1. Extremist actions are souless people’s behaviour against innocent ones. What a pity!

    1. @dunhillsupramk3 Your explanation is the most reliable. The US has control over guns, but it is not strict

  2. #thatswhywepray When I was younger, this was a fear of mine. When in the Subway, there is not many places to run/hide.

    1. why run and hide like a coward when you could shoot back and save a life, or 3 or 5 or 8?? 🤔

    2. @Alex P. It would probably be the person firing the gun……………..
      Please tell me you copy and pasted that from some troll to spark a controversy, and didn’t think of that yourself as if it were some sort of logical, coherent thought that has any legitimacy in reality? I’m so sad for you friend.

  3. That’s messed up smh a lot of workers depends on the subway to get to work I know I always did when I lived in NY

    1. @Ryan Kelly And all YOU can think about is being “holier than thou.” Who says they don’t care about the injured? You are making claims for which your only evidence is that he didn’t mention his compassion for the passengers. In other words, your comment is based on something that doesn’t exist.

  4. Shouldn’t these standing around law enforcement agencies looking in and around the shops restaurants? Could the perp be hiding in these businesses?

    1. They probably have the patrol guys out doing that while these big shots all stand there doing nothing trying to look important.

    2. Heard in another network that there are 2 schools in the area. Kids are in their classrooms and the police are there guarding the area

    1. May God damns all the criminal loving Judges, mayor, and politicians favors defunding police and not building enough jail.

    2. @吕栋任 I have no choice but choose this joker next time with other politicians whose tough on crime. Lol

    1. @Mark in my opinion W Actually the response to this is to attempt to push laws that would take millions of guns away from law abiding citizens.

    1. @Son of Man!! Thank you. So many are unlearned and will be caught up and cast out. Many things are yet to come. The spirit realm is very real. Peace

    2. @loves Yah Many things are indeed yet to come. Things they cant even imagine. Stay strong in faith. Grace and peace. 💖🙏

  5. So sad. I can’t imagine planning to go work (8:00am) and then being shot and unable to escape. So horrific

    1. @Mark in my opinion W the number is up to 2 million defensive uses of a firearm annualy in USA according to CDC

    1. @Mark in my opinion W lololololololololololol good luck lolololol you must live in new york .oh you do

  6. Only I can say for now we are New Yorkers we are strong New York strong my prayers for the families and victims.

    1. Our human right to defend our lives in NY (and NJ) MUST be recognized! As it is in the rest of the USA

      We MUST have Constitutional Carry recognized.

      We MUST have Stand Your Ground as law.

      The 2nd Amendment in The Bill of Rights to our US Constitution, GUARANTEES every person has a RIGHT TO KEEP (have) AND BEAR (carry) ARMS. Other wording in 2A “Militia” any able bodied male, service in a Militia is NOT a requirement, it is an Individual right (not collective), “Regulated” means equipped, in proper working order NOT gov rules “Shall not be infringed” means what it says. 14th Amendment guarantees equality!!

      The right to keep and bear arms was not given to us by the government, rather it is a pre-existing right of “the people” affirmed in The Bill of Rights.

      See DC v Heller, McDonald v Chicago, Caetano v Mass and SCOTUS decision in June 2022 for NYSRPA v Corlett/Bruen

      When being attacked, or seeing someone being attacked, would you rather have a cell phone in your hand to call the police, or a firearm?

    1. @Lequipe Fourteen Some people aren’t as comfortable giving people specific locations of their dwelling like you are. You should really think about giving him your location instead of waiting for other to give you theirs?

    1. Yeah. Just the actors got “injured”. Oh thank the Lord. Such a tragedy.. whats a miracle is how more people dont see thru this bullshyt

  7. The longer it takes the news to tell you who the shooter is or show a picture of the suspect, you can bet it’s a “diverse” person

  8. Unimaginable what those commuters must have gone through. My thoughts, prayers, and hopes with the victims and their families, and gratitude to all the volunteers and first responders who braved the danger and rendered care to save lives at the scene.

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