Astonishing resilience.

  8. This truly breaks my heart seeing this just all the innocent people losing life for politicians greed ….what a mess

  9. Terrorism is a policy based on the systematic use of terror[1][2][3].

    Synonyms for the word “terror” (from Latin terror – “fear”, “horror”) are the words “violence”, “intimidation”, “intimidation” [4]. This word became common in various states and countries after the “Period of Terror” of the period of the Great French Revolution[5]. (WIKIPEDIA).

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